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Out of Jimmy's Head

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Following the success of the Cartoon Network's two-hour live-action/animation original movie comes "Out of Jimmy's Head". The story continues with Jimmy Roberts who receives a brain transplant after a freak accident at the famous Gollyworld theme park. Jimmy ends up receiving the frozen brain of famous cartoonist Milt Appleday which leads to Jimmy seeing all of Milt's cartoon characters in the real world, like Golly Gopher, Dolly Gopher, and Tux the Penguin. Note: The series was originally titled "Re-Animated: The Series".
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Fan Reviews (105)

  • Hate this

    I saw Reanimated and thought it was okay, but then This show came out. Why would I want to watch a show about a sick boy with a schizophrenic brain. so the Jimmy get's hit by the train ride at Disne-err-Gollyworld and has to get a brain transplant with the famous cartoonist Walt-err-Mitt apple-day (which is obviously impossible as Jimmy would die if his brain was the doctor said Jimmy kept his personality but did he keep his memories or conscious or does that belong to Mitt? How do Robin and Craig's race change from Japanese to African-american. The laugh track is awful and the show should end.

    Fixing the show-

    Change the brain transplant. Just have Jimmy get hit by the train and have the doctors say that the thing in his brain that activates imagination has gone wild .

    either remove the sister from the show or have her as one of the cartoons

    give sonny (the villain) a good reason to kill Jimmy

    Make his Dad smarter

    fix the jokes

  • Um... WTF?



    Okay,so this show is basically cartoon network trying make a live action sitcom. As crazy as that sounds,it's true. This is a LIVE ACTION show on a CARTOON network.

    This is just as stupid as those goddamn disney channel sitcoms!!!!

    Now cartoon network has made bad shows before this like atomic betty,baby looney tunes,whatever happened to robot jones,mike lu and og,pet alien,totally spies,ben 10,squireel boy etc. However, none of them is nearly as bad as this trainwreck!

    The characters are so one dimensional,obnoxious,flat and unfunny. Jimmy is so annoying,he makes the jimmy from ed edd n eddy look tolerable! His parents are the most cliched parents I've ever seen! And his sister is an alien. No,that's not a joke. HIS SISTER IS A MOTHER F**KING ALIEN!!!!!

    The rest of the characters are generic mickey mouse and looney tunes rip offs.

    You'd think that cartoon network would learn from their mistakes and stop making live action shows, right? NO!!!! For some strange reason, cartoon network has also made a lot of other live action shows after this one.

    And those are worse!!!!!

    It's all because of that sick bastard stuart synder! Someone needs to fire him and bring back the old CEO of cartoon network!moreless

    Basically what the show is about is some pre-teenager that gets a brain transplant just to see cartoon characters that aren't visible to anyone except Jimmy himself. Wow he must've been on crack if he was the only one to see cartoon characters. Anyways, going on. Jimmy tries to be popular at school and get respect while treating his "friends" like total shit. He's like, a heartless jerk with no respect for anyone but himself. Filled with plotholes. For example, how can Jimmy's adopted sister be an alien? How can Jimmy have a roller coaster in his house? etc. I'm surprised it was defunct from the network quite quickly with a lack of reruns.moreless
  • Way better than Squirrel Boy

    The title says it all
  • Rule # 1 To Making A show; Some Type of Logic is Mandatory

    This is one of those shows that tries way too hard to be wacky and funny, but comes off as annoying and idiotic nonsense.

    Characters: 0% (F-)

    the characters are generic and unoriginal, for example:

    Jimmy: Generic 10-13 year old boy that's abnormal and unpopular at school. (the gimmick this

    is Jimmy has the brain of "America's greatest cartoonist" and can see, hear and interact

    with cartoons)

    Yancy: Typical bitchy teenager who is Jimmy's adopted alien sister (WTF?)

    Sonny Appleday: The villain who is also abnormal. In the show, he's the son of "America's greatest

    cartoonist" who's ambition is to steal Jimmy's brain for some reason.

    Robin: typical love interest of the main character.

    The Parents: usually inattentive or just don't understand their children. Jimmy's mom is an

    astronaut, and Jimmy's dad is a mediocre guidance councilor at Jimmy's school.

    Golly and Dolly Gopher: generic secondary characters who are cartoons.

    Tux: the irritating character. Tux is a penguin who is is horrible at telling jokes and says ZING! after

    every sentence. Did I mention he's annoying as hell?

    Plot: 0% (F-)

    the plots are generic, and also lack logic. If you didn't feel like reading about all of the characters (I

    don't blame you The main character's sister is an adopted alien, and apparently only Jimmy

    and only Jimmy and his friends can see, hear and interact with the cartoons even though Jimmy is

    the only one with the cartoonist brain.

    Humor 0% (F-):

    the humor is bad jokes and watching a mentally ill boy live his life.

    Voice acting: 50% (F-)

    Dear Tom Kenny,

    you suck at doing voices you make characters annoying as hell and I wish you'd give it up.

    everyone else is OK

    Average: 12.5% (F-)moreless

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