Orphan Black

Season 1 Episode 4

Effects of External Conditions

Aired Saturday 10:00 PM Apr 20, 2013 on BBC America



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    • Alison: Why would one of us be killing us? What is wrong with her?
      Sarah: Bad breath, bat shit crazy.

    • (Sarah confronting Helena with a gun in Maggie Chen's hotel room)
      Helena: Where did you come from?
      Sarah: I came out the woodwork. Where did you come from?
      Helena: God sent me.
      Sarah: Right. So you don't know either.

    • Cosima: (about Helena) To extreme creationist types, we would be abominations. Like not God's children, but, but Satan's.
      Sarah: So they hate us, and, and she's killing us even though she's identical to us.
      Cosima: Well, but if you were a messed-up, abused loner whose, um, faith compels you to belong and, and somebody that you trusted told you that this was the way to redeem yourself in, in the eyes of God, I mean...
      Sarah: Yeah, I might become an angry angel too.

    • Alison: Kira, your mother couldn't be here right now.
      Kira: Why?
      Alison: Because she is out there right now, doing something very brave. She's making sure everything is safe, so you two can be together.

    • Felix: You're not going back to being Beth. Impersonating a dead officer, that's like a whole new crime.
      Sarah: I think I'm safest with the cops, to be honest with you.
      Felix: Did that actually just come out of your mouth?
      Sarah: Look, Art's already looking for the killer. I shadow him as Beth, I let them figure out what's happened to her and when I find that out, I can jump off and deal.
      Felix: Deal? I'm beginning to realize crazy is genetic.
      Cosima: Well, yeah, bad brain chemistry can be genetic. Um, but environment, that's individual, right? I mean, that's the whole nature-nurture question right there.
      Felix: Okay, let's talk nature. Out of nine so far, one's a psycho who killed four others. One committed suicide, one is a bloody soccer mum, and then there's you. My crazy sister is sane by comparison.
      Sarah: Thanks, Fe.

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