Our Miss Brooks - Season 4

CBS (ended 1956)




Episode Guide

  • Travel Crazy
    Travel Crazy
    Episode 31

    Mr. Boynton and Miss Brooks are unhappy about their travel budgets, so they decide to pool their money with others, so that one of them may win their dream vacation.

  • Principal For A Day
    Principal For A Day
    Episode 30

    Mr. Conklin gives Miss Brooks a chance to be "principal for a day."

  • The 350,000 Question
    A question submitted by Miss Brooks is used on The $350,000 Question quiz show and stumps the contestant. Connie wins a huge batch of prizes, which Conklin, Munsey, and Boynton promptly lay claim to as her "helper." If only they'd watched til the end of the show, they'd know they were demanding their share of a year's supply of pigs knuckles.moreless
  • Geraldine
    Episode 28
    Miss Brooks campaigns to save a milk-wagon horse named Geraldine.
  • 24 Hours
    24 Hours
    Episode 27
    With Spring in the air and lovey-dovey couples all around, Mr. Boynton makes a bet with Miss Brooks. He promises to drop his aversion to marriage if they can go 24 hours without encountering any feuding couples. Connie makes sure the deck is stacked in her favor.
  • Top Hat
    Top Hat
    Episode 26
    Miss Brooks participates in a proxy wedding.
  • Connie & Frankie
    Connie & Frankie
    Episode 25
    Miss Brooks is delighted when her former sweetie Mr. Boynton joins the faculty at Mrs. Nestor's school. She's less than happy when she meets his "friend" the athletic director; she's blonde and beautiful.
  • Benny Gets A Mother
    Benny Gets A Mother
    Episode 24
    One of Miss Brooks' students tries to fix her up with his widowed father.
  • Library Quiz
    Library Quiz
    Episode 23
    Miss Brooks and Mr. Conklin show their knowledge of history and english when they compete against two young children in a school quiz.
  • Raffle Ticket
    Raffle Ticket
    Episode 22
    Miss Brooks has trouble collecting on a $1000 raffle ticket.
  • The Great Land Purchase
    Mr. Conklin unloads a broken-down house on Mrs. Davis. It isn't long before he regrets it once Connie learns what he's done.
  • White Lies
    White Lies
    Episode 20
    Fearing that she hasn't aged well, Mrs. Davis convinces Connie to masquerade as her when a boyfriend of 35 years earlier returns to court her.
  • Mr. Boynton's Return
    A handsome gym-instructor complicates matters between Miss Brooks and Mr. Boynton.
  • Acting Director
    Acting Director
    Episode 18
    A casting director from Warner Brothers who's looking for talent comes to film at the school. The faculty members, including Mr. Conklin, trip over each other to be discovered. Miss Brooks seems a shoe-in for the role of Lady Godiva.
  • Mrs. Nestor's Boyfriend
    Mrs. Nestor has forbidden faculty members and students from fraternizing with members of the the opposite sex. She's even imposed a fine on those she catches. Figuring she'd drop her edit if she wasn't lonely, Connie proceeds to fix up Mrs. Nestor with the old coot Mrs. Davis is trying to dump.moreless
  • Twins At School
    Twins At School
    Episode 16
    Miss Brooks brings back her imaginary twin sister, Bonnie, to circumvent a school policy. Before she knows it, her "sister" is about to be offered a teaching position.
  • Reunion
    Episode 15

    Miss Brooks is envious of her two old friends from the WACs; they're both married. They convince her that to meet a man. she needs a job where she meets the public. To keep her from leaving teaching, Conklin, Munsey, and Talbot scheme to make the married friends envious of single Connie by posing as her extremely romantic suitors.

  • Amalgamation
    Episode 14
    Mrs. Nestor has cut a deal to share Connie and Conklin with Mrs. Pryor's school for child actors. The two discover Mrs. Pryor believes in a "progressive" environment where the kids can express themselves freely. In other words, they're little monsters running amok. To break the contract, the teachers invite Mrs. Pryor to one of their thrice-weekly "progressive" faculty meetings where the instructors express themselves...by acting like rotten kids.moreless
  • The Skeleton In The Closet
    A blackmailer is threatening to tell Conklin about an event from Connie's past if she doesn't pay up. She fears she'll lose her job until the school's publicity agent digs up a piece of dirt on Coklin. The unconscious bodies pile up while mystery buff Mrs. Davis tries to learn the secret Connie's hiding from her.moreless
  • The New Gym Instructor
    Gene Barry joins the cast as Mr. Talbot, the new gym instructor. Almost immediately, he's taken with Connie.
  • Music Box Revue
    Music Box Revue
    Episode 11
    Connie buys mysterious music boxes that are said to play only for people who properly in the Christmas spirit. Others can her the music but Miss Brooks can not. Also, Mrs. Nestor's school produces A Christmas Carol.
  • Connie And Bonnie
    Connie And Bonnie
    Episode 10
    Miss Brooks is in a gambling joint when it's raided, giving Conklin just the excuse he needs to fire her. To save her job, she invents a twin sister and pretends to be the fictional woman.
  • Mad Man Munsey
    Mad Man Munsey
    Episode 9
    After Mr. Conklin installs an intercom system throughout the school, Connie and Mr. Munsey stage a special conversation just for Conklin's ears.
  • The King And Miss Brooks
    After a young boy becomes enamored with Miss Brooks, his father, a rich maharajah, tries to persuade her to return to India with them. Connie has a dream, shades of The King and I, with Munsey as the royal physician, Conklin as the harem guard, Mrs. "Swivel Hips" Davis as an exotic dancer, and Desi Arnaz as himself.moreless
  • Protest Meeting
    Protest Meeting
    Episode 7
    A set of ridiculous new rules and duties posted by Mr. Conklin has the faculty in a tizzy. Miss Brooks calls an emergency meeting during lunch at her house, but the bus carrying the teachers gets lost. When Mrs. Nestor, who can't see without her glasses, calls a sudden faculty meeting Connie and Mr. Munsey fill the meeting room with mannequins from the theater department.moreless
  • Have Bed, Will Travel
    Connie hates that Mrs. Davis lives alone, so schemes to get her to move in with Angela and herself. She tells Mrs. Davis that her sister is ill and needs her care. An error at the doctor's office has Connie thinking that Mrs. Davis truly is in awful health. Connie now has to deal with a sick old lady who won't act sick, and a well one who's faking being at death's door.moreless
  • Big Ears
    Big Ears
    Episode 5
    Angela's card reading predicts trouble for Miss Brooks involving "big ears"--rabbits to be exact. Mrs. Nestor wants all the long-eared creatures out of her school and instructs the faculty to collect them to be carried to a pet shop. The number of rabbits seems to be increasing and decreasing constantly as each teacher moves the cages to different places around the school.moreless
  • Burnt Picnic Basket
    Mr. Conklin wrestles control of the school's annual picnic from a sore Mr. Munsey. Miss Brooks, sentenced to sandwich-making, doesn't realize the door labeled "cold storage" is actually the incinerator and destroys all but one of the baskets of food. Through some sleight of hand, Munsey and Brooks pass off the one basket as six to an unsuspecting Conklin.moreless
  • Who's Who?
    Who's Who?
    Episode 3
    Now at Mrs. Nestor's school, Connie makes friends with student Benny Romero who held a grudge against her for replacing his favorite teacher. Forced to move closer to work because of school rules (and her tardiness), Miss Brooks sadly leaves Mrs. Davis to board with her sister, Angela. Mr. Conklin shows himself to be the same thorn in Connie's side that he was at Madison High.moreless
  • Transition Show
    Transition Show
    Episode 2
    With Madison High about be be razed for a freeway, Miss Brooks is hired by a private school. Not realizing Conklin's will be the new principal at the same school, Connie tells him what a pompous windbag he is. She also has words with a woman she literally runs into in the hallway, unaware that she's Mrs. Nestor, her new boss.moreless
  • The Blind Date
    The Blind Date
    Episode 1
    After another feud between Miss Brooks and Mr. Boynton, Walter and Harriet arrange "blind dates" for the two. Things get crazier with Conklin and an old flame added to the situation.