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We have all rejoiced in the announcement of the April 2014 premiere date for season 2 of Orphan Black (okay, most of us would like it to premiere, like, tomorrow, but still). With the way season 1 ended what's in store for Sarah and here clone club in season 2?! I'm excited for what's in store, no matter what that happens to be, but I'm curious what the fans think and hope will happen! My hope is that we learn a lot more about the origin of the clones. I hope Paul goes all in and officially is team clone club. I hope Art comes around and becomes an asset rather than trying to take 'em down. I hope Vic's character (as much as I like Michael Mando as an actor) has little to do with things as he seems to bring lots of trouble. I hope we learn more about Kira - because as the first known daughter of a clone she's sure to be something special indeed. I could go on and on!

Lets discuss!
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I loved season one. especially the finale where they all had the chance to get their private lives what they wanted from the beginning. I can't believe Alison thought that girl who was her friend was her watcher and killed her. I knew it was her husband because who get's tied up and questioned about clones and still carry on living there. I think Mrs S has something to do with the clones because she is very mysterious and the women who claimed to be Helena's and Sara's's mother warned Sara about her.So I think that she works for the lady who got them to sign the contracts and she was the one who kidnapped Kira. i can't wait for season 2 in April.
I am still sticking with my theory (and I have rewatched this show far too many times) that with Sarah...first, I do believe there is something about Kira (now, I don't know if that is a result of a) her being the first child of a clone b) her mother likely got very few prenatal treatments from the Dynad institute since Amelia seemed to run away fairly early in her pregnancy c) maybe because this show is on the supernatural Saturday and has been more of a science fiction spy thriller, Kira is the supernatural) and because she knew something bad was going to happen, she knew that they may have to run, she knew she couldn't trust Mrs. S with that fact, and her Uncle Felix was involved and for one of the most popular characters, not seeing Felix for the last twenty minutes was weird (and I think Mrs. S's house was his destination), I think Kira heard Dynad people breaking into the house and escaped out the window. Maybe between Sarah and Felix they bought a burner phone to stick in her backpack (though that seems like a Paul thing to think about) and a seven year old probably remembers two numbers which I think would likely be Mrs. S's and Felix (since he was around). But, the search that Sarah goes scorched earth on is for Mrs. S. I could be totally wrong though...

Um, but poor Cosima and Alison. I am guessing there is a cure for Cosima and hopefully her immunologist girlfriend can figure that one out, but poor Alison. She is so screwed and exactly the opposite of what she wants to happen (get her privacy back) is what is happening.
Yeah I am very interested in learning more about Kira and just looking forward to the 2nd season so much!!!!!
I hope Tatiana Maslany to win something for her acting chops, because in my humble opinion she acted everyone off the screen
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