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Paddington Bear

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Although Paddington now lives in London, England, he originally came from Darkest Peru where he was brought up by his Aunt Lucy after he was orphaned following an earthquake when he was just a few weeks old. When Aunt Lucy went to live in the Home for Retired Bears in Lima, she decided to send him to England to live. After teaching him to speak English she arranged for him to stow away in a ship's lifeboat. Eventually, Paddington arrived on Paddington Station in London which is where the very first story begins with the words: "Mr. and Mrs. Brown first met Paddington on a railway platform. In fact, that was how he came to have such an unusual name for a bear for Paddington was the name of the station." The Browns were at the station to meet their daughter Judy when Mr. Brown spotted a bear sitting all alone on a suitcase, behind a pile of mail bags, close to the lost property office. The bear was wearing nothing but a hat and he had a label round his neck bearing the words "Please Look After This Bear. Thank You." ABOUT THE PEOPLE IN THE SHOW: MR.BROWN: works in the City of London. Little did he realise what lay in store for him the day he invited Paddington into his home. Redecorating nightmares, kitchen catastrophes, gardening mishaps – there's no end to the messes his house guest gets into. To Mr. Brown's credit, however, he never loses his temper with Paddington, treating him as one of his own family and even giving him a weekly allowance.

Mrs. Brown: is very good-natured. She takes Paddington's mishaps in her stride, always looking on the bright side of his latest debacle. She does her best to familiarise him with his new surroundings, taking Paddington out shopping and even entrusting him with the odd errand. Occasionally, Mrs. Brown is struck by an ominous sense of foreboding just before Paddington lands himself in yet another spot of trouble. Jonathan and Judy: are the Browns' two children. They are intelligent and well-behaved and so, unlike many parents, the Browns were spared the usual problems associated with bringing up a family … that is, until Paddington arrived on the scene! Jonathan and Judy love having a bear about the house and are often on hand to help Paddington with his latest project or out of his latest predicament. Mrs. Bird: runs the Brown household. She is strict and knowing but also compassionate and understanding when she needs to be – which is more often than not when it comes to Paddington. She is a housekeeper, cook and nanny all in one and it is difficult to imagine the Browns getting along without her. Unlike the rest of the family who may be genuinely mystified when they discover Paddington's latest mishap, Mrs. Bird always knows who is responsible. She knows Paddington well and is usually the first to put two and two together. She is incisive, occasionally intimidating but ever-forgiving of Paddington's frequent mistakes. mr. Gruber: is Paddington's close friend and confidant. He has an affinity with Paddington since they both emigrated to England, in Mr. Gruber's case from his native Hungary. Mr. Gruber owns an antiques shop in the nearby Portobello Road and most days Paddington stops by at the baker's shop to buy some buns before taking them to share with Mr. Gruber over a mug of cocoa for their "elevenses" (mid-morning snack). The two get along famously and the shy, soft-spoken Mr. Gruber treats Paddington as an equal, referring to him as Mr. Brown as they chat over cocoa and buns. He is the one Paddington turns to when in need of information, an explanation or, quite simply, pleasant company. Mr. Curry is the Browns' next-door-neighbour and he is a dour, humourless man, forever trying to take advantage of Paddington. A penny-pincher, he is always trying to get something for nothing – especially from Paddington. Mr. Curry's trademark roar of Beeaar! is a common sound in Windsor Gardens as, once more, Paddington comes out on top!

Aunt Lucy is Paddington's aunt and she lives in the Home for Retired Bears in Lima, Peru. Since she brought Paddington up he looks upon her as a mother figure and keeps in contact with her through a regular exchange of postcards. When she came over to England to stay with the Browns she left almost as much chaos in her wake as her young nephew!


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