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  • Entertaining and informative combination of history, commentary, and pop culture.

    I had forgotten about this series since it didn't last long against "Cosby Show" and "Family Ties." It might have found success today since it must have been cheap to produce. Each episode focused on a specific month or season and reviewed major news events, with interviews with people who were there, and hit songs of the time in the background. I wouldn't say it was particularly profound, but it was an interesting concept that was executed well. I really enjoyed Linda Ellerbee and Ray Gandolf as the hosts. Some of the episodes were especially good. I really enjoyed October 1962, summer of 1973, and "Liberation Summer" of '44. I was in college at the time and recorded most of the episodes, but they've been lost over the years unfortunately. I never did get to see the first episode--summer of '69.
  • By far one of the greatest TV shows. I never missed an episode. So sad that the show did not make it into it\'s 2nd. season. [Our Lost] Histoy is so interesting and so much can be learned from it. However as it has been said [NOTHING GOOD EVER LASTED]

    Why oh, why would people not find the show intertaing. As a great nation we must learn of our mistakes from the pass. I know not all people enjoy history, however so much has been learned and if we hope to be a better people here on God\'s great earth, then the pass is as inportant as the furture.I only hope that ABC News will someday make the episodes avavilbe on DVD. Prehaps someday , when we are all departed, someone will discover just how inportant this show really was, and is. Again, thanks ABC for this entertaining show and what it has left behind.
  • Our World was doomed to fail, just another sacrificial lamb that ABC through at The Cosby Show. But this show deserved better.

    Our World was a great use of an hour of television, an hour that otherwise would have been wasted. Forced to come up with something to run against the number one show on television (The Cosby Show) ABC chose this cheap to produce documentary series. A teenager at the time, I was enough of a history nut (and geek) to fall in love with it. The show made use of lots of stock footage & low budget interviews with those who lived through the time period being covered. Looking back, it's fortunate the show aired when it did because so many of those featured are no longer with us. Gandolf & Ellerbee may have been an odd couple on paper but I thought they made a good pair. The two of them, and the show, deserved a better fate. Certainly it was one of the classiest shows on TV at the time.