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BBC America (ended 2017)

I just noticed, last saturday there was a show on BBC-America called "The Cloneversation" where Wil Wheaton interviews the cast of Orphan Black.

Except for a rather annoying Wil Wheaton, it was actually quite interesting to watch and hear from all the (main) actors and the two creators of the show. We even get a bit of "behind the scenes" info on how the technically do (did) the clone scenes from season 1. There is also a preview of season 2 at the end, so be warned if you want to avoid spoilers.

It's not my upload on YouTube, I just stumbled across it there. I just thought I should share that with you all.
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Jun 05, 2014
Well they took it off, darn.
Apr 18, 2014
Thank you for posting this. I can't wait for the show to return.
I used to have a huge crush on Wil Wheaton when I was like 14. Lol
But, let me tell you, that LOST comment really pissed me off! First of all, nobody fucked up LOST. It was a great show from start to finish. But second, even if you see the ending as a fuck up, how can you even entertain the idea that Orphan Black could go the same route? I mean, it makes absolutely no sense.
There's no existential mystery of that kind on this show. We know what universe we are in. We know what timeline we are in. We know that the entire story is happening in the real world, in the present. The Clones aren't on a deserted Island and we don't have two timelines happening simultaneously nor does the show use the flashback story device. So that entire comment (which was so obviously a set up and was not going to get cut as he suggested) was just incredibly stupid and really insulting.

I'm over people putting down LOST, it's getting so old.
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