Orange is the New Black

Season 1 Episode 13

Can't Fix Crazy

Aired Unknown Jul 11, 2013 on Netflix

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  • How did that end?

    Shit,I hate it when it ends like that!! What will happen??


    Or she's dead or she's in the hospital? OMG,anyways,she's not gonna get out after 15 months,

    I liked that Piper taught her a lesson,but hope she didn't kill her,Piper's not a killer,Not sure what happened,She kept on punching her.

    What I didn't like was that she and Alex weren't really friends anymore,or lovers. And that Nikki acted like that towards Piper,Not the best episode but I can't wait till season 2,come on June 6.
  • O M G!

    Amazing ending to an awesome show!! Can't wait for season 2 to begin! :D
  • Just saw it...

    Had to mention: This ending of the season is unbeatable^^

    Other than that, a good and funny episode. Can only wait for the next season.
  • bloody snow

    I thoroughly enjoyed watching Tiffany literally getting her teeth knocked out by Chapman! she had it coming Tiffany wasn't wrong for being a Christian but she was wrong for harassing Chapman and trying to force her beliefs onto someone who clearly wasn't interested in getting to know Jesus. and Officer Healy has some person issues he needs to get over and stop being such an asshole at the beginning of the season I liked him but now he's just an asshole. I did however love the Christmas pageant Taystee is just so much fun! if any character could hold their own in a spin off it would be Taystee! overall I love the show and I cant wait until next season!
  • The Very End

    That last scene gave me shivers. Amazing end.
  • Yes!!


    I'm so glad Chapman kicked that church woman's ass I hope that she get's some sense knocked into her or something lol.

    I can't wait for the second season ^_^.
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