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  • Makes my nob soft

    This show is the biggest turn off since fifty shades, not only are the characters awful the only character that's somewhat enjoyable is Piper's weird brother, The people who enjoy this are a bunch of fairies with made up genders, Would NOT recommend!
  • Unbelievably Bad - no HORRIBLE!

    I was ok with this series... thats until this one Seas.4. I havent a clue why people say it was the best season, are they nuts? It was the worse ever. I wanted to give it away after the first few episodes but I hung in there. Dismal, Terrible boring lot of tripe. Im done with this crap. Im just sorry I hung in there. I definitely wont be back for the next season, if they are brainless to even make one.

    So many great actors and characters - Daya (what will happen with her baby!!!), Gloria, Red, Sam Healy, Poussey). Can't wait to find out.
  • The seasons get worse as the show goes on

    Season one was quirky, charming and, for the most part, believable. Piper was annoying but I could sympathize with her to a certain extent. Season two didn't have the heart of season one and was very dark. Season three was very hard to watch and I almost quit on it. Curiosity about the characters is what kept me watching. Piper has become unbearable to watch, however, and I think this is it for me. I won't be around for season four. It's hard for me to explain my feelings without posting spoilers but I am done with this show.
  • Make it stop.....

    was a campaigner for the 2nd season to happen when it was in doubt. Wishing I'd kept quiet. Season 2,thru 5 episodes,is not remotely of similar quality to season 1.

    Piper's romance with Alex is NOT believable.

    Joe Caputo is holding storyline together with help from Red.

    Having been through a couple corporate take overs - I can tell you - they are getting that right.
  • very disappointed

    After reading so many good reviews, and hearing all the hype associated with this show, I was very disappointed.

    First, I am not a prude, but found the overt sexual situations spoken of or acted upon in almost every scene to be nothing more than pornography. They did nothing to enhance the storyline which, at best, was weak.

    After 2-1/2 episodes of hoping it would be better, or there would be a spark of character development, I turned it off.
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  • AWFUL!

    This show is the biggest steaming pile of crap that I have had the misfortune to see in my whole life, and what makes it even worse is that it has top reviews. I think that I would find the final stages of syphilis more entertaining than what I found this show.

    I gave it a fair shot, I watched the first 3, well 2 and a half episodes and after half of the first I was skipping the flashbacks then in the second I was skipping 3/4 of the episode and by the time I was on the third episode I tortured myself by giving it one last shot and not skipping anything, but after 30 minutes I could bare no more and would have happily gouged my eyes out in favour of having to watch another minute.

  • Will there be more when???

    Great show. I have done marathons watching this show. Then it ends and I'm like are they gonna have more? Does anyone know? Happy New Year All!

  • Net Flix

    I have been watching this on Net Flix and as you all know it left off when she hit her Four months... Where is the rest of her sentence I mean I want to see MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Love the show!

    Bad reviews are those for people who does not understand the context of the show and probably stuck to Barney's.... I would rather not comment if I will sound stupid, "Boring" & "Sick".
  • boring and sick!!!

    This show is boring with no story line and sick my opinion, please ignore this show you would not regret it :(
  • Smart and Sensitive

    Written with impeccable wit and flawlessly acted, OITNB might just be my favorite show currently airing. It''s genius writing proves to not only provide some hilarious scenes but a surprising amount of heart and emotion balancing the show perfectly. This show also showcases one of the best cast ensembles in recent memory. OITNB is a heartfelt look at what life is through the eyes of prison inmates.
  • If you want more pizza, vote for Maritza! :)

    I liked that episode when this line was used! Here is a nice article about Maritza on orangeisthenewblackcastDOTcom...
  • Which Show are You Watching?

    I cannot understand the people who don't like this show - I think it is one of the best in recent years. The acting is superb, the stories are compelling, and as someone who has worked in prisons I find so much of it is absolutely on the nose. But, if you don't like it, leave it to those of us that do and move on!
  • Orange is the New Black is so entertaining to watch

    Each episode keeps my attention, I love how this show is different from other dramas, there isn't much suspense, things are more settled because it just takes place in a prison. Also the acting is so good, the actresses who play these women do a great job at making the audience believe that they're lesbians who have has tough pasts.
  • Cheap porn

    Tried watching this after all the rave reviews but every time I watch the show, it get worse. If you like comedy porn, this is your ticket but it's not my slice of cake. I am pulling for outfits like netflix to do well so I don't want to be too down on the show. Hopefully they put out something less provocative one of these days.
  • Not as "Orange" as the first season

    Writers ran out of gas after the first season, stale stories, slow moving & new characters bring little pop to the story line.
  • Not good.

    Superficial and moronic. That is all.
  • Season Two Does Not Disapppoint

    "Who needs a 'previously on'. I've been watching this show for five hours straight. I know exactly what's

    Expressing a sentiment that any Netflix junkie would understand, these were the words of one viewer as she chewed through the much anticipated, recap-less second season of the new comedy-drama, Orange is The New Black. Slightly slower-moving than the debut season, the show's second chapter explores more deeply the backstories of Litchfield Correctional Facility's parade of colourful charactersincluding the neurotic but ultimately likeable protagonist, Piper Chapman.

    Returning viewers will recall the conclusion of season one, which saw Piper face-to-face with Tiffany "Pennsatucky" Doggetthe dentally-challenged meth head hick with a growing messiah complex, an explosive temper, and an insatiable desire to see Piper dead. Piper's surprisingly violent retaliation against Pennsatucky goes well beyond self-defense, giving the sense that something within her has finally snapped. Having alienated herself from the people around her with her characteristically selfish behavior, she finds herself frustrated and utterly alone. We get the sense that the attack on Pennsatucky is in fact a form of release: the release of her accumulated rage at her circumstances, the end of her efforts to maintain her image as the hapless innocent, and the beginning of a new phase of greater grit.

    The season picks up as Piper is hauled out of her cell in solitary confinement and taken on a comical detour to a rough Chicago prison where she inadvertently kills Yoda, a much-prized cigarette carrying cockroach. Viewers will breathe a sigh of relief when she is finally returned to Litchfield and launched back into the prison community we came to know and love in season one.

    The second season sees a greater focus on the inmates' lives and backstories through the use of frequent flashbacks. Particularly poignant is the story of Poussey, the tough but playful tomboy who, we learn, has known heartache long before she went to Litchfield and developed feelings for her best friend Taystee. Taystee's drug dealing background is also illuminated, and provides context for the introduction of a scowling, sinister inmate, Vee, who becomes the driving force behind an inventive smuggling scheme carried out by her black girl recruitsincluding a discernibly crazier Crazy Eyes.

    Vee's entry causes a shake-up in the inmate hierarchy, especially for the now kitchen-less powerbroker, Red, who must find a way to restore her position as matriarch after the events of season one. Meanwhile, the Latinas band around Daya as her secret pregnancy progresses, and Nicky and Boo provide comic relief as they go head-to-head in a contest to bed the most number of prisoners. We gain further insight into lipsticked Morello's disturbing marriage obsession, as well as a closer look at the non-Litchfield lives of Healey, Caputo and some of the other prison officials. Piper's dramas with Larry continue and interactions with her family are strained, but in general the action is centered on her prison life. Alex is absent for most of the season, but we get the sense there is more to come on that front.

    If season one was about establishing Piper's prison landscape and the tensions that run in and around it, season two is about deepening that understanding and taking a closer look at the characters who inhabit it. Viewers will relish each and every flashback, which is testament to the quality of the story telling. The flashbacks have a vignette-like, episodic quality, at times in the manner of a morality tale. That said, we never get the character's whole story at once; rather, things are revealed gradually, with visits to characters' childhoods, to their everyday adult lives, and occasionally to the defining moments that landed them in prison. In this way, the show builds its characters in layers and, rather than asking viewers to love them, hate them, forgive them or condemn them, it first and foremost affords viewers the opportunity to understand them.

    In season two, Litchfield itself is presented in a particularly sorry state. The corruption within its higher administration is rife, disciplinary processes are becoming increasingly arbitrary and unfair, racial tensions are ever-present, contraband continues to circle, and, perhaps as a telling symbol for this broader sense of decay, the plumbing system has entirely failed, flooding the bathrooms with feces. The few guards who display any concern for the prisoners' welfare are powerless to improve conditions, instead acquiescing under the weight of bureaucracy. An older inmate who is displaying troubling signs of dementia is taken away on a bus as a form of 'compassionate release,' and it is understood by the inmates' stunned reactions that there will be no one to take care of her on the outside.

    Is decaying Litchfield a symbol of post-GFC Americatired, disillusioned, indifferent to its most vulnerable people? Probably. But it's not all depressing. The saving grace of Litchfield is the way in which pairs, groups and sometimes the entire inmate population band together in the face of the brutality, corruption and malaise, taking responsibility for one another and making the show's message an ultimately hopeful one. The series avoids sop, however, by delicately balancing the drama with its trademark wit. As in season one, comedic mileage is found in stereotypesBoo the predatory butch tallying her sexual conquests; Piper the over-educated, uptight white girl sternly correcting inmates' grammar and pop culture references ("Inspector Gadget was not a good inspector, he just had a lot of stuff. Plus, he had Penny and the brain helping him"); the table of silver haired inmates grappling with the concept of the internetand this helps to break up the more serious moments.

    Season two of Orange is the New Black is intensely watchable, and cements the show's position as the quirkiest, most original new offering from Netflix. With a third season now confirmed, it will soon be time to block out a weekend for another binge viewingrecaps not required.

  • Do you think writers might somehow bring Vee back?

    Her character brought back that scary and threatening aspect of the prison! First season got us used to thinking that (even minimum security) prison is not a big deal, with a little bit of hardship, lots of fun and friendships. Vee flushed all that out very quickly!

    More in-depth reviews here:
  • Alex back please

    Please bring back Alex and Piper, this connection/relationship is the soul of the whole ....

    Vee story was a little boring at the end :(
  • Too hot for company

    I enjoyed season one better because I could watch it in a crowd . During season 2 I feel that I am watching a X rated and soft porn show. My son is home from college and I had to leave the room.
  • Season 2 Review

    Season 2 was very enjoyable for the first 3/4 of the episodes. At that point things seemed to be heating up and getting really dark, but all of a sudden V turned into a complete idiot. It's bad when your villain is stupid because it means that they're not really a villain at all, just a ticking time bomb, which is boring.

    The other major issue with the season near the end is the total waste of Fig's situation. It would have been great to have her inducted into the very prison she terrorized for next season. But no. Despite all of the time spent on her this season, the show likely won't see her again.

    The latter part of the season was only somewhat saved by the last ten minutes of the final episode. That was a really nice ending. But overall, season 2 paled in comparison to the first.

  • love this show

    love it
  • Gone too fast!

    Season one left me wanting for more. The story was great, the ending just left me thinking! Season two came out on the 6th and I finished it just a few days after! Unlike season 1 where i loved everyone, season 2 started to get some annoying characters. Piper is getting less likeable.. And some changes in leaderships of the groups get annoying. But again super amazing ending to season 2!
  • Season 3 weekly drops

    I loved season 2. It was cleverly humorous and a few shocks that had my jaw drop.

    Would it be bad if I asked that season 3 be dropped on a weekly basis. My season 2 binge lasted 48 hours.

    Now I feel like I'm stuck in SHU waiting for the more! :)
  • ok season 2 is bad ass...

    watched it to long do we have to wait until season 3 lol...2015?
  • Why didn't I pace myself?

    I still cannot believe what a surprise this show was and continues to be. I think it is safe to say this is easily one of the best ensembles ever.
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