Netflix (Returning June 12, 2015)

I just finished all the episodes and I have to say, this show is brilliant. I wasn't all that crazy about the finale, but I am super excited about the possibilities of the stories it creates for the second season. I love Orphan Black's Tatiana Maslany and I think she is the greatest actress alive, but Taylor Shilling (Piper) is definitely up there on my list. Tim said it the best "Also never getting old, Piper's flinching. That woman can flinch like a pro!" Everything she does makes me laugh, worry for her life, hope she gets shanked, then I feel bad for her, and then I laugh again.

I love Netflix for giving me all the episodes at once, but now instead of waiting week to week to get my fix, I have to wait an entire year to get my fix.

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