Out of Control

Nickelodeon (ended 1988)


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Out of Control

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By October 1984, Nickelodeon was ready to make itself over. Their personality change included introducing the orange logo that still exists today. And as for new television series, Nickelodeon went way out with Out of Control.

From the 10- and 30-second spots promoting the show, one could sense Out of Control was a crazy series indeed. Watching an entire show, one saw a few easy, quiet moments, but those were outnumbered.

Comedian Dave Coulier was host of Out of Control (and its announcer). His job was to talk to guests and introduce segments such as "Let's Eat!," Adult Education" and "How Not to Do Things," but that wasn't easy. His two field re-porters, Hern Burford and Angela (Scoop) Quickly, were stark opposites, involv-ing Dave in their competition. Angela got some important stories under her belt, while Hern made up ridiculous storylines if for no other reason than to get air time for himself. Together or separately, Angela and Hern fronted regular fea-tures such as "Are We There Yet?" and "It's Probably True."

Further adding to the chaos were Dave's studio technician Waldo and stage manager Diz. Waldo "invented" two machines specifically for the show: the Hurry-Up Machine (with which Dave sped up films of children doing tedious chores) and Ha-Ha 3200, the comedy computer that wrote Dave's material.

And oh yes, Diz. She patterned her wardrobe and make-up after Cyndi Lauper, kept in step with the trends of '84 (one of which she called "Indianapolis Jones") and helped make the show, at times, "Diz-astrous." One can still hear her high-pitched whistle, made from the back of her throat, in the recess of the brain. All that chaos would lead, inevitably, to Dave's sign language gesture: "Cut it out!"

What a way to bring Nickelodeon into their new era. Or, as the cartoon critic on the series would say, "That's not a new era. That's stupid!"moreless