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Osbournes: Reloaded

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Famous family the Osbournes are gearing up to host their own variety show with the help of FremantleMedia North America, the force behind American Idol. The show is expected to be fashioned after Sabado Gigante and Germany's Wanna Bet? and to include game show, comedic, and musical elements.
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  • This was probably the worst show to hit the air waves. A new low in all of tv show history. What I want to know is why were those little kids allowed to be exploded in such a manner. It wasn't entertaining and borders on abusive.moreless

    I would not recommend this show to anyone anywhere anytime. What a pity that this is what some would invest money in and call entertainment. No wonder the world is in such trouble. This family should go find a closet and crawl in there and stay in there. We really don't need our children exposed to this type of garbage... Go away. I know I will be... The entire concept of this show isn't fit five minutes of viewing time. There isn't any value in this program or the presention from the family members. I pity all of them. Sadmoreless
  • I've not laughed this hard in a long time. I love Ozzy and the whole family. Keep the show coming.

    The Flashdance clip was a classic! Ozzy is the best. I think TV needs this type of show. It's funny and honest. It's nice to see a regular family instead of a 'cookie-cutter' leave it to beaver type. This is what real people are like. It just so happens that the Osbournes are famous and a bit more outrageous. My family laughed so hard and that's a good things. It was funny and at time made me uncomfortable. Especially the wedding part. I'm thinking that the bride was a bit mental or she wouldn't be forcing that man to marry her. No doubt they don't make it legal post-show.moreless
  • Not great but not terrible.

    I'm not very sure why I watched this. I guess it's because I'm a fan of Ozzy. I think everything he does is funny whether it was intentional or not.

    The show wasn't that great though and I don't see it lasting very long. I did get a little laugh watching Ozzy working at the restuaraunt. But the greatest part of the show had to be at the end when Ozzy was spraying everyone with the hose and he turned around and got Sharon right in the head with it.

    The marriage thing seemed a little strange to me. The guy just says, "I'll marry you" and the Ozzy starts spraying everyone with a hose, including himself.

    Probably not something I'll tune in to watch every week, but if nothing else is on and I've got nothing else to do, I'd watch it again. It wasn't great but it wasn't terrible.moreless
  • Really? This is what they have become?

    Ok, so Ozzfest is canceled and Ozzie and family decide, hey let's do a variety show. Now The Osbournes are very crazy and can be very amusing. This is not a time that they are either.

    The show feels like a very very bad parody of variety and game shows. The audience seems forced to clap and laugh and react. No part of the show feels like the Osbournes. It actually hurts to see what the family has reduced itself to. Ozzie doing Flashdance in tight clothing, fart sound, cue laughter. It's just so.....lame.

    At times I'm like please god let this be a parody of variety shows. If this is them trying to be entertaining for real, then they have failed miserably. I was watching with my roommate and just kept repeating "this is bad, this is really really bad". He agreed.

    This will be canceled so quickly and I will have lost tons of respect for them. At least The Osbournes were funny and interesting, this is just a pile of garbage and a waste of time. The only funny part was the end where Ozzie got to spray everyone and just destroyed Sharons face with the hose. Complete with head snapping action.

    Please avoid avoid avoid! Unless they come out and say this is just a really bad parody I'm avoiding this pile of crap.moreless

    TV channel bans Osbournes show

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      Placed on hiatus after only one episode. Too bad. I liked the first ep and didn't think it was all that bad, but it's looking like...

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