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  • She sounds awful

    Tatiana's accents are so bad that it is hard to focus on the show because every time she opens her mouth, it is so distracting. If there are no Canadian dialect-coaches, then at least import one. Even her Canadian characters like Allison have weird, foreign accents which only furthers the ignorant belief that a lot of Americans have that Canadians have accents as compared to Americans.

  • Not all that!

    Do not like this actress' acting. She is very over-rated, and is just, Not all that, at all!
  • Slow and boring

    After just seen the 2 exciting seasons of The Originals, I started to watch Orphan Black, as there were so much praises for the series. The pilot is always important if they want to captivate the audience. To my disappointment, the first 3 episodes was so agonisingly slow and utterly boring that I deleted the whole of the 3 seasons. I was intrigued up to the point where the German lookalike was shot and then everything went down hill from there. I am a fan of the paranormal, sci-fi and horror stories, I do not have patience when I cannot relate to the characters and the storyline by the end of the first episode. It did not leave me wanting more. I had to force myself to watch 2 more episodes, hoping it will pick up the pace, unfortunately all it did was dragging the story with unnecessary scenes instead of making them compelling. It was like a pale imitation of DollHouse.
  • I'm trying to get into it

    A great idea for a show and quite intriguing, really; but, it leaves itself open to too many questions and gaps. Hoping it picks up soon or I won't make it through to Season 2.
  • WTF! Where. What... Who!?

    Tried to bing this show, because of the lack of alternatives (lying now for a week in bed) and also because it was high rated here.

    First of all why is the show trying to pretend that all of this is happening in the US? When obviously EVERY thing around cries UK and almost every actor is speaking with a British accent?

    Second: Why are there so many story gaps and errors? For instance in Ep4 S01 Sarah is forced to stay at the station because... the writer said so and she convinces Alison to go to a extremely important meeting with her daughter Kiera - right? Then five minutes later, she left the station and went to meet with a psycho... and she aparently has time for that? What?

    OK I could imagine that the target group (I guess teenager euro-boys) would omit those facts and watch it just for entertainments sake. I would too when Mrs. Maslany could ever pull a believable performance, the writers would write actual good dialogue and not 'lines for actors to speak', which by the way are so obvious.... well then and only then I could imagine to watch it as a guilty pleasure. But like it is now? Oh no..... no chance! I rather watch The Room for the rest of my life.

    Ah well I went just a little to far. Sorry.

    It's just a mediocre show for kids that never saw, or rather should not see (You welcome MPAA), The Wire or even Sherlock (the first one plays in the actual US and the second one is not ashamed of being shot in the UK) and I do accept that. BUT please do something about this fan boy rating. Someone from the staff who could provide here actual ratings and reviews? Someone with taste (which excludes of course Mr. Timothy Spot) please? Do I really have to watch all this 5h1t You are promoting here?
  • decent but here's the thing people.

    This is a very intriguing show but, it's it's got more holes then a brick of string cheese. Lots of holes in the details of situations like one fight where a guy takes on 2 people from a chair. Well why the hell would he concentrate on the person in front of him when someone is behind him... oh yah and guns pointed at people that aren't even cocked so yah lets just use a gun that's been ran out of bullets and then put it right into the scene so everyone can look at the barrel sticking out.. but yah it's a decent show but be prepared to laugh and stupified. I'll give the over all story of the show 8 but i can't give the entire thing much more then 7 due to the lazyness of the set director.
  • Season 3 Premiere: Stick In Baby

    When last we left our intrepid sestras, it was looking quite bleak. Sarah was stabbed, lost, freezing, and without hope on Neolution Island. Donnie, Alison and a very pregnant Helena were camping in a national park to stay off the grid. S and Kira were being kidnaped from yet another Not-Safe-Enough house. Cosima was rescued by the back-from-beyond Delphine, though the doctor isn't quite in charge of any of the experiments around her. 170-year-old Westmoreland is nominally in charge, but as he's never seen, he's probably only a puppet for Susan, and maybe now Rachel, who gives a rousing, Jonestown-esque speech, calling for "sacrifice". Do NOT drink the Kool-Aid, kids!

    I suppose the first scene was meant to be poignant, what with Sarah's cell dying faster than she was. And then with her very lastest match, she chooses to improve her odds of starting a fire by lighting up her daughter's picture.

    Did she even consider lighting the matchbook itself? Ugh.

    But before you could say "jump the shark", Sarah is attacked by some jungle mutant, no doubt the failed result of genetic experimentation himself. Luckily, he turns out to be allergic to rocks, and scampers off.

    Meanwhile Policeman Art is assigned a new partner, and she is totally on loan from Xena, Warrior Princess. Also, she's on the other team, by which I mean, with Dyad, and nothing else.

    Not that there's anything wrong with that.

    Dyad's new plan is to collect, but not harm the clones, so as Alison, Cosima and Sarah all get caught, none are dispatched. Yet.

    Nobody brings in Helena, the Ultimate Weapon, of course. She wrestles a goon and wins, though she lands on a sharp twig, which punctures her belly. Calmly, she points it out to Donnie: "Stick in

    Felix, comic-book guy and Ira the boy clone, collectively do nothing. Then Felix gets captured for whatever reason, towards the end. Now, everyone is at least as screwed as they were when the episode started, but don't worry, I'm sure Helena will resurrect from a hospital bed and fix everything. Violently.
  • Just as I was about to give up!

    Finally! As of the last couple of episodes (coinciding with decision to no longer regularly review this show) Orphan Black has returned to form! Why on earth we had to endure those terrible fake sets and Castor meandering in the first half of the season I'll never understand. All the Castor story to date could have been much more concise, to greater effect. Conversely the key elements of that story line such as Paul's demise were glossed over. Anyway, let's put that behind us, onwards to the end of the season :
  • Solid suspense show filled out by brilliant acting

    I recently read an interview with Tatiana Maslany, who plays most of the main characters on Orphan Black, and she talked about the difficulties of playing scenes where she's acting all the parts, and I realized I had never even thought of that, because her characters are so distinct and fully formed that I never think, there's Tatiana Maslany and some really impressive greenscreen work.

    Maslany is utterly amazing (like others before me, I can't help but wonder how Dollhouse would have turned out with an actress with her amazing range). And if you pay attention to it, the greenscreen stuff is also pretty amazing. I once thought to really watch what was happening, with three of Maslany onscreen, and not only is it flawlessly filmed but it's also incredibly well choreographed. At one point one Maslany scootches over on the couch to make room for another Maslany, a perfectly normal gesture that is remarkable in this context.

    As for the series itself, it's really good. It tells a compelling, intricate story. But at times it feels unrealistic, or convoluted, problems particularly noticeable in the season 1 finale. But just watching Maslany do her thing is enough to keep me watching.
  • Not bad at all

    Glad I gave this show a chance.
  • entertaining show

    i like this not a masterpiece but it is fun ,fresh and unpretentious,ok it has its flows but in a who cares kind of way,it has some violence but by todays standards it is the closest to actors characters are likeable , tatiana is cute and carries the show in a funny and light way that is the intention of the production i was watching,the following but i got sick regarding this show,so i now i watch this one and arrow .i am not a big fun of game of thrones so i am out of this kind of frenzy .but i am glad that a new show has been added to my programme.
  • Orphan Black.... Well, I guess 'Black Orphan' would of got them in trouble.

    Tatiana Maslany, is one incredible actress. She plays each role superbly. The producers and cast managers for Orphan Black found a real gem in Tatiana Maslany. This show is destined to send her into super celebrity status.

    Not a bad show at all, I'm hooked already after episode 3.

    It's an interesting storyline in my favorite genre of TV show... A science fiction storyline that COULD happen in the real world today.

    I will give a more detailed review when I've finished season one but right now I'm wondering why the girls don't all meet-up in one place and hold a very public press release to announce themselves as clones to the world. This could potentially solve all their problems, you know, the scientist who wants them dead to protect the illegal experiment from getting exposed. If they simply tell the world of their dilemma, not only would they be globally famous as soon as they prove they are clones, it would put an end to their assassins because there wouldn't be a point to killing them anymore. And that's it, end of story, end of plot. Granted, the government would probably keep them in a cage to do experiments on but they couldn't do this for long because the public wouldn't allow it.

    That's what I think but I'm only up to episode 3 so I'm still learning the plot. If it turns out they were government experiments then that might explain their secret mission to uncover their story and collect all the evidence.

    As I said, an interesting story so far.
  • Fado music in a great show

    I just had to note this! In episode 5 in Pouchy's autoshop there's Fado playing in the background. I wonder whose idea that was. I'm enjoying this show better and better...
  • Could be interesting if it survives

    It's kind of like "Ringer" only with clones instead of twins -- well, at least the basic premise of switched identities and all

    Other than that I'm not sure where it's going but it could be interesting and since it's on BBC America it might even stay on for more than a season!?
  • A very unique show!

    This is the first show review I've written on this site, but I just feel compelled to tell you how cool this show is! I've only recently discovered it, but I'm more than halfway through Season 1 in a day; and I can tell I'll be left breathless when I reach the season finale.

    What strikes me about this show, is firstly, the fact that Ms. Tatiana Maslany plays SO MANY CHARACTERS! Seriously, she must play at least four characters just by episode 3. While it can get a bit confusing at times, all her characters are distinguishable from one another - at least enough so the viewers don't get completely turned around. Sarah Manning is certainly adept at identity theft and impersonations - I'll just leave it at that. It's extremely impressive. (Not to mention the many accents she adopts. English, German, American, many more over the course of the rest of the episodes, I'm sure!)

    The other thing that makes this show so cool, is just that it's simply unique. Sure, there are a million and one sci-fi shows out there, and even more cop shows, but this one is a neat blend of the two; with some other, more "everyday problems" thrown in to ground it. (ie: Sarah grappling with the fact that her daughter is being brought up without her, in foster care, her relationship with Felix, and of course her boyfriend Vic, whom she threw an ashtray at.

    Bottom line: You don't mess with Sarah Manning.

    Consider me a fan!!
  • So worth it

    Just caught up with season 1. What an amazing show! I've missed a good sci-fi drama and the acting by Tatiana is simply brilliant.
  • Addicted!

    Tatiana Maslany is amazing. The fact that she can play so many characters, and make each one different and enjoyable. Looking forward to season 2!!
  • Very engaging and unpredictable

    Reminds me of dollhouse, but with a better actress and story(at present). They keep you guessing at what's happening, while still keeping a very good pace. Even if you tried to guess, you will still be shocked at several points. Also Tatiana is great and very convincing in her role(s). Although that wouldn't matter, if the characters weren't so excellently written. It gives hope for the SciFi genre..
  • it's getting better and better at each episode...

    I usually need to really be into the very first episode of a show to start liking it or becoming addicted to it

    the first episode of Orphan Black made me doubt about the show and i didn't really like Felix at the beginning

    but i found some interesting clues that made me believe that it would be a good story behind

    then i started to watch the second, then the third... and finally it's really a great show

    that's too bad clones are dying too quickly in the first season (unless there are plenty coming up soon) and the first season is also too short :(

    can't wait the see the next season
  • The story makes you overlook any bad thing there might be

    Awesome story, so well written, so creative! Tatiana Maslany plays all the characters beautifully and the difficult screen moments where there are two or more of them in one shot are overall executed very neatly. The few times that it is a little bit less seamless are easily forgiven, just because it's such a powerful story!
  • Two episodes in...

    Gotta say... looking like a new spot just opened on my favourite list.

    love the suspense and mystery aspect of this show... the twists in the plot.

    BUT my favourite guy is the gay gangsta friend wannabe artist couldbe coke dealer....

    Thats it for now...

    Oh almost forgot, i loved the cliche german version with the LOLA RENNT haircut and the weird body language. Very convincing. in my opinion all germans look exactly like that. dont worry its ok if i say stuff like that .... after all i am austrian :)
  • Episode

    I'm dying to see episode two now! PVR'd and ready for the weekend. And i think I can trust Space to see it is that Vancouver? So many reasons to watch this show.

    I loved the slap in the face twists and the chemistry between the two leads is fantastic.
  • Love It!

    I'm hooked. I sincerely hope that this doesn't get canceled like 3 other shows this season that I thought were just fine. Do no harm, Zero Hour and 666 were really peaking my interest... and bam, down the tubes! I hate that. Let's all make sure that doesn't happen with this one..
  • great so far

    I'm favorably impressed after two episodes - the slow "reveals" make this interesting and puts alot of tension in what wiould otherwise be just another crime drama. Great idea making her step into the shoes of a cop - fortunetly, she's a rather good grifter and swift on her feet - looks like it should be alot of fun going forward
  • Don't know yet

    What to think about another series in which someone takes on the identity of another person.
  • Surprisingly refreshing

    When I was first told that I must watch this show I wasn't all that interested. I gave my friend the benefit of the doubt and gave it a try. I was not super impressed with the beginning and thought it was perhaps a little bit slow but I was intrigued enough to keep watching and I am very glad that I did. The concept is superb, the acting is fantastic, the story line is never quite clear and it is compelling that the show runners know that the audience is smart and are trying to figure things out with the characters rather than just giving away all the answers.
  • Just discovered it, great show

    I just watched season 1 over a few days. They do a really fantastic job of making each clone seem like different people from the acting and look to the camerawork and editing.
  • No Clone Show!

    Original story, strongly scripted and Maslany on a colorful performance recital!

    Really impressed!

    Orphan Black -

    Honestly, I don't usually review shows, I watch what i can, Love what deserves to be loved and give constructive criticisms to shows that need to just get better or cancel. *Sadly, YES*

    Orphan Black has an amazing storyline, good actors and actresses, a good crew in general, That lovely British Accent, I love it. Totally recommended to TV Show lovers.

    Tatiana Maslany
  • Tatiana Maslany is amazing, and the show ain't bad either.

    Obviously, despite the Emmy snub that left critics and fans alike scratching their collective heads, Tatiana Maslany is the hardest working actress on tv today.

    That she manages to pull off the believability factor of playing 8 very different roles in one show is . I forget that I'm watching the same actress, and that my fellow fans, ain't f-ing easy. She's convincing, which is hard enough to do with a single character. Doing 8? That is mind boggling. So no matter the insanity of the Emmy folks, she deserves every accolade out there.

    But, despite the fact that she literally *is* 90 percent of the show, there is also the story to be considered. Personally, I've found it compelling if frustrating on occasion. The premise itself is interesting, and for the most part, the writers pull it off well. There is some suspension of disbelief needed, and some details that don't really pass muster, but overall, most episodes have left me glued to my set.

    Also, I think a well-deserved round of applause is due for Jordan Gavaris's role as Felix. He often provides wonderful comic relief, and is a joy to watch his interaction with the "clone-club".

    As of now, apparently a third season has been green lighted. ( tho I'd have been surprised if it hadn't).

    It's my most-anticipated show of the upcoming season, by far.
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