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Season 2 : Episode 1

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Sarah, a grifter, witnesses the suicide of a woman who looks just like her. She picks up the woman's handbag and runs. Instead of solving the mystery of how they can look the same, she is confronted with more mysteries. Taking on the woman's identity she discovers they are clones and that there are more of them out there, living in a wide range of circumstances.

As Sarah tries to find out what is going on and who is responsible for it, someone starts picking them off one by one. In a race to find the reason for it all before the killer can get to her, Sarah doesn't know who to trust.

The episode titles for season one are taken from Charles Darwin's evolutionary text "On The Origin of Species" (published November 24, 1859) and for season two, the episode titles are quotes from the works of Sir Francis Bacon.

Tatiana Maslany

Tatiana Maslany

Sarah Manning/Beth Childs/Katja Obinger/Alison Hendrix/Cosima Niehaus/Helena/Rachel Duncan

Maria Doyle Kennedy

Maria Doyle Kennedy

Mrs. S

Kevin Hanchard

Kevin Hanchard

Detective Art Bell

Dylan Bruce

Dylan Bruce

Paul Dierden

Jordan Gavaris

Jordan Gavaris

Felix Dawkins

Michael Mando

Michael Mando


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  • Solid suspense show filled out by brilliant acting

    I recently read an interview with Tatiana Maslany, who plays most of the main characters on Orphan Black, and she talked about the difficulties of playing scenes where she's acting all the parts, and I realized I had never even thought of that, because her characters are so distinct and fully formed that I never think, there's Tatiana Maslany and some really impressive greenscreen work.

    Maslany is utterly amazing (like others before me, I can't help but wonder how Dollhouse would have turned out with an actress with her amazing range). And if you pay attention to it, the greenscreen stuff is also pretty amazing. I once thought to really watch what was happening, with three of Maslany onscreen, and not only is it flawlessly filmed but it's also incredibly well choreographed. At one point one Maslany scootches over on the couch to make room for another Maslany, a perfectly normal gesture that is remarkable in this context.

    As for the series itself, it's really good. It tells a compelling, intricate story. But at times it feels unrealistic, or convoluted, problems particularly noticeable in the season 1 finale. But just watching Maslany do her thing is enough to keep me watching.moreless
  • Everytime I browse this page that last comment really annoys me so...

    just joined so I could comment here! Orphan Black is the best! After just 1 season I'm happy to call it my favourite show. Gave it a go recently thanks to the spot in the Top 100 & was hooked from the 1st scene. Tatiana & the whole cast are amazing! Can't wait for Season 2 =) If you haven't watched Orphan Black, gets your hands on it - set aside a Saturday evening & binge the lot! For anyone put off by the 'sci'fi' genre (I'm not normally a fan) don't worry about it. Just awesome!moreless
  • decent but here's the thing people.

    This is a very intriguing show but, it's it's got more holes then a brick of string cheese. Lots of holes in the details of situations like one fight where a guy takes on 2 people from a chair. Well why the hell would he concentrate on the person in front of him when someone is behind him... oh yah and guns pointed at people that aren't even cocked so yah lets just use a gun that's been ran out of bullets and then put it right into the scene so everyone can look at the barrel sticking out.. but yah it's a decent show but be prepared to laugh and stupified. I'll give the over all story of the show 8 but i can't give the entire thing much more then 7 due to the lazyness of the set director.moreless
  • immediately hooked

    all it took was one episode. Great show!
  • Addicted!

    Tatiana Maslany is amazing. The fact that she can play so many characters, and make each one different and enjoyable. Looking forward to season 2!!

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