Orange is the New Black

Netflix Premiered Jul 11, 2013 Returning June 6th, 2014



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  • Orange is the new Black

    fantastic first series, loved ever min of it. cant wait for series 2
  • Amazing!

    I started watching this show long after it aired on Netflix. I wanted to start a new show,comedy related. This is both comedy as drama. I also like series and movies about prisons especially women prisons. This show got me hooked from right after the first episode. I watched the whole season in 2 days. I'm obsessed. Knowing that the show is based on a memoir makes it even better. I love to see how these women who are doing their time in jail handle themselves and how these women even though they're so different can relate with each other and can become friends. I love the storyline,music and the actresses! Taylor Schilling is amazing in playing Piper Chapmann and nice to see Laura Prepon back as well after That 70's show and Are you there vodka,it's me Chelsea.
  • Best new show of 2013!

    Orange is the new Black is officially my favorite new show of 2013. It wasn't until the second half of the season that I came to realize that. I really liked the pilot, but then the episodes that followed didn't quite hook me, mainly because of the lackluster flashbacks that could have been so much better and took away time from the events in the prison. However, the series of episodes from 'Fucksgiving' until the finale were amazing and upgraded the show significantly in my mind. Keep up with Season 2 now!
  • Best ever watched

    I haven't watched something this good for a long time. Very real, honest, good plots, directing and actresses are all awesome. Can't wait for the second season! I really hope it can come as early as possible! And Laura Prepon, please don't leave us and be the regular actress! Thanks for everyone working on this show! I am expecting to see a more awesome one next year!
  • Hooked from the start

    Like Berzine, I started watching out of curiosity. By the end of the first episode I was hooked. I love as the main story continues going on you learn why each character is in the prison. It slowly unfolds each story. You learn to love each of the characters. The casting is fantastic. I can't wait for the second season.
  • Enjoyed it!

    I started watching the show out of curiosity and I was hooked. From the first episode to the second, and then I could not stop until it reaches the last episode. Now, I hope that the second season is just as good.
  • Cant wait till season 2

    I recommend trying "Wentworth Prison" in the meantime :)
  • overall it's good story

    started off slowly then twisted ending. it's kind of like weeds, kohan previous series, boring in the beginning, just wanna jump off to the end, and see the ending.
  • Fantastic show

    One of the best series of 2013 with high production quality, great writing and performances from actors involve in the show, its good to watch a show about female prison system after OZ. cant wait for season 2.
  • I expected more

    It's not a bad series, but at least in my opinion it doesn't deserve the high ratings. Maybe I've seen too manny really good series lately and that's what caused it to fall short for me. I don't know. First off, I don't get what it tries to be. The cast and characters suggest comedy, but it isn't funny. Not really. It's amusing in it's best moments, I give you that. And it's completely lacking the realism that would make it a good drama, too. Yes, sometimes it's sad, but only shortly, like up until the next cut. Everything is somewhat sugarcoated and always so predictable. Even when it tries to be edgy - and it tries really too hard to be edgy. Lesbian sex in the chapel? Yeah, would have been edgy 10 years ago. Give me a break. The characters are all very cliche and out of the box. Of course she has the best boyfriend ever. Of course there's the mean guard and please let's double down on all the race and lesbian stuff. The characters are also extremely inconsistend and go from beeing witty and intelligent to utterly dumb and back in a heartbeat. All in all there are worse shows you can watch, but also so manny better ones.
  • funny and sad!!!

    this is an amazing show, the writer did write a solid story which connect all the events together so you didn't get board watch it, there are funny moment and sad moments, this is the first show showing the human side of these people (inmates), the next season will be great no doubt I can't wait to see it......
  • it' s great!!

    hurry up for season 2... we're waiting..........
  • Boom

    I was hooked from the first episode! Once I started watching, I just could not stop. I absolutely can not wait until season 2!
  • Hooked from episode one!

    This show is raw, emotional, funny and addicting. I love the way they show the back stories of the characters and really give all of them a very realistic and human feel. They all have flaws and you even feel sympathetic for the ones you dislike at times. Cannot wait for season 2 and was extremely happy to see that production has started on it! Fantastic job Netflix. Planning on getting the book as well.
  • Can't Wait for the 2nd Season!!!

    I think this is a great show!!! i can't wait until the second season!
  • Much like couldn't Stop!!

    Great Story and characters love the relationships between characters. Taryn Manning is awesome as Pennasutucky my fave character on the show I liken to Heath Ledgers portrayal of the Joker... Jus my opinion
  • Wow Big Boy Networks are taking notes?

    This is an excellent show, funny, witty, clever, emotional and edgy something that every series should adhere too. This show has cast of characters you will all love even if they are criminals, it goes into back stories as sometimes the books cover does not always tell you the whole story.

    Bravo to Netflix for this excellent show that any BIG network should and would love to have. Unfortunately it's mature content would never make it, and that's what "makes" this show.

    I eagerly await Season 02 and any other shows Netflix wants to put out in this category.

    The ONLY and ONLY complaint I have is the horrid intro, and music. I have to skip through that every time.
  • damn damn

    boobs and lesbians are a part of a female prison just like cock and balls or ass are in a male prison!

    and they show it with good reason in this show.

    i normaly dont like sex in serie because or they take it to far(in the wrong way) and to much so you are extracted from the story(im not against sex in general in movies series)(i loved queer as folk us,the l word etc)

    but this is just a real isue in prison or a group who are disconnected from the outside world

    so shut up with all the anti gay shit and anjoy the ride its a realy nice funny drama show this one,hope season 2 will follow soon.

    For all of you pricks sex does involve gay and lesbians damn its just as normal as a boy and girl have sex!we are not sick we are not a virus that spread we are just humans who can love just like you OK??!!
  • Best Netflix Series Yet!

    Great job Netflix! Was hesitant to watch this, but tuned in because it was done by Weeds creator. Acting is excellent, writing is terrific. I even like Biggs character, tho I am often not a fan of his. Will be anxiously awaiting next season of this refreshing show from Netflix.
  • Good job, Netflix!

    Really great series with amazing actresses. Funny and touching at the same time. Can't wait for season two!
  • Thoroughly enjoyable start!

    Having binged through season one thanks to Netflix's odd way of releasing everything all at once, I have to say I was delighted with OITNB. The cast are all terrific performers, the pace is great and the writing is insightful and human.

    The only criticisms I have are in some of the characterization. Mendez, for example, is played in an almost cartoon like fashion and undermines the gritty reality of prison life by overstating his masochism. Piper is played a little weirdly at times, like she should have been cast in a rom-com instead of in a jail - I love Taylor Schilling and her performance in general, but occasionally there are times she's a bit too breezy and whimsical and it jars with the tone.

    I felt the weakest part of the show was the fiance, both the character and Jason Biggs, whose performance was the weakest of the cast. I just found the character dull, uninteresting to watch and I couldn't really care less about him or his life.

    Those criticisms aside, this is easily the best new show from Netflix this year, and can stand toe to toe with anything on the networks. Colour me impressed!
  • Orange is the new Black - What?

    So I get all comfortable and turn on this show. People refer to Lost a few times in describing the show. I loved Lost. not one scene of nudity and yet it was nominated for multiple awards. The first, what 5-7 minutes all I see is boobs and lesbians, what is that all about? At that point, I still have no idea what the show is trying to be about. I guess lesbians and boob flashing. I turned it off. I thought that was a bad way to start a show that is suppose to be good. I am hitting no score, it won't let me so I hit a 1 for a score, it jumps me to a three, still won't let me submit ... Try, try again.
  • 1 word... Amazing

    Great actresses/actors.. mainly actresses. Interesting plot line. Everything I could ask for in a nice new summer series. Sadly I finished it in less than a week making for a long wait for season 2. I loved this show.. the beginning almost turned me off to it but I'm glad I tried again I loved it. Can't wait for more, I wasn't entirely pleased with the season finale but I think it allows for an interesting 2nd season.
  • Love it

    The show is awesome i love the way they end the show it was so unexpectd cant wait for season two
  • Impressive work

    Love the new Netflix show. Could not resist, finished all episode in 2 days. Now I want more. Go Netflix, go Netflix!
  • Loving the show.

    Ok. This new concept of being able to watch all season episodes in a row is addicting. When the show is great you watch all episodes so quick that when it ends you actually feel bad about it.

    The show is really really good. It's sick, disgusting at times but very human and true to life.

    They did a great job portraying how a different environment can completely change your own personality and bring a lot of hidden "stuff" you have.

  • Orange is my new favorite color

    Well done Netflix I had my doubts but you and the Weeds writers pulled it off. I tried to pace myself so I could make the show last at-least a week but I ended up finishing it in 4 days. The acting is incredible especially the actress who plays Crazy Eyes, the writing is wonderful and the characters will draw you in even if you might not like them. What can I say I enjoyed all 13 episodes and I can't wait for the second season. I encourage you fellow reader to watch this series I guarantee you wont be able to stop watching.
  • well done Netflix

    nothing much to say about it great actors great show ... love it ... orange is definitely my new favorite colour this summer


    Finally, a good show to fill the void that we've been missing. I loved this series and I hope they make a season 2. I sat down and watched this from beginning to end and it was amazing! Thank you Netflix. I loved the story, the acting, the cast, the amazing ending! A-W-E-S-O-M-E!
  • Evening tv kinda meets cable.

    This is much softer and airy than I'd hoped for. It feels more like LivingTV with a slightly harder edge but that's mainly due to the language and nudity.

    If women's prison was like this in real life it'd be no criminal deterrent at all. Puffy get along friendships and mouthing back at the staff? U'huh.

    Far less humour than expected too from it's creator.

    Based roughly on a true story? Yeah, that's the biggest laugh.
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