Our Hero

Season 2 Episode 10

The Karma Issue

Aired Unknown Jan 11, 2002 on CBC

Episode Recap

By spending all her free time devoted to Malachi's interests and endeavors, Kale has shoved her own life to the background and fallen behind on her zines. Her readers send her letters to alert her to this fact. So Kale with the help of Mary E. attempts to return the focus to her life and interests. But Malachi feeling left out asks Kale to help her catch up on creating the latest issues of her zines. Though, uncertain and reluctant about his request, she relents and lets Malachi work with her. He brings in his activists friends to help out with producing the zines. Kale's zine vision begins to fade away and become distorted as Malachi and his friends begin to impose and implement their ideas to alter her zine without her knowledge. She finds out what is happening when Kale's regular readers start bombarding her with complaints in the mail. To Kale, creating the zines provided an outlet to express her inner and outermost thoughts/views on her life and the world. Now that outlet has been restricted to her and she feels suffocated.

A frustrated Kale finally blows up in anger when she returns to her home to find Malachi and his friends in all of her stuff and on her computer. She tells Malachi that their relationship has never been on equal terms where there is freedom and space. Letting Malachi know that he is clingy, controlling, and stubborn. That he won't let her be who she wants to be. He wants her to conform to his ideas and image. Kale tells him that it is over. With the help of Mary E., Kale again attempts to return to her zines and living her life freely the way she wants to. But, Malachi can't seem to let go. He begins leaving Kale messages on her answering machine and when she doesn't respond, Malachi's messages begin to spiral into the angry and obsessive territory.

Later Ross comes over to Kale house to hang out, he finds the calls from Malachi are continuing and that his friend is stuck creatively and in her life. As they sit together and talk downstairs, Malachi's calls/messages spark between Ross and Kale an idea on how she can cleanse her soul of the now defunct relationship. The idea is that Kale should deconstruct the messages and examine them because they will tell a story. Then she should piece it together to vent her view on the whole situation in her next zine issue.

When Malachi finds out, he confronts his ex about it. He tells her that what they had was private and her actions will be malicious and one-sided. Kale tells him that this is not intended to hurt him or anyone else, that her zine is her way of coping and sorting things out in her life. She tells him that if he would like to write his own version of the story, then he is free to do so because she can't stop him. This applies to her also, that he will not stand in her way. Malachi makes his final plea to Kale to not print this zine issue, but also in the process, he insults her zine which to Kale is basically insulting her. This gives confirmation to Kale that she should to go through with her original plan. After the printing and issuing of the zine is done, Malachi again confronts Kale. Telling her that he will not stoop down to her level, but warns her of karmic return. The bad karma, which surrounds her zine actions, will come back later to haunt her.

At home, Kale finds her mother, Mila who had quit smoking brooding and puffing away on a cigarette. Seeking advice, Kale asks her mom if she believes in "karmic return?" Mila responds by sarcastically saying no to Kale by revealing that her dad, Joey told an inappropriate sexist joke at the office and then goofs on his female secretary in his column for not understanding. Which results in him being suspended from work and the secretary filing a lawsuit against him that the Stiglic family can't afford. As Mila leaves to head out to the patio, a worried and depressed Kale is left in the dark kitchen sulking and pondering the meaning of karma and its influence.
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