Our Hero

CBC (ended 2002)




Episode Guide

  • Season 2
    • The Brown Issue
      The Brown Issue
      Episode 13
      With no way out of her deal with Malachi, Kale reexamines and reflects on her life and surroundings. Meanwhile, her friends each encounter something that could stand in the way of an ideal summer vacation.
    • The D.I.Y. Issue
      The D.I.Y. Issue
      Episode 12
      The end of school is drawing near, and the whole gang is planning to work on fixing up the cottage that Ross' grandparents had recently purchased so they could stay there for the summer. Their plans are brought to a screeching halt when Mr. & Mrs. Korolus reject the idea. Besides worrying with her friends about not being able to have a great summer vacation, Kale struggles to keep her family from tearing apart due to the lawsuit as pressure from the side of the secretary increases.moreless
    • The Secrets Issue
      The Secrets Issue
      Episode 11
      Ross and Kale who are both interested in Rollins set out to investigate whether he is straight or gay. Meanwhile, a very excited Ethan sells a joke that will air in the opening monologue of "The Mike Bullard Show." In the midst of all that is going on, Mila isn't feeling well. So Joey is the one who gets to prepare dinner, and he has something terrifying in mind. The Stiglic kids are going to once again have a taste of Dad's dreaded chili.moreless
    • The Karma Issue
      The Karma Issue
      Episode 10
      The strain in their relationship becomes more apparent when Kale lets Malachi work with her on the zine. Meanwhile, Joey tells an inappropriate joke at his job, which has major repercussions for the entire Stiglic family.
    • The There's Probably A Word For This In Japanese Issue
      Through the help of her new friend Rollins, Kale attempts to confront her burdening fears and anxiety that has been amassing itself since she was little by teaching special needs kids to swim. In order to meet his banker idol, Ross offers to teach Malachi about proper business dinner etiquette.
    • The Birthday Issue
      In an effort to discover how she ended up in an uncompromising situation, Kale attempts to piece together events surrounding her 18th birthday by recounting the entire story to a kind animal rescue technician.
    • The No Regrets Issue
      When Kale begins noticing that her father is being more lenient on rules with Ethan who seems to be taking full advantage of the entire situation, she senses something is off and fishy about this whole scenario. With the help of Ross, she seeks to find out what Ethan is holding over Joey. Meanwhile, Mary-E and Dalal are freaking out over the fact that Mila has convinced their parents to volunteer to help out with the school auction. They both believe that the differences in personalities and certain beliefs will cause their parents to clash with each other, which will lead to trouble for their relationship.moreless
    • The Winnie Crundel Issue
      Wondering whether she is truly happy in her relationship and desiring the strong passionate bond that Dalal and Mary-E have in theirs, Kale contemplates whether she should take the next step and sleep with Malachi.
    • The Psycho Issue
      The Psycho Issue
      Episode 5
      Kale heads to Bill's house to find out whether he was doing drugs while he was sleeping with her because she needs this information to donate blood with Malachi. At his home, she meets the new girlfriend, Kayla. Fearing that Bill will treat this girlfriend the same way that he treated her, Kale becomes obsessed and consumed with tearing the two apart. Meanwhile, Ethan decides to use Kale's basement to hold his own comedy workshop to teach aspiring comedians.moreless
    • The Crabby Issue
      The Crabby Issue
      Episode 4
      Longing to have more excitement in her life and feel like she is making a difference, Kale joins Malachi and his activist friends in building a park in the middle of an intersection to protest the lack of green space. Meanwhile, happy go lucky Mary-E is feeling down due to a cranky clerk at her favorite store refusing to smile and be nice. In order to counter this and brighten the day of many people, Mary-E gets permission from Ms. Terzik-Sykes to have a niceness day at school. Dalal and Ross race against time to put a stop to it as the two believe that Mary-E's feelings will end up being hurt if this event backfires.moreless
    • The Porn Issue
      The Porn Issue
      Episode 3
      Kale is suspended by Ms. Terzik-Sykes after she is wrongly accused of bringing porn to school. Things go from bad to worse when Joey decides to protest his daughter's suspension at a parent-teacher meeting where he plans to discuss her right to free speech with the help of visual aids. Meanwhile, Ross is feeling more like a third wheel as Mary-E and Dalal become closer, and Mr. Minetta begins handing out detention slips to students he finds guilty of public displays of affection.moreless
    • The Trapped Issue
      Bill is once again intruding in different parts of Kale's life, so she attempts to be free of him by departing Toronto for the weekend with her friends. Everything seems to be in order for this mini-vacation as they have finally acquired a car, but there is one problem. An activist/zine writer named Malachi has handcuffed himself to Kale's car to protest air pollution.moreless
    • The Comeback Issue
      A still grieving Kale is continuing to live in her memories, which causes her to seclude from the rest of the world even more. In order to help Kale move on with her life, Mary-E attempts to convince her friend to attend a zine show. There Kale has the shock of her life when she is visited by an old friend. Meanwhile, Ross becomes a nervous wreck when he comes into contact with his long time crush, George Lagogianes who is covering the zine show.moreless
  • Season 1