Season 1 Episode 4

Rock and Roll Suicide

Aired Saturday 10:00 PM Feb 16, 1985 on CBS

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  • A show i have been looking for and trying to remember the name of for years.

    I watched this show, otherworld, religiously. this was the fourth or fifth episode, but it was my favorite. I didnt think the writing was the best, and i was 15 so maybe i could have been nerdier than i remember... but this show was fun and funny. otherworld was sometimes tense and you always felt the family was going to get caught and/or killed or sent to prison for vast amounts of time. in this episode, the kids enter a talent contest at school because they realize noone has heard rock and roll, and they could sing songs for years and never have to write, just remember old hits. they do a beatles cover and win the contest and get signed on with an agent.... oops some bad cop plays their music backwards and finds hidden messages.... yep, theyre in trouble again. i really enjoyed this show, and this episode.