I finally got to start this series, and I was blown away by the first episode. Way better than Hemlock Gross--er, Grove, nowhere near as rambling and inconsistent as Arrested Development. Lilyhammer who?

The cast is incredible. I got chills when Kate Mulgrew sat down at the cafeteria table. Laura Prepon is brilliant. Jason Biggs is bringing game I don't think anyone knew he had.

Any other latecomers to the party? What do you think?

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Jul 29, 2013
I watched the first episode last weekend, and the second one tonight. I won't really say much about the second one, since I don't know how far you got. Though I will say, I'm really enjoying it so far. I like the mixture of comedic and dramatic moments, and a lot of the characters seem to bring a good amount to the table. Of course, being only two episodes in, there is still plenty of room for the story and characters to develop/improve, but I'm glad to be enjoying it as much as I am, especially since I wasn't so sure after watching the trailer.
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