Our Miss Brooks - Season 2

CBS (ended 1956)




Episode Guide

  • Just Remember the Red River Valley
    To get jobs with the "Deacon Jones Hillbilly Troupe," Connie and her Madison High friends put on a hillbilly act for Mr. Jones when he arrives in town. Only trouble is, he turns out to be the wrong Jones--the one from the board of education.
  • The Bicycle Thief
    The Bicycle Thief
    Episode 30
    One of Miss Brooks' students is suspected of stealing Mr. Conklin's beloved bicycle. Connie becomes involved in keeping the student from being caught.
  • The Hawkins Travel Agency
    Miss Brooks and Misters Conklin, Boynton and Stone can each get a cheap vacation through the Hawkins Travel Agency if they can convince three others to come along. None realize the others have the same agency deal, so all four are trying to pitch the others on a vacation. Unfortunately, each person has their heart set on a different destination.moreless
  • Old Age Plan
    Old Age Plan
    Episode 28
    The power of suggestion turns Boynton and Conklin into shambling wrecks with one foot in the grave. Miss Brooks is trying to sell an old age savings plan to the guys and, after reading the signs of old age to them, they come down with all the symptoms. Connie tries to snap them out of it by being the sickest of the sick.moreless
  • The Bakery
    The Bakery
    Episode 27
    Miss Brooks hears that a woman from Mr. Boynton's past is back in town and her curiousity is piqued. All she knows is that the woman is somehow connected to a bakery.
  • The Egg
    The Egg
    Episode 26
    Mr. Conklin is obsessed with taking a series of photos of an egg hatching for a photography contest. What he doesn't know is that Walter has substituted the egg with a rock so Conklin's flash bulbs won't traumatize the little chick.
  • Second Hand-First Aid
    Miss Brooks is unqualified to teach first aid, as she proves on Mr. Conklin and Miss Enright using bandages and splints.
  • The English Test
    The English Test
    Episode 24
    Mr. Conklin orders Miss Brooks to help students after school.
  • A Dry Scalp Is Better Than None
    Hypochondriac Angela, upset because her medical tests found nothing wrong, drums up sympathy by announcing she has just one month to live. She says her only wish is to have one more Christmas, so Miss Brooks, Conklin and Boynton have one for her.
  • The Parlor Game
    The Parlor Game
    Episode 22
    Principal Conklin is unhappy when Walter Denton takes a romantic interest in his daughter.
  • Hello Mister Chips
    Hello Mister Chips
    Episode 21
    After hearing Mr. Boynton say he'll marry when he's too old to enjoy anything else, Miss Brooks schemes with Angela to make him feel ancient. In the meantime, Connie accompanies very handsome British education expert Hetherington Philpot around the school and on a date.
  • Wild Goose Chase
    Wild Goose Chase
    Episode 20
    Walter plays an early April Fool's Day trick on Mr. Conklin. Pretending to be a radio quiz host, he tells "Marblehead" to come by the department store and pick up the TV he's won. Of course, the store knows nothing about it, but that doesn't keep Conklin from getting a new television.moreless
  • The Hobo Jungle
    The Hobo Jungle
    Episode 19
    Honor student Harvey Brent lives with his widowed dad and two other "fathers" on an empty lot. To keep him from being taken away from his family, Miss Brooks makes Conklin think he lives across the street. Meanwhile, her old and new-found friends throw Connie a surprise party for either her birthday or anniversary; they're not sure which.moreless
  • Brooks' New Car
    Brooks' New Car
    Episode 18
    Connie backs her new used vehicle into Mr. Conklin's car, pushing it down a hill and into a fruit stand. With Miss Brooks scrambling to come up with money to cover the repairs, Conklin decides to trade his wreck in for another vehicle at the garage: the one that belongs to Miss Brooks.moreless
  • The Jockey
    The Jockey
    Episode 17
    Miss Brooks helps Mr. Boynton hide a jockey and his horse from gangsters who are owed money. When Billy Bunker shows up at school, the pair try to pass him off as a student. Since Mr. Conklin knows every student who ever went to Madison High, they make "Old Marblehead" think that he's loosing his memory.moreless
  • Bobsey Twin In Stir
    Bobsey Twin In Stir
    Episode 16
    Mrs. Davis lands in the hoosegow for unwittingly selling phony tickets to the Policeman's Ball. Not knowing the tickets are "hot", Miss Brooks and friends help out and sell them around the school, including Mr. Coklin who wants to win a charity award.
  • Do It Your Self!
    Do It Your Self!
    Episode 15
    After Walter greatly exaggerates Miss Brooks' carpentry skills, Connie is put in charge of rebuilding the garage Mr. Conklin's electrical skills exploded. With the help of Mr. Boynton, Walter, and the shop class, the rickety building is completed.
  • Postage Due
    Postage Due
    Episode 14
    Miss Brooks receives a letter with postage due and plans to pay dear old Mr. Bagley, the mailman, the 20 cents she owes. Upon learning he abruptly quit his job and left no forwarding address, she's convinced he's met with foul play. Trench-coated detectives Brooks, Conklin and Boynton investigate the case.moreless
  • Hospital Capers
    Hospital Capers
    Episode 13
    Miss Brooks forgets to mail a letter for Mr. Conklin, resulting in his insurance not being paid. Mr. Boynton is injured on property owned by Conklin and ends up in the hospital. The threat of a lawsuit from Boynton's ambulance-chasing lawyer has Conklin worked into a panic.
  • The Magic Tree
    The Magic Tree
    Episode 12
    Connie Brooks is resigned to spending a quiet Christmas Even with Mrs. Davis' cat Minerva. After buying a "magic" Christmas tree from a slick young salesman, she dozes off and dreams that all her friends drop by for a surprise visit. When she awakens, the events of the dream begins to happen for real.moreless
  • Oh, Dem Golden Slippers
    Planning to attend the school's masquerade ball, Miss Brooks heads to the shoe store to purchase slippers for the event. The shoe salesman insists on a pair of golden slippers in her size. She begins to feel like a real Cinderella when a fabulous ball gown and flowers are delivered to her from a secret admirer.moreless
  • Swap Week
    Swap Week
    Episode 10
    New student Larry Clayton introduces the idea bartering to Madison High with students and teachers swapping their useless junk for the junk of another. An important educators meeting has Mr. Boynton and "Old Marblehead" trading like mad for majority ownership of Walter Denton's old car.
  • Vitamin E-4
    Vitamin E-4
    Episode 9
    Unbeknownst to each other, Miss Brooks and Mr. Boynton each have accepted a lucrative job with a supposedly eminent physicist making his new vitamin. Since they signed agreements promising not to quit mid-semester, they set out to force Mr. Conklin to fire them. Their shenanigans push Conklin into a tizzy.
  • Thanksgiving Show
    Thanksgiving Show
    Episode 8
    With Mrs. Davis only cooking a tiny squab for Thanksgiving, Miss Brooks goes in search of a dinner invitation. Her friends and co-workers all misunderstand and show up at her house expecting a huge meal.
  • Phone Book Follies
    Phone Book Follies
    Episode 7
    Conklin blames Miss Brooks for swiping his phone book. Connie thinks Conklin absconded with hers.
  • Trial By Jury
    Trial By Jury
    Episode 6
    Miss Brooks has a little secret: she got a traffic ticket during Conklin's safe driving campaign.
  • The Little Visitor
    The Little Visitor
    Episode 5
    Connie assumes the Conklins are expecting when she hears about the impending arrival of a "little visitor". Connie and Mr. Boynton jeopardize Mr. Conklin's promotion with their talk of a baby he claims he knows nothing about.
  • Faculty Band
    Faculty Band
    Episode 4
    Connie's only reason for joining the faculty band is its conductor: Mr. Boynton.
  • Spare The Rod
    Spare The Rod
    Episode 3
    Mr. Conklin finds a letter from the school board to the previous principal chastising him for his tyrannical rule. Fearing trouble for himself, he institutes a "spare the rod" policy that fails miserably.
  • Bones, Son of Cyrano
    The anonymous love poems Harriet is receiving upsets Walter. He turns to Mr. Boynton who writes out his favorite quote from Cyrano de Bergerac. Before the day is done, the poem has fallen into the hands of practically everyone, each thinking someone has secretly sent it to them.
  • Clay City Chaperone
    After battling it out with Miss Enright, Connie wins the honor of chaperoning the football team to a game in nearby Clay City. Mostly, she just wants to spend the weekend with Mr. Boynton. Principal Conklin issues several memos spelling out what everyone needs to be and when they should be doing it. Chaos follows when Miss Brooks fails to read one of them.moreless