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Oswald is a Nick Jr. show about a blue octopus and his dog Weenie. Generally, each episode portrays Oswald and his friends day to day adventures in Big City.


Oswald - A blue octopus

Weenie - Oswald's hot dog shaped pet dog

Henry - A serious penguin who is a neighbor and friend to Oswald

Daisy - An outgoing, walking, talking daisy

Madame Butterfly - A nice little butterfly who owns the restaurant Oswald goes to

Katrina - Madam Butterfly's daughter, who is a caterpillar

Pongo - A very friendly dragon

Johnny Snowman - A walking, talking snowman who owns the ice cream shop

The Eggburt Twins - Two egg shaped characters named Egbert and Leo

Andy - A pumpkin headed creature with a silly laugh

Steve - A tall walking, talking tree

Bingo - A rabbit who owns various stores in Big City
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  • Great Preschool Show

    When I was real little I liked Oswald as much as SpongeBob. It is a very sweet and cute show. The titular character is so mature and polite and I think that it is cute how his weaner dog, Weanie, looks like a hot dog. I also think that preschoolers can learn problem solving skill and be entertained at the same time by watching this show. Overall, Oswald is not bad for a show that is aimed at a young audience.moreless
  • beast

    oswald is a beast show
  • Love it!!!

    I used to watch this when I was little. Awesome!! It should've last longer. Bring Oswald back!
  • Cute and Educational

    THIS is how you do educational shows. You make a show that entertains the young ones and doesn't receive terrible reviews from raging teenagers! I remember this being my favorite show in my childhood, and I can still see why. The show teaches kids basically how to live a decent life. Oswald demonstrates good social skills with his friends, which teaches kids how to make friends. The animation is cute, and doesn't make your eyes bleed, which is all I expect from a preschool show. I don't know why Nick Jr. threw this show down the crapper, but hot damn, if they have kept it going, I might be still watching it today!moreless
  • Preschool show done right.

    Fun Original. Great Animation. The Show should not have been cancelled its fun and exciting better shows along with Blues Clues, Little Bill aand other great kids shows nick could not keep. The show demonstrates social skills and exciting animation keeps the show going adventureous. Better than Max and Ruby a show that has a negitive impact but keeps getting renewed. At least they got rid of lazytown. The Characters are fun. The Episodes are fun some with adventures. Nick should have kept this show in stead of getting rid of everything in 2004. So at least the nick jr channel shows this daily.moreless

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