Orphan Black

Season 1 Episode 1

Natural Selection

Aired Saturday 10:00 PM Mar 30, 2013 on BBC America

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  • I love orphan black

    This is my favourite show in the world
  • Walking in her shoes

    Within the first three minutes I was hooked. Sarah is horrified by what she has witnessed. Beth seeing her double, does nothing more then make Beth's jump easier for her. This is writing and acting at its best. Sarah is hardcore for sure but she has a old soul. All this realization takes is for us lucky viewers to witness a few second interaction with her and then train conductor. Nonetheless, Sarah knows she has an opportunity and takes advantage of it. Sarah is a survivor! We know all this within three minutes. Bravo! I use to have to binge watch Nikita to get this kind of storytelling so thank you for giving me some new material to become obsessed with. I a huge fan!
  • Runaway (Metro) Train

    Let me start with the sincere and unbelievably flattering praise this show has received from everyone I know. Coming into the first episode I was skeptical that it could live up to the hype. 3 days later I'd binge watched the entire season and can confirm: this show is TOTALLY bitchin'. It's got the action, humor, heart-string pullers, and straight up "WTFjusthappenedohmyjesusballs" moments necessary for any great show. Not to mention the stellar acting and dialogue. Anyways, here's what I have to say about the first episode...

    liked that you are thrown into the insanity at the same time as the main character. One second you think you're just a lady coming back home from a long time away and then BAM! Suicidal doppleganger lady and confusion and whoa here's her purse just laying here I'll take that thank you very much. Beyond that it's hard to like her very much - she up and left her daughter for almost a year, stole a dead lady's purse and whacked her BF "Vic the dick" with an ashtray so she could make off with his cocaine supply. Good thing she's got charisma and a decent human being in her foster brother, Felix. He agrees to stash and sell her stolen drugs.

    Btw I'm no expert on cocaine (in that I've never done or even seen it) but when he dropped it in that drawer for hiding, it definitely poofed and wafted up into the air like a sack of flour. For shame, prop people.

    Over at the dead woman Beth's house, Sarah discovers $75k in a savings account and decides to impersonate her to con the bank into giving handing it over while simultaneously faking her own death in order to run off and start over. True to form? "Damn right".

    Walking out of the bank after a successful meeting with the manager to organize the withdrawal, Sarah has some headlights flickered at her before being accosted by an angry policeman. Seeing as her outfit is a far cry from scandalously prostitutional or swanky-sexy, this is a puzzling turn of events until we find out that BETH was also a cop and under review for shooting a civilian. Once the police get involved and she becomes the underdog its like "wait no don't catch her whoops I fell out of my seat from anxious twitching", because who wants the police to win on a show that's not a procedural? Just saying.

    So instead of attempting to bullshit her way through the civilian shooting hearing homegirl decides to pop into the bathroom right quick and down some of that nasty generic pink hand soap (despite my repeatedly telling her not to from this side of the screen. yick!) so she could replace word vomit with actual vomit. Surprised she didn't blow any bubbles right there at the table.

    Whilst getting ready to retrieve Beth's money from the bank, boyfriend Paul comes home early. He is like an underwear model agent's dream, but seems to suffer from a severe lack of personality. He does pay attention though, and notices right away that something is different about his girlfriend. Sarah fumbles through some excuses for the hearing and her hair being different before saying "screw this" and distracting him with sex. Classic haha. It works though, and she's able to get to the bank and grab the cash.

    The series of scenes where Felix and then Vic identify the body and hold the service for Sarah were well done, from Felix picking up the mortician to Vic openly sobbing over the body. Having Sarah watch her own memorial and see her daughter arrive from across the lake was brilliant. Watching but unable to do anything about it? Those tears were the first thing that made me really root for our main character. They make you think that she does truly care for her family, but has just made many mistakes.

    Getting back into Beth's Jag, Sarah discovers a stowaway in the back seat - ANOTHER lookalike! It's "the German" Katja, and boy is she in bad shape. Coughing blood, desperate, jumping into random cars in the middle of fields (which she magically transported to I guess), and then BOOM! Hole in the head. As a viewer you're already like "whaaaaaaaaaat" at this new mysterious character and implications that to have her straight-up sniper rifled 2 minutes into her story line was quite unexpected. To say the least. The episode ends with Sarah speeding away from the sniper. Both of their identical pink phones ring and she's just like "shit" and finally answers one.

    Down the rabbit hole we go...

  • 8.0
    This is new. There are so many people who attempt to deal with "doppelgangers" or "clones" or things where there's a "long lost twin sister/brother" somewhere. But this being the main premise of a show? That's refreshing.

    Spoiler alert, but you probably already know that.

    After watching the first episode, so many questions pop into mind!

    "How in the world can there be more than one person who looks just like her?"

    "How in the world do they know each other but Sarah does not?"

    "What in the world is going to happen now?"

    Her quick-thinking saves her butt more often than not, and I feel like this is pretty good so far. I love how she's always very observant. She makes mistakes; this makes her relatable. Her reactions (mostly at the beginning) are sometimes not what I expect, but that's because I don't relate to her being a drug dealer and a problem-child [at first, I'll admit it, I didn't like her]. The rest of how she react? Everyone can probably react the same way, given her circumstances [this is what makes the character good, in my opinion, you can feel the way she feel and relate to her? That's a great start! Now you've just got to reel us in with more about what's gonna happen next].

    It's fun to watch [nudity alert though, fair warning. I had to stop to censor] and overall, I want to know what happens next. I wish there were subtitles though, I can't understand everything.

    So far so good, I will be watching episode 2!
  • A Fresh Start ?

    Imagine this your life is totally screwed up, and you get the chance to get out and start again. It just involves a little deception taking on the identity of a person who committed suicide - would you do it? Well I think it would depend on how screwed up your life was. In this case if you were Sarah, your life is as bad as it could be, she is running around with a no good drug dealer of a boyfriend, has a daughter who has been taken from her, into care and was her self apparently brought up in care. And to top it all has just reappeared after 10 months missing. Whose life could be worse than that? Well she managed to find that person - but that person has $75,000 in the bank so it might all be worth the effort.

    But how is it all possible? Well she looks similar, or more precisely identical. Does she have a twin? Or sisters? At the end of this episode, which does reach a startling and exciting conclusion we are left wondering what the real background is to all this.

    As a character Sarah, is not really likeable, but by the end of the episode, you do feel some warmth towards her, and you certainly want to find out what has been going on. A very good episode to start this series, and I want to know more.
  • Charmer

    The main character isn't someone you want to cheer for, though the pieces of her backstory revealed are fighting to make the viewers care. She's reckless and a bit thoughtless and that's not terribly attractive (or indicative of a character who's going to last). The story so far is decently compelling; it was a nice hook to introduce Katya toward the end of the episode. Interesting pilot; seems a little fast-paced, but hopefully that's a sign of a lot of twists and turns to come.