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AIRED ON 6/20/2015

Season 3 : Episode 10

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Sarah, a grifter, witnesses the suicide of a woman who looks just like her. She picks up the woman's handbag and runs. Instead of solving the mystery of how they can look the same, she is confronted with more mysteries. Taking on the woman's identity she discovers they are clones and that there are more of them out there, living in a wide range of circumstances.

As Sarah tries to find out what is going on and who is responsible for it, someone starts picking them off one by one. In a race to find the reason for it all before the killer can get to her, Sarah doesn't know who to trust.

The episode titles for season one are taken from Charles Darwin's evolutionary text "On The Origin of Species" (published November 24, 1859) and for season two, the episode titles are quotes from the works of Sir Francis Bacon. Season three episode titles come from Dwight D. Eisenhower's televised Farewell Address to the Nation given on January 17, 1961 from the Oval Office.

This series is rated TV-MA.

Tatiana Maslany

Tatiana Maslany

Sarah Manning/Beth Childs/Katja Obinger/Alison Hendrix/Cosima Niehaus/Helena/Rachel Duncan/Jennifer Fitzsimmons/Tony Sawicki

Evelyne Brochu

Evelyne Brochu

Delphine Cormier

Jordan Gavaris

Jordan Gavaris

Felix Dawkins

Dylan Bruce

Dylan Bruce

Paul Dierden

Kristian Bruun

Kristian Bruun

Donnie Hendrix

Ari Millen

Ari Millen

Mark Rollins/Rudy/Seth/Styles Miller/Parsons

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  • Surprisingly refreshing

    When I was first told that I must watch this show I wasn't all that interested. I gave my friend the benefit of the doubt and gave it a try. I was not super impressed with the beginning and thought it was perhaps a little bit slow but I was intrigued enough to keep watching and I am very glad that I did. The concept is superb, the acting is fantastic, the story line is never quite clear and it is compelling that the show runners know that the audience is smart and are trying to figure things out with the characters rather than just giving away all the answers.moreless
  • Outstanding Show!

    Aside from Game of Thrones, this is the best show on television! Unbelievably fantastic acting by Tatiana Maslany - you know the Emmy's are nothing more than a Hollywood popularity contest when it takes 3 years for her to even be nominated - she should have won it for best performance(s) by an actress in a dramatic role 3 years in a row!!!! Fantastic story line, edge-of-your-seat action, crisp dialogue, and totally engaging characters. If you haven't seen this show, check it out on Amazon Prime.moreless
  • Slow and boring

    After just seen the 2 exciting seasons of The Originals, I started to watch Orphan Black, as there were so much praises for the series. The pilot is always important if they want to captivate the audience. To my disappointment, the first 3 episodes was so agonisingly slow and utterly boring that I deleted the whole of the 3 seasons. I was intrigued up to the point where the German lookalike was shot and then everything went down hill from there. I am a fan of the paranormal, sci-fi and horror stories, I do not have patience when I cannot relate to the characters and the storyline by the end of the first episode. It did not leave me wanting more. I had to force myself to watch 2 more episodes, hoping it will pick up the pace, unfortunately all it did was dragging the story with unnecessary scenes instead of making them compelling. It was like a pale imitation of DollHouse.moreless
  • Emmy has finally recognized Tatiana's skill

    Tatiana Maslany has finally been nominated for Best Actress in a Drama!
  • Just as I was about to give up!

    Finally! As of the last couple of episodes (coinciding with decision to no longer regularly review this show) Orphan Black has returned to form! Why on earth we had to endure those terrible fake sets and Castor meandering in the first half of the season I'll never understand. All the Castor story to date could have been much more concise, to greater effect. Conversely the key elements of that story line such as Paul's demise were glossed over. Anyway, let's put that behind us, onwards to the end of the season :moreless

    Orphan Black Season 3 Finale Review: Going Back to the Start

    The Season 3 finale attempted to right some of the season's earlier wrongs by bringing everything full circle.


    Orphan Black: Hey Haters, Stop Hating the Castor Clones

    The male clones of BBC America's sci-fi drama are just as important as the fan favorites.

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