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  • Don't know yet

    What to think about another series in which someone takes on the identity of another person.
  • Could be interesting if it survives

    It's kind of like "Ringer" only with clones instead of twins -- well, at least the basic premise of switched identities and all

    Other than that I'm not sure where it's going but it could be interesting and since it's on BBC America it might even stay on for more than a season!?
  • Excellent so far

    Tatiana Maslany is a fantastic actress. The writers have done a great job in creating suspense and mystery.

    Watch it.
  • great so far

    I'm favorably impressed after two episodes - the slow "reveals" make this interesting and puts alot of tension in what wiould otherwise be just another crime drama. Great idea making her step into the shoes of a cop - fortunetly, she's a rather good grifter and swift on her feet - looks like it should be alot of fun going forward
  • Love It!

    I'm hooked. I sincerely hope that this doesn't get canceled like 3 other shows this season that I thought were just fine. Do no harm, Zero Hour and 666 were really peaking my interest... and bam, down the tubes! I hate that. Let's all make sure that doesn't happen with this one..
  • Episode

    I'm dying to see episode two now! PVR'd and ready for the weekend. And i think I can trust Space to see it is that Vancouver? So many reasons to watch this show.

    I loved the slap in the face twists and the chemistry between the two leads is fantastic.
  • entertaining show

    i like this not a masterpiece but it is fun ,fresh and unpretentious,ok it has its flows but in a who cares kind of way,it has some violence but by todays standards it is the closest to actors characters are likeable , tatiana is cute and carries the show in a funny and light way that is the intention of the production i was watching,the following but i got sick regarding this show,so i now i watch this one and arrow .i am not a big fun of game of thrones so i am out of this kind of frenzy .but i am glad that a new show has been added to my programme.
  • Brilliant and Clever

    This is a great show. I thought originally it would be like the cancelled show "Ringer" with Sarah Michelle Gellar from Buffy fame, but this is Ringer on steroids. So much better. It can go in so many directions. And Tatiana Maslany, the girl who has the main part is such an excellent actress. By episode 4 she has played 9 versions of herself with different personalities and each part is played flawlessly. I'm really looking forward to seeing where this goes. There are heaps of twists and threads to keep you hanging on for more. Recommend it highly.
  • Darn good

    It's been a long time since I haven't been that excited by a show.

    This is absolutely brillant story telling and I think that much more will come because there is so much potential.

    Tatiana Maslany is amazing.

    If you have doubts about watching the show, just watch the first episode. I bet you will be hooked.

    I am updating my review because the show just gets better and better with each episode. The story develops in ways you cannot predict. Tatiana Maslany's acting gets more confident and her character(s) grow and evolve but in a very subtle and realistic way.

    So, uprating to 10 and I cannot wait to see the next episode.
  • Best New Show of the Season Hands Down

    This show is so mindblowingly amazing that I cannot think of another show that hit the money so hard and so fast. Just when you think, Hey! The cops are probably going to be stupid and not notice anything crazy going on under their THEN THEY DO! THE STORYTELLING IS LOGICAL AND IT ALL MAKES SENSE. I am constantly scratching my head because I do not know what is coming next. Incredible show. Cannot wait for the next 5 episodes.
  • The best surprise of the year

    Absolutely stunning. Great storyline, superb ambience, Maslany is a great actress. An original approach to the difficult subject of clones
  • compelling

    This show keeps getting more compelling each week! Can't help but wonder ifTatiana Maslant has trouble keeping track of who she is supposed to be at any given moment and what accent/mannerisms to use. Very good storyline told in a manner that keeps drawing you in. Never know whats going to happen next!. And teh touchs of humor here and there only add to the show.

    Excellent program!
  • awesome

    One of the best shows for a long time and it keeps going better and better every episode. Tatiana Maslant is brilliant the storyline is thrilling and never lost it tension for a second so far. If they keep up the awsome work this show will definitely become one of my favorites.
  • Fantastic show

    The acting is brilliant and so is the writing. I was hooked from day one. Tatiana Maslany is amazing and deserves all the accolades for her acting.
  • Masterpiece of acting by lead actress

    This Show really is a masterpiece of acting by Tatiana Maslany. Never before I have seen an actress playing different characters so completly believable. And the story is getting more intense every Episode.

    Too sad noone on staff is taking up the unbelievable enjoyous task to review this show.

    My advice so far: DONT MISS THIS SHOW!
  • Mysterious, Intense, Suspenful!

    I love this show! This is the best show on TV. I love it!
  • Fado music in a great show

    I just had to note this! In episode 5 in Pouchy's autoshop there's Fado playing in the background. I wonder whose idea that was. I'm enjoying this show better and better...
  • Great show - staff should review

    Tim would be a great person to review this show, theres so much going on and its a great show, and its always fun to read his reviews.
  • Original, No cloning

    This is one of the best shows on TV right now. I started watching it because it was right after Doctor Who but I actually began to want to see it more than I wanted to see Doctor Who...
  • Great show - staff should review

    This is one of the best shows on TV right now. I love this show!

    "Absolutely stunning. Great storyline, superb ambience, Maslany is a great actress. An original approach to the difficult subject of clones"
  • Amazing acting, Gripping Story. What Else Do You Need

    Absolutely the best sci-fi I am watching right now. Three reasons to watch this show: Tatiana Maslany, Tatiana Maslany, Tatiana Maslany. Her acting is off the charts in this show. She plays a bunch of clones all with different personalities and nails each one so well that you truly see each character differently with their own personality quirks.

    The story is great also. The pacing is done beautifully with each reveal and each twist leaving me guessing. This show is a mystery/drama/scfi all wrapped into one and is a must-watch for any fan of these genres
  • Two episodes in...

    Gotta say... looking like a new spot just opened on my favourite list.

    love the suspense and mystery aspect of this show... the twists in the plot.

    BUT my favourite guy is the gay gangsta friend wannabe artist couldbe coke dealer....

    Thats it for now...

    Oh almost forgot, i loved the cliche german version with the LOLA RENNT haircut and the weird body language. Very convincing. in my opinion all germans look exactly like that. dont worry its ok if i say stuff like that .... after all i am austrian :)
  • Amazing story

    This show is just great. Plot is really well written getting us craving for more.

    All actors are very convincing this mixing of US and GB has a magical chemistry that gets you stick to the screen.

    The opening sequence with the cg thingies is the only thing that needs to be changed, it stinks.

    Kudos to the writers.
  • Best new show of the year

    Possibly of a few years. I was intrigued by the advertising and being a Doctor Who fan, I watched the debut. Now, I look forward to it more than Doctor Who. Tatiana Maslany is a female Gary Oldman. She convincingly plays multiple roles. The writing and directing is phenomenal as well. Jordan Gavares also deserves accolades as Felix, the show wouldn't be the same without him. DAMMIT! Now I have to wait until January to see what happens next.
  • The best new sci-fi

    Haven't seen one in a really long time. Good to have you here, come, take a warm spot in my tv list. Wish you not to lose it in season 2.
  • The story makes you overlook any bad thing there might be

    Awesome story, so well written, so creative! Tatiana Maslany plays all the characters beautifully and the difficult screen moments where there are two or more of them in one shot are overall executed very neatly. The few times that it is a little bit less seamless are easily forgiven, just because it's such a powerful story!
  • it's getting better and better at each episode...

    I usually need to really be into the very first episode of a show to start liking it or becoming addicted to it

    the first episode of Orphan Black made me doubt about the show and i didn't really like Felix at the beginning

    but i found some interesting clues that made me believe that it would be a good story behind

    then i started to watch the second, then the third... and finally it's really a great show

    that's too bad clones are dying too quickly in the first season (unless there are plenty coming up soon) and the first season is also too short :(

    can't wait the see the next season
  • Wow... I mean WOW...

    What an awesome show. Seriously. I was hooked on the first season. Love the characters as they are all different. Tatiana Maslany is such an awesome actress, really beautiful and makes you want to watch more. The only thing I hated about the first season was that it was too short.
  • Not bad at all

    Glad I gave this show a chance.
  • I recommend to watch it and to give it a try

    Just read that Tatiana got the CCA for her role in this series. And I must say she definitely earned it.

    Although some might say she is very beautiful. I dont think so, but that is not the point, why I am watching it ;)

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