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Orphan Black Season 1 DVD

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    [1]Apr 13, 2013
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    BBC Home Entertainment has announced that Orphan Black Season 1 is coming to DVD and Blu-ray Disc on July 16th. Special features on both versions will include Character Profiles, a Behind the Scenes featurette, and a Set Tour. Plus there are English subtitles as well.
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    I hope it's going to be a top-notch high-bitrate BD-50 release with no quality compromise. DTS HD Master Audio 5.1 would be a very good thing too.

    I wonder if they are going to market it worldwide on Blu-Ray in all major languages or will they just sell it and wait that local distributors would do transalation and DVD/Blu-Ray.

    The problem with that is that it's a too slow process for nowadays standards, copies of the episodes are already all over the 'net along with unauthorized subtitled versions.

    So, having a show taking years to be released properly worldwide it's just the best way to ensure lack of profits. A show like this could quickly collect much more money if distributed worldwide in all major languages instead of having to rely on what local distributors might or might not do along with the fact that in some countries most shows end up being sold on DVD only or not getting even a DVD release at all or not getting dubbed so entire markets would be lost.

    BBC should pay for translation and dubbing in Spanish,French,German,Italian,Chinese,Korean,Japanese,Russian and then sell it to networks and provide multi-language Blu-Ray ready to be marketed by local distributors.

    That would be a smart move ensuring high product quality and quick distribution with no issues.

    Paying for translation and dubbing in major languages in main countries is not that expensive anyway surely not for BBC. It's 2013 if they want to sell their shows properly to maximize profits they need to step up and move quickly.

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