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Over the weekend, BBC America released two more new clips from the new season of Orphan Black, and then the network released another new clip today, so now we've got a hat trick full of clones to discuss! As you may recall from last week, we've already seen a showdown between clones, Cosima searching for a cure for her illness, and Alison being abducted by unknown men. And now it's time to spend a few seconds with Hot Paul (Dylan Bruce) and Proclone Rachel (Tatiana Maslany); in this first clip, they're discussing which side Paul will choose. Will he stick by Sarah and the rest of the clones, or will he work alongside Rachel and the Dyad Institute?

The second clip features a man who is most definitely not Hot Paul getting hot and heavy with Sarah (Tatiana Maslany). Normally I'd tell Sarah that she needs to stop locking lips with some guy we don't even know and focus on searching for her daughter (hello, priorities!), but the guy is Michiel Huisman (Nashville), so I'll allow it. Back in October, BBC Americaa announced that Huisman was joining the series in a recurring capacity as Cal Morrison, a rugged outdoorsman with emotional depth. Is "emotional depth" some kind of cool-kid slang for "banging the heroine" now?

And the third and final clip (for now; there are still two more to come this week!) features a lovely meeting between Alison and Felix in which Alison confesses her guilt over kinda sorta maybe but not really but still kind of yes totally murdering Aynsley in Season 1. It's about damn time one of these teases featured Felix. More Felix, please! Felix for president!

Which of these three clips was your favorite? Based on what we've seen so far, what do you think is ahead in Season 2?

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