Orphan Black

Season 1 Episode 4

Effects of External Conditions

Aired Saturday 10:00 PM Apr 20, 2013 on BBC America

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  • The Bad Angel said You would come

    Helena, aka the bad angel, warms the heart of a little boy as she tends to her wound. A wound Sarah, aka the good angel, caused when she impaled Helena with a piece of rebar. The little boy was a bit shaken for sure but more by his mother's hysteria. The boy, who bad angel Helena gives a vital clue to, could be harbinger. Or he could just be a cute little boy that was scared. By now, however, I am fairly certain he foreshadows some event; and that is why I am hooked on Orphan Black. The writers put the whole storyline into one short scene. Bravo! I so hope the writers do not veer away from their brilliant story telling!
  • I don't know what to say!

    The killer was abused, yes. She believes that she's the original one.

    But she also believes that there is a connection between her and Sarah. She believes, she somehow SEES that Sarah is different from the others that she's killed. Why? Why is that?

    Kira saw right through her aunt Allison's disguise. I don't get how. Children really do have a connection with their parents, huh? Would we all be able to see through our parents if they weren't our real parents but clones?

    For another matter completely, how did Katja find about Beth, Allison and Cosima but not about Sarah? How in the world could Sarah have just dropped out of the blue like that? Who's Danielle and do the other clones know?

    I saw the preview for the next episode. I knew that things were going to become like that... AH! I need to watch more! So many questions, they better get perfectly matched with good answers!
  • Progress!

    So we have a lead on who was creating the clones and, in theory, one less person attacking the girls. The show's keeping very nice pace, giving enough to answer a question or two here and there but not so much that the conclusion can be guessed at. I really want more Kira and Mrs. S; I feel like there has to be some sort of connection or super drama that will come out of them. Cosima has joined Felix at the top of my favorite characters, as well.