*Mild Spoilers for season 2*

Huzzah! Orange is the New Black boasts one of the best ensembles in recent history, but a highlight has always been Samira Wiley who plays Taystee's best friend (or enemy? I don't know, I still have a few episodes left so I don't know if they reconcile after their fallout) Poussey Washington. Now, Deadline reports that Wiley has been upped to series regular for next season after only guest starring in practically all the episodes so far.

Poussey is my favorite character so I am glad she is getting bumped up. What about you guys? Are there any other characters that should become series regulars?
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Jun 13, 2014
I'm so happy about this, P has been one of my favorite parts of season 2, but still would love to get more of Sophia and the lovely Laverne Cox.
Jun 12, 2014
Yes! I love her so this is great. She does an amazing job on the show so I'm really happy to hear this. I was really upset when they were hurting my girl this season. Not cool.
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