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  • Absolutely hilarious- well worth a watch!

    Ouran High School host club is the first Anime i ever watched- thanks to the incredible hilarity of this show, the first of many. This show has a Hilarious cast who don't take things too seriously, break the fourth wall, and get on like a family. I highly recommend this to anyone who wants a good laugh!
  • Really Cute

    A great anime with some serious themes, but mostly it pokes fun at stereotypes and contains great animation. The characters are connectable and by the end of the show you'll be invested in them. Highly recommended.
  • Worth Watching

    From what I see so far, I am getting the impression that a lot of people aren't really getting the point of this show. Ouran High-school Host Club pokes fun at various anime and high-school stereotypes, through it's lively cast of characters. Honey, the "boy-loli", and Kyoya the smart, glasses type, are but two examples of these characters. Haruhi, the main character, greatly contrasts against the average anime heroine, and is thrown in the midst of all these hilarious cliches.The plot isn't supposed to be groundbreaking, and instead of promoting cliches, it's making fun of them. I watched this show originally when I was eleven (about the same time where I first watched Death Note and FMA) and I enjoyed it just as much as I do now. This show is enjoyable for both preteens and teenagers, but just don't expect anything extremely emotional or life-changing. However, the show is funny, keeps your attention, and is great for a casual watch. If you're a fan of anime (especially comedy), you should definitely watch Ouran.
  • Ouran High School Host Club

    Awesome anime, even if it is really short. I just love how it's a mix between real life and anime with no battles or powers. Just a really funny anime.
  • Ouran is one of my favourite anime.


    I always heard a lot about this show. People always recommended it to me. People were always talking about it, no matter what forum I went to. I was curious about it, but not curious enough. Eventually, one day, I decided to get rid of mycuriosity. I watched the first episode.

    I had no idea what the show was about. I knew absolutely nothing about the show. I didn't know what to expect when I sat down to watch the first episode. I had no idea what a host club was.

    I was pleasantly surprised when I watched the first episode. I didn't expect any of what I saw in the first episode. I can easily say that what I saw what original. It was unique. It was good.

    What can I say about the Ouran High School Host Club? It has a catchy opening and ending, amazing characters and great animation. It's cute. It's funny. It's fun watching. It's impossible to dislike it.

    If you haven't seen it already, I suggest you go and watch it right this instant.

  • this is one of the top shows i watch these past 4 days and i watched all of them to bad there was only 26 episodes but they were all great one so i'm not fussing. ^_^

    at fisrt when i saw a preveiw of a show i thought it was about two gay guy....and it looked like the one of them would dress in women dresses(lol).... but after i started watching it i started to figure it out that it was a girl who was dressing up like a boy... but thats what makes the show what it is of corse. this show is highly recommended by me and i give this show a 10/10. :)
  • One of the sweetest, funniest, and most addicting anime I've ever seen. This series is almost too adorable for words.

    Haruhi Fujioka was just a poor girl at an extremely rich school trying to find a quiet room to study in, but as soon as she stepped through the doors of the third music room she found something else entirely. Instead of the perfect study hall, it was where the Ouran Host Club met. Shocked to see the six beautiful boys, Haruhi tried to leave but her plan back-fired and she ended up breaking an expensive vase. She now had to endure becoming a host along side them to earn back the shattered vase. The only problem was that all the members thought she was a guy. Along the way, the Host Club members go through many different, hilarious scenarios, all growing closer and stronger in the process. This show has more humor in one episode than some shows do in their entire series. Whenever I think of Ouran High School Host Club, I always remember laughing at the most random of things; The characters' facial expressions, the awkward moments, Tamaki's adorable antics and the pure stupidity of most of his schemes, this show is absolutely packed with some of the greatest comedy I've seen! There's much more to it than just humor though, everyone grows with character development and we discover that they almost all have tragic pasts and that simply brings us to love them all even more. Especially Tamaki for me. Everything he does is for the good of someone else, he's so completely selfless and it's just so sweet! He loved his mother so much but was forced to be seperated from her, and he nearly gets married just so he can see her again. And I absouletey leave adore how he's so in love with Haruhi, they're easily one of the cutest couple's I've seen in any anime. Haha that's right, I'm all for TamaxHaru! As you can clearly see, if you watch Ouran you won't be disappointed in the least. It's a brilliant show with everythng going for it. If you've never seen this series, you really are missing out on something amazing.
  • Make my move on this show.

    This is base from a 2003 manga comic series licensed by FUNimation I just don't like this show, It also has a English dub, it was good. Ok here goes, it's all a boy-like woman named Haruhi, she came in a mansion like high school called Ouran High. She accidently broke the MOST expensive vase, an she was forced to became a Ouran host. The characters were Tamaki, Honey, Haruhi and uhhh I forgot all those characters.

    Again realistic.

    Voice acting:
    I won't talk about the sub version, I know it was great. Characters:
    OK, but Tamaki, he's just acting stupid and get crazy and stuff.

    It was ok

    It's good for teenagers, but preteens like me, it isn't very good.

    Overall: Fair
    Fair humor, realistic animation, ok english voice acting, ok plots and lastly ok characters buy not Tamaki. I don't recommend watching this for preteens.
  • Haruhi Fujioka is a "commoner" who was given the chance to go to an elite school she is considered something of a mystery since she has short hair and everyone thinks shes a boy the other hosts are the only ones who know she's a girl.

    Oh wow I have been watching this show online as it doesn't play here in NZ, and I love it, it is so funny and it combines so many different themes, like growing up (and down) and family and so much more I just want to say again that I love this show!!! i especially like how some of the other Hosts feelings toward her seem to slowly become more and more romantic in nature, and how oblivious she and they are to those feelings. Haruhi seems like the last choice anyone would have for a heroine but that just makes it even more fun to watch as she struggles to find her feminine side (with Tamaki's help) while mascarading as a boy.
  • ouran high school host club.

    ouran high school host club is awesome and great and also good and cool,and i have only seen it on youtube site,i really love it,its so excellent.and i really like the anime because its that good and cool. ouran high school host club is the best anime ever that i have seen on youtube site.the eps are good and characters are cool aswell.plus the ouran high school never ends music video too,and the other ouran high school host club music videos too.they are really good too.so i totally like and love ouran high school host club anime that i saw on youtube site.
  • Itz good....

    Well... were to start...y dont i just say......I LOVE IT!!!!! Sometimes the plot gos off but its still really good! Ouran is not one of those serious animes. most of the time ouran is all comedy. But sometimes.....its romatic! ^-^ Its fun to watch! And also Its so cool to see how each of the characters have differnt personalatyz! Im just sad that there is only 26 episodes! I think the original anime is way better than the dub! The first time i heard the dub i laughed so loud!!!! Ive seen FAN dubs that are better! allthough I do I do like Haruhi dub voice! Over all. If you like romatic comedies.....WATCH THIS ANIME!!!!
  • Haruhi Fujioka is an intelligent, low maintenance, and some what poor girl who gets a scholarship to Ouran Academy. She journeys to the third music room where she knocks over an expensive vase, and thus has to join the Host Club to make up the money.

    I must say, the first time I watched this anime, I never thought I would get into it as much as I did. The characters are all lovable in their own way. One thing I noticed is that the main character, Haruhi, isn't at all like the other anime girls that you see, with big boobs and liked by everyone. She's calm, nice, and doesn't make a big deal about most things. Also, Tamaki ( I just realized Tamaki's Japanese voice actor is the same guy who voice acts Light in Death Note, funny enough)is, in my opinion, an awesome character. He always puts a smile on my face when he's interacting with Haruhi or anyone else in the Host Club. And the twins, who doesn't love Hikaru and Kaoru? (They remind me of Fred and George from Harry Potter, hehe) I think they are sadistically wonderful, and sweet. Their eyes are pretty too. Honey and Maki make cute friends, and bring cuteness to the club. Kyou is also an interesting character, the way he joined the club because he had to be nice to Suou's son and all was brilliant, I think. All in all, I like this show. You don't have to think about the plot too much, and you can just have fun with it.
  • A low-maintenance, simple, yet charming girl named Haruhi gets a scholarship to an elite, super-rich school called Ouran Academy. There, she accidentally meets a group of handsome boys when she stumbles in the Host club. Her life changes then.

    Wow, what to say about this show? Simply put, I love it! There are so many aspects about it I admire and adore. The humor is quirky and smart. It's also diverse and consistent, not to mention laugh out loud! The characters are endearing, smart, and just plain entertaining. They are what keep the show going, specifically Tamaki and the twins.
    I especially enjoy the episodes where they delve into the characters' pasts, and we get to learn more about them. We got to see that with Tamaki, the twins, Hani, and Kyouya but not Mori-senpai! That made me sad. To wrap it up, this show's just plain amazing. You'll be very depressed when you finish the series.
  • This is an amazing anime, how could you not agree?

    WOW. That is the only thing that came to my mind after I finished watching this series. It's amazingly entertaining, because it's like nothing I've ever seen before. Every character (except maybe the crazy fangirls) is interesting, and I loved exploring them throughout the show. One of my favorite aspects is Haruhi's character. In a typical Shoujo anime/manga (at least from what I've deduced), the main female character would be a loud, energetic, and ultimately boy-crazy, but Haruhi is the exact opposite. Her personality is still likeable, not to mention relatable, yet it completely goes out of the normal frame. While the Host Club may seem like a "shallow" idea at first, as the series continues we grow to understand just what it stands for, and what it means for each of its members. And you can't forget about the comedy part....the humor is fantastic! Watch, and you will not be disappointed!
  • A hilarious anime show that keeps you laughing.

    This show is about a poor girl named Haruhi who gets moved into a school for rich snobs because she has exceedingly high grades, and was one of the few chosen to go there. On the first day, she tries to find a place to study by looking like a boy so she won't be bothered, but ends up barging right into the Host Club, a popular event of the school. When she enters, she is suddenly surrounded by the members who seem to try to come on to her. Overwhelmed, Haruhi tries to leave the room, but ends up crashing into a priceless vase along the way. Now she must work for the rich people of the host club who soon, end up actually liking her so much that they become friends. The story basically continues on from there bringing lots of drama, love, and comedy.
  • Rich kids enjoying life.

    Haruchi, the main character who is poor, yet attends a rich school with excitement in a club she comes across...

    She is something nice and cute, I have to admit. I was surprised that she had an appearance of a guy, but under those clothes, she's a girl much to everyone's surprise of a lifetime!! Filled with drama, crude humor, etc. come into this show as time passes on. Trust me, I watched this in the anime club in my high school and I loved the series already! Like Black Cat (except with a little more episodes), sadly it stopped into 26 episode run... Still funny!
  • When Haruhi, a Japanese schoolgirl, accidently breaks an expensive vase that belongs to the Host club, she is forced to join. The Host club is an eclectic collection of characters who each use their personalities to entertain girls.

    At first I thought that this show, while funny, was almost offensively shallow. What kept me watching was the dynamic animation and refreshingly practical main character, Haruhi. As I got further into the show and watched more episodes, I realized the depth and complexity of the characters' personalities- especially the twins. This show doesn't have much to offer in plot, often resorting to sitcom-like episodes, but the characters make up for it. Each character has a distinct, complex personality that's not always obvious (I'm almost done with the first season and I'm still trying to figure them all out). It's also shamelessly funny, especially when it pokes fun at stereotypical romantic comedies (like when Tamaki labels himself the "romantic hero" and the twins the homo side characters"). The show isn't quite meant to be taken seriously- it's kind of like Kim Possible in that respect. Overall, it's a fascinatingly funny show and I'm glad I started watching.
  • A scruffy looking student, Haruhi, accidentally walks into a music room, only to be greeted the Ouran Highschool Club. She ends up breaking an pricey vase in the room, and to pay back the damage cost she has to join this all boys club.

    I heard a lot of positive things about this anime a while back, and so i decided to give the show a chance. I was actually curious about Ouran High School Host Club, because the storyline seemed like something exciting to watch. However, I was extremely disappointed. The animation is really smooth and pleasing to the eyes, but that's about it. The plot becomes more of an earsore. I don't know if it's just me, because I'm reading all these reviews claiming the show to be "the best EVR" and such, but after watching the first 6 episodes or so I was a little disturbed. This anime is so shallow compared to the shows I like and am used to watching, and it wasn't long until i shut the computer off. The characters are extremely annoying and cheesy. What's with the (almost) incest between the twin brothers? What's with the five year old high school kid? I guess he's supposed to be "cutsey" and "flowery", but that fluffy stuff just doesn't appease me. I guess if you're girls dressing up as boys that are paid to flirt with other girls, then, um, unfortunately, this is the show for you.
  • This is now one of my absolute favorite anime.

    Seriously, this show just kicks butt. When I first heard about it I wasn't too ecstatic to watch it, but after watching the first episode, I was hooked. It has everything that would make a good comedy/romance show. Great story, deep characters, and exciting and enjoyable values. The story is about how their is a Host Club at a rich school called Ouran High School, and the Host Club is all about these handsome guys making pretty girls happy, and of course getting money off of them. When Haruhi comes along, things quickly change though, getting more interesting. My favorite characters are the twins Hikaru and Kaoru, seeing that they probably have the most development in the show. I just love this show, it is a must see.
  • ouran high school club was a wonderful anime when i watched it i havent finished out the season yet but i thinjk it is good so far

    ouran high school host club was a delight to watch for awhile then i lost some interst in the show after some simalier events it was a very suggestive show it was a guilty pleasure because of that i freaked out at some parts and it was hilarious in other parts also but nevertheless it was a great romance put togeter in a almost smooth flowing anime i think personally that this anime could have potential to be remade and be remade in a better fashion where some unecesary things are taken out and other things can be inserted in
  • I loved this show!! I wish they would make a second season, this show will no go unforgotten!

    This show was the best show in the world to me for quite a long time. I happened to find it randomly. I have shown it to my friends and they love it! XD The manga has gotten very far and I would really wish they would make a second season and show how far everyone's relationships go. I personally, adore this show. This is one to truly keep. Despite the sad ending of the anime and has been a vey humorous show!! From the moment Haruhi was diccovered there was total chaos. I love eveything in this show, from commoner Haruhi to the rich Host Club!!
  • When searching, you can find any sort of good anime that you could possibly enjoy, but it's very rare to find one that will completely suck you in, forbidding you to move for it only wishes to gaze into your eyes!! Excuse me, Tamaki made me say that.

    Oooh my gosh, I adore this series. So, basically, I was in a major anime low after I had finished The Wallflower (There's an amazingly long name for it, but that's just one of the many "aka's".), and I pretty much considered giving up for a little while, because it was going to be a ridiculously hard time for me to one, get over the ending, and two, it was going to be hard for any other anime to measure up. We-ell, I was delightfully put out of my misery from the thought with the amazing=ness of Ouran High School Host Club. My only woe about it was the fact that it was so short in running! I wanted to weep from the agony, like having to deal with a lost love! Woe! Woe is me! Welll, okay, so, I'm a dork, but hang with me, because dude, this was a freakin' awesome anime. And it's not just because the guys are all hotties... all right, so, that's the main deal, but it's also because they have comedic genius, drama, and actual intelligence inter-mingling behind those gorgeous eyes and hair that makes you want to reach out and touch it... *touch*... shoot, that was my computer screen. Ahh, if I had a Kaoru for every time that happened... oh, oh, or a Hariku... oh heck, for any of them. And of course, you have no idea who I am talking about, unless you have seen it. And if you haven't, you should! If not just so that you know that I'm not going insane and am randomly making up friends... not that I don't do that anyway. Blah... anyways, awesome anime. Watch it. Love it.
  • Best of the best!!!

    This anime deserves to be watched. This is the best romantic comedy (emphasis on "comedy") I've ever watched. It's about a girl who earns a scholarship for a super rich school and at one of her first days at this school she comes across an unused musical room and decides to study in there. However, what she doesn't know is that on the other of the door, there are six boys whose purpose is to please women – The Host Club. And this is where the fun starts. As the main character – Hiruhi has short hair, huge glasses and male clothing, everyone in the Host Club think she's a boy but this doesn't prevent them from offering her their service. Trying to get as far as she can from them, Haruhi accidentally breaks a valuable vase, so in order to pay her dept of ¥8 000 000 she has to pretend to be a boy and get as much clients as possible.In the process she and the Host Club experience tons of hilarious situations and get to know each other one step at a time. In Ouran Host Club you can enjoy a vast amount of funny scenes as well as "refreshing" boys: D There are also forming at least three ships in this anime: TamakiXHaruhi , KyoyaXHaruhi and HikaruXHaruhi. My personal favourite is TamakiXHaruhi, of course 'cuz it seems they're destined for each other. Frankly, KyoyaXHaruhi also appeals to me but this ship doesn't have the potential to be that successful. All in all you won't regret it if you watch Ouran Host Club
  • i thought it was a funny and full of romance. so it is one to watch.

    its about a poor girl (a bookworm) which attended this super rich school for (super rich children) just looking for a place to study and came across the host club. once she broke this vase costing upto 8 million yen she sold her soul to them until her debt was paid. at frist they never noticed that she was a girl and once they saw her eyes which aperantly made her look cute they made her into a host. afterwards the "king" of the host club realised she/he was a girl he had this crush on her and after that well the series bagan...

    which u have to watch its a an awsome anime.
  • This show has Style.

    Hilarious, one of the best animes I have ever seen, every character plays their part to make this show incredibly funny but I love Hikaru most of all. When I first saw Haruhi I thought who is that homeless boy in that rich people school? I still can't believe she cut off all of her hair for nothing, that gum was practically at the end of her hair and instead of getting a trim she butchered her head but I love her short hair or wig sometimes I feel bad for her, having to put up with Tamaki but I would love to dress like a boy and go to school, it's so hard being a girl but I guess I wouldn't really blend in since I go to an all girls school.
  • Great, with a perfect mix of romance and comedy.

    I don't usually watch a lot of romance, but this, with a few other, are an exception! I love the relationships between the characters, along with all the crazy things that go on in the show. I am not a very big fan of yaoi, but it's still a great show nonetheless. I love the characters, and the idea of the show all together! It's definitely a great show to see, for those who haven't yet. I haven't gotten to watch all the episodes (I'm almost done though), but I look forward to final episodes! I also really like the theme song...
  • I love Ouran High School Host Club... The Best anime ever watched... I love the guys in the host club... They are sooooooo hot....

    It is about a 16 year old girl called Haruhi who got a scholarship in a rich school. She wanted to look for a quiet place to study...she went insidde the music and the first time met the host club....
    there names are Tamaki Souh, Kyouya, Takashi, Mitsuniki and the twins Hikari and Kaoru.
    There job is to entertain and host other rich girls..

    Haruhi accidentally broke a 80,000 vase and she have to work her way out of it...

    All the host club thought that she was a boy the find out she was a girl..

    Then Haruhi is a host being a boy to host the ladies..
  • its about a girl who is sold to a very rich school and while she searhes for a place 2 study she comes upon a Host club tht is used 2 pleasure girls. Then she breaks a 80,000$ vase and has 2 pay it back by being in the host club

    When I 1st heard about it was like hmm I wonder what its going 2 be like. Then I went 2 shojobeat. com and previewed it and it was really good. So then my friend told me it as a tv show too in japan. But for me i thought it was a bummer cause its kind of hard for me 2 read the subtitles and watch the show at the same time. So then i went on Youtube and I found out tht it was in english too (the same happened for Full Moon :Wo **** and Pichi Pichi Pitch). So I think tht it was very diffrent from other Shojo anime and books and tht i think tht Bisco Hatori did a wonderful job. If your interested on tht then u could read Merupuri(which i think needs 2 be a tv show), Absolute Boyfriend, and Gentlemen's Alliance Cross
  • Who doesn't love a room full of potential yaoi?

    Ouran High School Host Club is quite possibly the best comedy anime ever created. The humor is all tasteful, and there's something (and a character) to appease all different types of humor a viewer can bring to the table. I myself have a very dry sense of humor and don't laugh often, but there were several times when I found myself chuckling and even down-right laughing my *ss off.

    The other wonderful thing about Ouran is the fact that while remaining humorous and seemingly random, it manages to center around a plot line, which is usually absent in a comedy series. The writers of Ouran get a 9/10, as they've found the perfect combination of intelligence and humor.
  • im talkin about how i luv this show and how i cant find any website were i can watch the show instead of reading about it.

    o.m.f.g i luv this show and i wouldnt have even know about it if it wasnt 4 my friend can u imagien wat i would've missed out off im mad though cause i cant find a web site to watch it on since the one i was watching it on no longer exsites so now im with out my fav . show ,so sad right , well if u know of any web sites were i can watch it can u tell me that would be so nice of u...well i can not think of anything eles so bye everybody and keep watching anima
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