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Saturday 9:00 PM on BBC America (Returning April 18, 2015)
brothers & sisters
Mar 17, 2015
Orphan Black: Are you Team Leda or Team Castor?
Do these come in poster size?
is it april yet?
Mar 02, 2015
Orphan Black: The Clones Are Back in Action in the First Full Trailer for Season 3 (VIDEO)
Helena's kidnapping spurs Sarah into action once more in this extended look at Season 3, because as the Clone Club knows, you do NOT mess with Sarah OR her sisters.
heads up, clone club!
Feb 21, 2015
Orphan Black's Season 3 Premiere Will Air Across AMC Networks' Entire Family of Channels
The company is hoping to bring more eyeballs to the critically acclaimed sci-fi series.
rudy 'tudey
Feb 10, 2015
Orphan Black: The Intense First Footage From Season 3 Has Arrived! (VIDEO)
Get a glimpse of what happens when Sarah interrogates one of the male clones.
official clone club business
Dec 18, 2014
Orphan Black Season 3 Has a Premiere Date and an Exciting New Teaser! (VIDEO)
Sarah and her clone sisters are fighting a war, but are the male clones their real enemy?
right and wrong
Dec 11, 2014
The 2015 Golden Globes Nominations: The Biggest Snubs and Most Pleasant Surprises
Will awards shows EVER get it right? Rhetorical question.
trophies n' things
Dec 10, 2014
Modern Family Tops the SAG Award Nominations; Orphan Black's Tatiana Maslany Earns Her First Major Nod
Modern Family will aim for its fifth straight win in the race for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Comedy Series.
the year in tv
Dec 09, 2014's Best of 2014: The Best Genre Shows
Get ready to share the spotlight, Game of Thrones, there's a lot of genre TV out there that's just as worthy as your special brand of dragon.
welcome to the clone club
Nov 26, 2014
Orphan Black Adds Lost Girl and Shameless Alums to Its Season 3 Cast
Here's a bit of good news to help tide you over until the show returns in the spring.
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Sarah Manning/Beth Childs/Katja Obinger/Alison Hendrix/Cosima Niehaus/Helena/Rachel Duncan/Jennifer Fitzsimmons
Paul Dierden
Delphine Cormier
Felix Dawkins
Detective Art Bell

Sarah, a grifter, witnesses the suicide of a woman who looks just like her. She picks up the woman's handbag and runs. Instead of solving the mystery of how they can look the same, she is confronted with more mysteries. Taking on the woman's identity she discovers they are clones and that there are more of them out there, living in a wide range of circumstances.

As Sarah tries to find out what is going on and who is responsible for it, someone starts picking them off one by one. In a race to find the reason for it all before the killer can get to her, Sarah doesn't know who to trust.

The episode titles for season one are taken from Charles Darwin's evolutionary text "On The Origin of Species" (published November 24, 1859) and for season two, the episode titles are quotes from the works of Sir Francis Bacon.