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  • What were they thinking.

    'O.T.T.' ( 'Over The Top' ) was an unsuccessful attempt to do an 'adult' version of 'Tiswas'. When I say 'adult' I really mean 'juvenile'. Although a children's programme, 'Tiswas' managed to be more sophisticated than 'O.T.T.' which consisted basically of endless 'tit 'n bum' jokes, like 'Benny Hill' only more explicit. The novelty of seeing children's presenters showing their bottoms and using bad language wore off quickly, leaving the show nowhere to go. Alexei Sayle was in the early episodes, but had the good sense to get out quickly. The only really funny moments came from Bob Godfrey's animations. Chris Tarrant produced as well as starred, which means he has no-one to blame except himself. Sally James was wise to stay clear of this stinker. The only people to get any fun out of this show were drunks just home from the pub. Central wisely scrapped 'O.T.T.' after one season. Nowadays the bad publicity would be enough to keep it on air for years.
  • this is a good show

    ott is a good show. i think it is funny and the sketches are good and it is funny when the guy is talking in the sketches. but even tho ott is a good show but spongebob is better and there are also better shows like the simpsons and family guy but ott was still good. once i saw this guy who liked ott and he had an ott shirt and i also had the same shirt bcuz we like ott so much. even doh ott is a good show i think it is not the best but still really good.