Organic Chemistry

TVO (ended 1987)


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Organic Chemistry

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Welcome to the Organic Chemistry guide at TV Tome. This was one of the last series in the TVO Concepts in Science project. But it was one of the first to use three-dimensional computer animation (revolutionary for its time) to teach the high-school students. Early on, this series reviews some of the principles that had been discussed in an earlier TVO series called Electron Arrangement and Bonding. The opening two shows discuss covalent bonds between atoms. The main difference is the three-dimensional "space filling" molecules. But that tactic only lasts until the end of the third show. From then on, Organic Chemistry explores some of the useful organic compounds that chemists discover or invent. These topics include synthetic fibers, fuels, plastics, soaps, and cosmetics. BROADCAST NOTE: By the time the first season of Organic Chemistry was released, TVO and a number of U.S. public television stations had begun "block feeding" ITV series. The idea was to build up school video libraries. To that end, stations would air several episodes in a series consecutively. It meant one could record a full season of Organic Chemistry in one hour. Today, block feeds are the only outlet ITV has. There is no editor for this show. If you would like to be the editor look here for details.moreless