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Orphan.Black 1E10 ive got a problem with the s1 ending (spoilers...Duh!!)

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    S1 ends with Cosima decoding the dna patent hidden in there dna. So (deleted) What, patent rights only cover patent laws, witch means that you cant legally patent a illegal product (clones). The law doesn't work that way and its just a stupid ending of s1, because this "patent" have ZERO legal value...

    Human cloning on the other hand is illegal in many parts of the world (almost all) and I don't think that ANY country would deny the human rights of a clone in a court of law..

    So myproblem is this...... heavy emotional "bomb" that they have no rights because of the patent, but I just don't buy it. If the clones went public about The Dyad Institute, thisthreat, Dr. Aldous Leekie and co. would all be on Interpol's most wanted list within hours....

    F word bleeped out by moderator - please watch the language. Thanks.
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    I felt the same way about the premise that the clones were patented, because the whole experiment is illegal and no court of law would allow the mistreatment of a human being. HOWEVER, I do think that she was still wanting to buy in to the idea that maybe just maybe Dr. Leekie wasn't truly evil and did have their bests interests at heart. When she saw the DNA patent I think it convinced her otherwise and her last hope that everything would be alright was shattered. That being said, I REALLY hope that the second season doesnt try and play up the argument that the clones have no rights because so far this show has been smart about its writing and it had an incredible first season.

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    I agree
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