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  • Message of Show - Be A Doormat

    I know it's trying to teach things like courtesy and helpfulness, but really Oswald is an extreme doormat. All of his friends take advantage of him and he rarely stands up for himself. When he does, it's usually treated like his getting angry was wrong despite him going to great lengths to help out his friends and them just expecting more. He also rarely asks for help when he's overwhelmed, which is another bad message. Of course, that could just be from experience in dealing with his so called friends.
  • Great Preschool Show

    When I was real little I liked Oswald as much as SpongeBob. It is a very sweet and cute show. The titular character is so mature and polite and I think that it is cute how his weaner dog, Weanie, looks like a hot dog. I also think that preschoolers can learn problem solving skill and be entertained at the same time by watching this show. Overall, Oswald is not bad for a show that is aimed at a young audience.
  • beast

    oswald is a beast show
  • Love it!!!

    I used to watch this when I was little. Awesome!! It should've last longer. Bring Oswald back!
  • Cute and Educational

    THIS is how you do educational shows. You make a show that entertains the young ones and doesn't receive terrible reviews from raging teenagers! I remember this being my favorite show in my childhood, and I can still see why. The show teaches kids basically how to live a decent life. Oswald demonstrates good social skills with his friends, which teaches kids how to make friends. The animation is cute, and doesn't make your eyes bleed, which is all I expect from a preschool show. I don't know why Nick Jr. threw this show down the crapper, but hot damn, if they have kept it going, I might be still watching it today!
  • Preschool show done right.

    Fun Original. Great Animation. The Show should not have been cancelled its fun and exciting better shows along with Blues Clues, Little Bill aand other great kids shows nick could not keep. The show demonstrates social skills and exciting animation keeps the show going adventureous. Better than Max and Ruby a show that has a negitive impact but keeps getting renewed. At least they got rid of lazytown. The Characters are fun. The Episodes are fun some with adventures. Nick should have kept this show in stead of getting rid of everything in 2004. So at least the nick jr channel shows this daily.
  • I loved this show when I was little!

    This show is so awesome! I loved the way they made food look. It made me want some!
  • Quite good

    This was a very good show that taught kids many things.( including morals.) It is a shame that this show got cancelled so quickly, after all this show is far better than Dora the Explorer. It is a show that leaves a good impression on kids which is a great thing! Anyways, this is a great preschool show much better than Dora the Explorer.

    They need to bring this show back it was my two year old son favorite show he cries to watch it every night and its not on anymore please bring Oswald back
  • i love oswald ,why it ended i want a sequel i love all its shows

    i want oswald to come back
    please tell me anyt site where i can watch all the episodes of oswald online
    oswald is a very very good cartoon
    my fav. is pokemon then the second rank goes to oswald
    i am 16 but still i watch oswald when it is coming on pogo tv
    it says tiny toddlers but i don't mind seeing it ,if i am 16 i love the ice-cream
    and i dream that if in real our life,our friends,our currency and our city was like the cartoon 'oswald'
    we could have brought everything with just one coin and no work
  • Great toddler show.

    I saw this show when I was younger and I thought it was a great show. So anyways, this is a show about an octopus named Oswald and his dog named Weenie. Oswald is basically a nice octopus that helps out any of his friends. He has 2 best friends that is a penguin named Henry and a flower named Daisy. There was an episode that Oswald was trying to help his friend Henry because he was sick. So Oswald was nice enough to get him some stuff that he needs like his newspaper. Overall this show is great for toddlers and they learn great things in life.
  • Our family is desperate for Oswald to return. Please bring back the soothing yet entertaining show that my girls have embraced.

    Please Please bring Oswald back. My daughter, who is now 4.5 yrs old just received an oswald book and hasn't seen the cartoon for at least a year or more...She remembers everyone on that show and is begging me to spend some time with Oswald. We love the classical music and the colors and the stories. A show like this is soooo desperately needed in a mix of shows that are loud and fast moving and over stimulating!!! This is a show that I would feel very comfortable letting my 2 year old gaze upon as my 4.5 year old watches it. You can't say that about many shows these days. Please reconsider.
    Sincere Thanks.
    Bridgett Nicksic
  • One of the better toddler cartoons to premiere on Nick jr.

    My 39th review after Catdog.

    To my online friends, This cartoon wasn't Half Bad. It was Mildly Interesting to watch even if it's on Nick jr. They have good scenes in it and they were Passable. It's about some Blue Octopus named Oswald and his Actual Pet hot dog, Weenie ha! ha! This cartoon is Undeniably Funny. Hee! Hee! This should be one of the funniest *beep* on Nick jr. A werid city named Big city, as lots of Actual Things around. I give this cartoon a C. Here's the results:

    Voice-acting: B+ 7.5/10.0 Henry's English voice is ratherway nice, deep and Mature. Animation: C 6.0/10.0 Nice clean and colorful for such a 2-D paper fold and cut out show.

    Graphics: C+ 6.5/10.0 Average. There's some framerate Glitches in it.

    Sound: A-- 8.0/10.0 Jazzy, Big Band and Marching Band music makes it fair.

    Dialouge: B 7.0/10.0 Good enough. Even for a Nick jr show.

    Educational Value: D-- 4.0/10.0 Not really thatt Educational. Just mildly Entertaining for Young children, now and then.

    Lasting Appeal: C++ 6.8/10.0 I really have nothing to say.

    Overall: C 6.2/10.0 This cartoon isn't half bad. it was mildly Ok. I'm still glad that they show it on Noggin, weekdays @ 8:00am. Watch it if you like it! :)
  • Cartoon about simple things. Episodes may be about getting ice cream or the park. For toddlers. Its quirky. The characters have distinct personalities. The penquin is choleric. The flower is sanquine. Oswald is flagmatic. The mommy butterfly is ideal.

    AWSOME!!!! My 18 month old loves it & my 3 yr old niece too. My husband and I love the penguin. He is hysterical. It\'s soo typical that they (Hollywood) quit this show, becuase its good. Its not flashy, but its always good. When Nickolodeon cancelled it, parents brought it back by petitions on the internet. There was an outcry of people to bring it back. I hope they will do more. Clean fun.
  • Oswald is the lovable octopus who has a dog that looks like a hot dog. Name: Weenie. It's just so cute! He lives in a cool town with inhabitants that range from being insects, eggs, penguins (Henry), flowers (Daisy), teddy bears, and snowmen.

    This is one of those shows that I cn't help but say "Awwww!" when the characters try to solve their dilemmas. It's innocent and the characters solve their problems all nice and friendly. Oswald is a perfectly circle-shaped blue octopus with a hat way too small for his head, which manages to stay on his head even though it looks like it could fall off. Weenie is a very smart dog that looks cute enough to hug. Watching this show makes me happy and it is funny, too. It's a nice way of showing how good it could be when everything is innocent and friendly.
  • Oswald is an adorable cartoon I often found myself wondering what my son was thinknig as he watched it.

    Sweet and easy to watch. My son loved this show. Good memories. The stroy lines were simple and so was the animation but I found it incredibly endearing. I\\\\\\\'m very picky with whyat my son warched and I didn\\\\\\\'t min him watching Oswald. Nickelodein has such great programming for children though. There isn\\\\\\\'t one show that I can think of that seemed uninteresting for a child or a waste of time. My son\\\\\\\'s 8 now so I don;t get to indulge with my little one in shows like this but it was great to see him so interested in the story lines and characters.
  • Little kids like the gentleness while adults would like the voice casting.

    Oswald had an all-star lineup of classic tv stars who were either regulars or guests.

    Fred Savage made a great Oswald & loved it when he sang on nearly every episode.

    Larraine Newman was the butterfly waitress.

    David L. Lander went from being Squiggy to the very fussy Henry the Penguin. Oddly enough, in one episode, he has a cousin named Louis that was voiced by Michael McKean (Lenny), so it was a Laverne & Shirley reunion.

    Also, Sammy Starfish was voiced by Tony Orlando. Well tie a yellow ribbon round that old oak tree!
  • Why did they cancel this?

    This show was one of NickJR's bests. Why cancel it? Are they insane? I loved to watch this from beginning to end, but i can't because it's gone. That just makes me so mad, i just wanna say some horrible things. They should take off Dora & put this back on. It is WAY better.
  • This show relaxes me.

    This show is a great show. I like to watch it because it's very relaxing to me. It is gentle, teaches good morals, and is a little odd. Some of the things said on the show are a little unintentionally funny (ex. "There's nothing worse than a dusty spoon..") and strange. Another thing I like about this show is the scenery. The buildings are shaped in unique ways (animals, objects, etc.) and it adds to the surreal atmosphere it creates for me. The theme music for it is very relaxing as well. It sounds like a string quartet or something like that. The show is good for teaching morals to kids, but also a good show for anyone else who wants to watch something calming and nice.
  • Oswald is a sweet, gentle show. Young children get a lesson in morals and values without being hit over the head with the message.

    Both my three year old daughter and I enjoy watching Oswald. The animation is simple but interesting. We watch for unusually shaped buildings and cars (much like you would find in a Richard Scarry book). Because of the variety of characters in Big City diversity and acceptance of differences are big underlying themes of the show. The fact that there is no big announcement of the daily theme is a huge plus. Adults and children alike get tired of being told what they need to learn and how they're going to learn it. Oswald is a quiet, gentle show. Safe for anyone of any age to watch. I find "joecool"'s review to be extremely offensive and I wonder about any adult (without a young child) who is watching children's shows and then feels compelled to review them.