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Orphan Black's powers that be have heard your prayers (which sometimes sound like threats, so you might need to cool it, guys) for more advance looks at the BBC America drama. Now that the Season 2 premiere is less than two months away (obviously your calendar just has "Clone Club" written into the square for Saturday April 19), the show is gifting us with a handful of short clips from said premiere. According to EW, new teases will be posted to Orphan Black's Instagram account each day for the next eight days, and I've embedded the very first one below.

Based on what series stars Tatiana Maslany and Jordan Gavaris, and creator Graeme Manson said back in January, Season 2 is going to pick up exactly where Season 1 left off, with Sarah searching for Kira and Mrs. S, and the show has no intention of slowing down. We've already seen a still of the moment when Sarah presses a gun to Proclone Rachel's face, but now we get to see how that tense moment comes to fruition. Go on, press play!

Seriously, is it April 19 yet? Does anyone have access to a time machine so we can just skip ahead to the premiere?

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AIRED ON 6/20/2015

Season 3 : Episode 10

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