Orangutan Island

Friday 9:00 PM on Animal Planet Premiered Nov 02, 2007 Between Seasons


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Episode Guide

  • Season 2
    • On The Move
      On The Move
      Episode 13
      The Clinic is in a bind as Lone searches for the new Pilang Island for the Orangutans. Who passes her tests and who doesn't?
    • Out On Her Own
      Out On Her Own
      Episode 12
      Bonita has disappeared from Orangutan Island to be found nowhere. The younger orangutans play with some of the teknisi's underwear.
    • Girls Will Be Girls
      Jordan gets a playful bite from Chen Chen which has to be X-rayed. Bertha gets jealous of Milo playing with Jupiter and takes her anger out on an unsuspecting Bonita.
    • Big Decisions
      Big Decisions
      Episode 10
      Lone faces a big decision with Bonita and her adopted daughter, 2 year old Randang back at the Nyaru Menteng Center. Kiki is attacked by Mego & Bule, 2 adolescent males from Palas Island.
    • Chen Chen's Return
      After 3 weeks away, Chen Chen returns to Orangutan Island. Hamlet attacks a security guard and Lone visits the island.
    • Milk Powder Mayham
      Reno play wrestles with Chen Chen but accidentally bites him. A milk powder spill causes some of the younger orangutans to get more attention that what they wanted.
    • Baby Sitting Chores
      Kiki allows some of the other female Orangutans help her out with the babysitting of Hardi. Mangis stands up for herself against Cha Cha
    • Love Is In the Air
      Hamlet shows the other Orangutans his scoop forage technique. Some of the Orangutans play with bamboo poles at the rivers edge. Jordan and Mangis settle their food sac wars and cuddle up together.
    • Who is King of Orangutan Island?
      Some of the middle ranked Orangutans vie for control by bullying and food snatching. Ali Baba attempts to make friends with Kiki's young son, Hardi. Hamlet returns after his 3 days on Palas Island.
    • Rain, Rain... Go Away
      Orangutan Island gets hit by another set of down pours. Some of the Palas Island Orangutans attempt to create chaos as Hamlet is out on his own. Hamlet learned a new secret from the Teknisi? Will his ground breaking stunt cost him his life?
    • The Rites of Passage
      In a trial experiment, Lone allows free passage between Orangutan Island and Palas Island. Mangis isolates herself as the girl group from Palas Island watch her movements. What kind of lesson does Chen Chen learn after destroying the feeding platform?
    • A Rumble in the Jungle
      It's been 18 months since Lone Droscher-Nielsen, Project Manager of the Nyaru Menteng Orangutan Rescue and Rehabilitation Center, started Orangutan Island. Find out what Hamlet, Papau, Chen Chen are up to as well as the fate of Donald. What will happen when Palas Island members join Orangutan Island members?
    • Cheating Extinction
      Virginia Madsen narrates this one hour special that follows Lone Droscher-Nielsen and her team fight to bring these orphans to the Nyaru Menteng Rescue and Rehabilitation Center to rehabilitate them and teach them survival skills, with the hope they can return to their natural habitat. As the Forest School 103 Orangutans continue to live on Orangutan Island, other island sanctuaries that Lone has created are introduced. Some of the older orangutans that have been rehabilitated and ready to be reintroduced to the wild are met.moreless
  • Season 1