Ouran High School Host Club

Season 1 Episode 16

Haruhi and Hikaru's First Date Battle Plan

Aired Unknown Jul 18, 2006 on Nippon Television Network Corporation
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Haruhi's middle school friend Arai reminisces with Haruhi and the Host Club. Hikaru becomes unexplainably angry with the visitor and ends up insulting him. As an apology, Kaoru asks Haruhi out for the next day. Pretending to be sick, he sends Hikaru in his place. Kaoru reveals that his brother is still very immature and unable to express himself well to others, even those he may care about. Can a sudden rainstorm help Hikaru to grow-up?moreless

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  • Omg love it

    I freaking love this episode
  • After insulting Haruhi's friend, Hikaru goes out on a date with her as an apology.

    This was another pefect episode. When Arai and Haruhi start reminicsing about their past, Hikaru gets really jealous and says something hurtful. Haruhi slaps him and he runs to his and Kaoru's room. After that occurs, Kaoru asks Haruhi on a date to apologize for that incident. The next day, Kaoru fakes being sick and sends Hikaru out to replace him. Of course the Host Club follow them. So at first they're are having a really good time, until they run into Arai again. Shortly after that Hikaru gets mad again and runs off leaving Haruhi to her own. When he calls Tamaki to pick him up, Tamaki yells at him for being selfish. When Hikaru realizes his mistake he comes and finds Haruhi, and rescues her. The next morning, everyone is happy again and Hikaru sorta has matured. I thought this was a wonderufl episode because it featured the twins as the main characters.moreless
  • When an old friend of Haruhi visits, someone becomes jealous and it's Hikaru. Kaoru apologizes to Haruhi on Hikaru's behalf and asks her out. When Haruhi comes the next day she finds Hikaru instead. A very great episode for HikaruxHaruhi lovers.moreless

    Because of this episode I became a HikaruxHaruhi lover 100% I love it when the "hot-tempered" guy gets together with the good girl. It makes the guy show his soft side for the girl. Hikaru is perfect for Haruhi to me. The date didn't have the best start with Hikaru's rotten attitude, but it got better. I was yelling to Hikaru saying "Why didn't you remember about Haruhi and thunderstorms?!" But then I remembered the only one who knew was Tamaki. This episode will make HaruhixHikaru lovers very happy. You people should watch it even if you don't like the couple.moreless
  • When Kaoru fakes being sick, he forces Hikaru to take Haruhi on a date. Snapping at Haruhi's old friend earlier, we see him grow through-oout this episode. Very moving in my eyes.moreless

    OK So I might be a bit of a emotional wreak at any sight of caring for other people deeply in anime but I really think that this episode is a turning point for Hikaru and his relationship with those around him, especially Haruhi. When an old friend of Haruhi meets up with her, Hikaru gets upset by this for his hatred for the past. Kaoru then asks out Haruhi, fakes a sickie and makes Hikaru go. The ending of this episode was very touching for me and another great episode to a sgreat series.moreless
  • Hikaru ends up going out on a date with Haruhi. While on their date, the host club secretly tag along to keep an eye on them. After a while, the Host Club leaves and Tamaki notices a storm coming. Hikaru and Haruhi hide from the storm.moreless

    I love this episode! Haruhi and Hikaru and so cute and it's just great that the two of them get to have alone time. Though, it is funny when the rest of the club interfere, mainly Tamaki. This has to be my favourite episode of the whole series. I dunno why. I love the drama and the story of it. And I love how Hikaru just goes back to look for Haruhi to "save" her and apologize. Yay Hikaru! This episode was so cute and very entertaining. When Honey pretends to be the ice cream man with his cart and Mori had to get him back, so cute! This is a great episode and I hope everyone else likes it just as much as I do!moreless
Ayaka Saito

Ayaka Saito

Mitsukuni Haninozuka (Honey)

Daisuke Kirii

Daisuke Kirii

Takashi Morinozuka (Mori)

Kenichi Suzumura

Kenichi Suzumura

Hikaru Hitachiin

Maaya Sakamoto

Maaya Sakamoto

Haruhi Fujioka

Mamoru Miyano

Mamoru Miyano

Tamaki Suou

Masaya Matsukaze

Masaya Matsukaze

Kyouya Ootori



Isao 'Misuzu' Sonoda

Guest Star

Ryoko Ono

Ryoko Ono

Maid A

Guest Star

Kazuki Taketani

Kazuki Taketani


Guest Star

Tomomi Watanabe (II)

Tomomi Watanabe (II)

Maid B

Recurring Role

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    • Kyouya: About yesterday's date battle plan... Did you not consider the posibility feelings of love that could develop from this?

      Kaoru: It's still too early for that. Hikaru's an idiot.

      Kyouya: Well, our club is full of idiots.

    • (Tamaki invites Kaoru and Hikaru to join them with Arai) Hikaru: I'm not interested in hearing them. Heck, isn't it just stupid? I have no idea why talking about past events is any fun. Does that guy not realize that Haruhi doesn't see him that way? There's no space... inside of Haruhi... for you to enter- (Haruhi slaps him)

    • (Interrogation) Kyouya: Haruhi... You destroyed this young man's purity with that kind of a lame joke?

      Haruhi: No, I just never realized that's what he meant... (at the same time as Haruhi is speaking)

      Honey: This is a serious crime.

      Mori: Mm.

      (Haruhi quickly turns and bows to Arai) Haruhi: I'm sorry!

      Arai: What, am I being dumped again?

    • (Hikaru is annoyed by Arai)

      Hikaru: (Out loud) Heck, this guy obviously has a crush on Haruhi. It feels kind of disgusting when it's so obvious.
      Haruhi: Hold it right there, Hikaru! You're the one acting like a jerk right now!
      Arai: Ah, it's okay, it's okay. It's true that I had a crush on you, Haruhi.

      (Shocked reactions)

    • (Tamaki's sulking in the corner)
      Haruhi: Senpai, can you not increase the amount of trash here?
      Tamaki: It's not trash... It's a home for a hamster.
      Haruhi: Senpai, you don't have a hamster.
      Tamaki: I'm not your senpai... I'm just someone you know...

    • Arai: These... are your friends?
      Haruhi: Yeah. These two are my classmates at high school, Hikaru and Kaoru. (Looks at Tamaki) And this one's... my senpa-... just someone I know.

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