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  • Season 1
    • Brilliant Finale
      Episode 13
      With Byakuroku leading the way, Lieutenants Agemaki, Yoshinokazura, and Hanakiri and the half-spirits Susukihotaru, Bonbori, and Hozuki arrive Will the unconscious Zakuro remain in Omodaka's hands... The time of reckoning is at hand... A brilliant final episode to provide stirring and emotional closure!
    • Looming Crisis
      Episode 12
    • Hollow Touch
      Episode 11
    • Creeping Shadows
      Episode 10
      The members of Spirit Affairs make their way to a festival at the nearby shrine. Zakuro and the other girls are very excited in their yukata. The group first pays their respects to the guardian lions of the shrine, Lords A and Um, before enjoying the rest of the festival. They even try out the large maze that has been erected for the festival. The group breaks up into teams in a race to reach the exit, but Zakuro is captured by someone upon getting separated from Agemaki.moreless
    • Joy of Love
      Episode 9
    • Fickle Rain
      Episode 8
    • A Feline Home
      Episode 7
      It was another relaxed afternoon at Spirit Affairs when a young woman suddenly appeared and threw herself on Agemaki with a cry of "Young master!" The woman, Tae, was a servant of the Agemaki family who had been sent by the master of the Agemaki household, Kei's father, to Spirit Affairs. Agemaki reluctantly agrees to go home, but strangely enough, he begs Zakuro to come with him. Zakuro gave him an earful but agreed to join him.moreless
    • Onward Together
      Episode 6
    • Sticky Trap
      Episode 5
      Soldiers are allegedly being targeted by a spirit at parties and balls for government officials. Apparently, they're lured away by a woman who suddenly transforms into a giant spider. The Spirit Affairs team is in charge of security for tonight's military gala, per Lt. Hanadate Takatoshi's request. Zakuro and the others must dress in western clothing to disguise themselves as ordinary guests?moreless
    • Timid Distance
      Episode 4
      Spirit Affairs receives a request to investigate a suspicious piece of merchandise. Susukihotaru, Riken, Bonbori, Hozuki, and Ganryu head to the antique shop "Ori's" where the item is. The woman who owns Ori's, Orikata Aya, runs the place with the little spirit Mugi. The group is surprised to find spirit and human happily living together. Meanwhile, the suspicious item turns out to be a blade with an ominous aura.moreless
    • Tragic Past
      Episode 3
      A village mayor suggests they should hold a discussion regarding the occurrence of many young girls in the village being spirited away recently. Hearing this, Zakuro immediately becomes solemn and says to Kushimatsu that she'll take the job.
    • 10/18/10
      The Ministry of Spirit Affairs is up and running as human, half-spirit, and spirit begin an awkward life together. Zakuro is growing annoyed with the intrusion of Jesuit customs and the spirit-phobic soldier, Agemaki Kei, into her life. That is when they are tasked with conducting an inquiry into a spirit that's terrorizing the construction site of a western-style place of lodging known as a hotel. So Zakuro's motley crew of seven make their way to the hotel??moreless
    • 10/11/10
      In this alternate history, the "Ministry of Spirit Affairs" was established by human and spirit representatives to deal with incidents involving spirits. Army lieutenants Agemaki Kei, Yoshinokazura Riken, and Hanakiri Ganryu have been assigned to Spirit Affairs. However, once they're introduced to their new associates, they discover that these half-spirits, with the exception of having ears on their heads, look like completely normal girls.moreless