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It's been approximately 17 years since Orphan Black last graced us with its twisty, complicated, wonderful presence. At least, that's what it feels like; in reality, it's only been 10 months since Kira and Mrs. S disappeared, and since we last saw Hot Paul. But those 10 months without Sarah, Cosima, and Alison were cold and harsh. My heart turned to stone in the absence of Felix's companionship. I was forced to watch TV shows where actresses only played one character—ONE. Can you believe that? For awhile there, I was just waiting for a clone to pop out of a closet and yell, "Woohoo! Look at me!" but it never happened. Basically, it was the toughest 10 months of my life. But mercifully, the Season 2 premiere is finally upon us! The Clone Club is back in session as of this Saturday, April 19! So, to celebrate the return of happiness and sunshine to the world as I know it, I've decided to revisit the best moments from Season 1. Here are my seven favorites—share your own in the comments!

7. Donnie really IS Alison's monitor

Episode: "Endless Forms Most Beautiful"

Why: Because Donnie is a lying little shit. Alison was convinced he was her monitor (and he even tried to throw her off the scent by stashing Big Boob Blowies porn in his lockbox in the garage). Then Alison let Aynsley die because she thought Aynsley was her monitor. And then it turned out it WAS Donnie all along. Like I said, he's a lying little shit.

6. Sarah meets Beth 

Episode: "Natural Selection"

Why: This was the moment where it all began. Sarah witnessed Beth jumping in front of an oncoming train in the series' opening scene—and unlike that train, the series never stopped. It just kept barreling toward the next mind-blowing discovery until our brains were a collective puddle of gray blobs on the floor. 

5. Cosima discovers the clones have been patented 

Episode: "Endless Forms Most Beautiful"

Why: It's a good thing the clones have a big science nerd for all their science-ing needs, but this reveal was huge, and its effect on future storylines remains to be seen. The most important implication right now is that DYAD could claim Kira as its own if the clones don't cooperate. For all the brave talk about being unique individuals who act for themselves, it was a quite a punch in the gut.

4. Sarah's email to Rachel

Episode: "Endless Forms Most Beautiful"

Why: I really think Sarah's email says it all.

3. Felix the gay bartender

Episode: "Variations Under Domestication"

Why: Felix is the constant light shining through Orphan Black's murky, morally complicated darkness. He's loyal, he's funny, and perhaps most importantly, he's reliable. You need a bartender for a cookout full of boring suburbanites? He'll do it! He'll also be sassy about it, and it will be delightful with a capital D.

2. Helena and the tail

Episode: "Parts Developed in an Unusual Manner"

Why: It was one thing for Olivier to be all about his tail—he talked about it like it was the greatest thing in the world—but it was another to watch Helena cut it off. And then, when I thought the scene couldn't get any better, that lovable psycho went upstairs to the club and danced around with the dismembered appendage before THROWING IT IN THE AIR. God help the person it landed on.

1. Alison's interrogation of Donnie

Episode: "Variations Under Domestication"

Why: Do you really need me to explain why Alison torturing Donnie with a hot glue gun in her craft room is on this list? This scene should be included in a reel of best moments in television history. It's just so Alison. It was over-the-top, it was funny, she made scrapbooking scissors look threatening, and she did it all while in her pajamas. Alison is the best.

What makes YOUR list of the best Orphan Black moments?

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