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  • Season 1
    • Prudhoe Bay or Bust!
      Prudhoe Bay or Bust!
      Episode 04.20.09
      The proposed Alaskan oil pipeline and its probable effects on the teeming life of the frozen tundra are the subjects of this segment.
    • The Water is so Clear that a Blind Man Could See
      The title refers to Blue Lake near Taos, New Mexico, where Taos Indians recently won a long battle to have their sacred land returned to them by the U. S. This program, telecast just days before Congress acted to restore the land to the Indians, examines the relationship of the Taos people to their land, and the way in which sound ecology is bound up in Indian religion.moreless
    • The Chain of Life
      The Chain of Life
      Episode 11.28.70
      Is the public outcry against environmental abuses bringing any results? The final program in this series tries to answer this question with a look at some new trends toward more intelligent use of natural resources.
    • Santa Barbara: Everybody's Mistake
      This program examines the controversial off-shore oil leak near Santa Barbara and demonstrates how the blame belongs not only to the oil companies, but to government, scientific, and civic parties as well.
    • Will the Gater Glades Survive?
      A visit to the Florida Everglades reveals how that famed wildlife region is now threatened with destruction because of man's tampering with the natural water system.
    • Slow Death of the Desert Water
      This episode is an exploration of Anaho Island in Pyramid Lake, Nevada, where man's interference with nature has had disastrous effects on pelicans, trout, and a rare primitive desert fish known as cui-cui.
    • The Prairie Killers
      The Prairie Killers
      Episode 10.17.70
      Focus is on the ranchers of the Great Plains who continue their systematic destruction of wildlife though such killing is considered by ecologists to be no longer necessary for the protection of livestock.
    • Of Broccoli and Pelicans and Celery and Seals
      The first program in this series illustrates the tragic effects that can result when pesticides creep into nature's food chains. It concerns specifically the demise of a major brown pelican flock and the unnatural behavior of seals on islands off the cost of California near Santa Barbara.