Netflix (Returning June 17, 2016)
Wait! Please! Before the claws come out and we start debating the ending of Lost and whether it was the perfect cap to an amazing journey or a heaping pile of crap, let's instead focus on the early seasons where building character was the most important aspect and watching all the different personalities bounce off each other created compelling drama. Lost was the massive hit that it was because of the well-developed and interesting characters that populated the Island and no matter how crazy things got, it felt like the most important thing was watching how the characters themselves reacted to everything around them.

For awhile it seemed like every network struggled to find "The Next Lost" and our television screens were filled with shows like Flashforward, V, and The Event that all tried to capitalize on the mystery element that made Lost so popular, but they all forgot to put interesting characters into their shows so they floundered. Imagine my surprise to find that "The Next Lost" came from the creator of Weeds and centered on a female prison. I thought Lost was so ingenious because it was able to bring a ton of different individuals with different backgrounds together and stay together for believable reasons. Besides an island in the middle of the ocean, a prison is the perfect place to have this happen. You can fill it with deeply flawed characters whose pasts influence their actions today.

OITNB started off as Piper's show, (just how Lost started off as Jack's show) but very soon the initial stereotypical characters opened up and as we grew accustomed to their personalities, we learn to see them as actual people. That's what makes this show one of the strongest character-driven dramas since Lost and I would like to see if you guys agree, disagree, or if you can think of any other show with as strong character development.
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