Jun 09, 2014
Orange is the New Black is the New Lost
Wait! Please! Before the claws come out and we start debating the ending of Lost and whether it was the perfect cap to an amazing journey or a heaping pile of crap, let's instead focus on the early seasons where building character was the most important aspect and watching all the different personalities bounce off each other created compelling drama. Lost was the massive hit that it was because of the well-developed and interesting characters that populated the Island and no matter how crazy things got, it felt like the most important thing was watching how the characters themselves reacted to everything around them.

For awhile it seemed like every network struggled to find "The Next Lost" and our television screens were filled with shows like Flashforward, V, and The Event that all tried to capitalize on the mystery element that made Lost so popular, but they all forgot ...Read more
Jul 27, 2013
How similar are Orange Is The New Black and Weeds?

I am loving OITNB so much at the moment, and I'm always looking for new shows to watch. Weeds has been brought up by several people on threads talking about the show (obviously because the share the same creator), so I'm wondering if it's worth me giving it a go next?

Jul 26, 2013
Episode 1: "I Wasn't Ready"

I finally got to start this series, and I was blown away by the first episode. Way better than Hemlock Gross--er, Grove, nowhere near as rambling and inconsistent as Arrested Development. Lilyhammer who?

The cast is incredible. I got chills when Kate Mulgrew sat down at the cafeteria table. Laura Prepon is brilliant. Jason Biggs is bringing game I don't think anyone knew he had.

Any other latecomers to the party? What do you think?

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Jul 18, 2013
Is this one of the best series or what??

I just finished all the episodes and I have to say, this show is brilliant. I wasn't all that crazy about the finale, but I am super excited about the possibilities of the stories it creates for the second season. I love Orphan Black's Tatiana Maslany and I think she is the greatest actress alive, but Taylor Shilling (Piper) is definitely up there on my list. Tim said it the best "Also never getting old, Piper's flinching. That woman can flinch like a pro!" Everything she does makes me laugh, worry for her life, hope she gets shanked, then I feel bad for her, and then I laugh again.

I love Netflix for giving me all the episodes at once, but now instead of waiting week to week to get my fix, I have to wait an entire year to get my fix.

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