Out of Jimmy's Head

Season 1 Episode 10


Aired Friday 7:00 PM Dec 07, 2007 on Cartoon Network

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  • When the going gets tough, the tough better get going! 8)

    Desperate times call for desperate measures in this adventurous episode that more than makes up for last weeks disappointment! Tux just wants to be viewed as an equal team member of the cartoons in Jimmy's head! Too bad his decisions are terrible and they land Jimmy in big trouble in detention! Ordinarily, Jimmy wouldn't think of this as a problem, until Yancy intervens! Yancy totally over-reacts when Jimmy uses just a little bit of her anti-gravity hair gel for his own purposes. Jimmy even tried to say he would pay her back! But Yancy wouldn't hear of it and is now instead threatening to reveal Jimmy's most humiliating secrets to Robin via Jimmy's scrapbook! Jimmy is in a critical crisis and must turn to the only convict who can help him: Craig! Using Golly Gopher, they make a tunnel to freedom! But even out in the open, they're not safe! Jimmy's dad is searching for them with a bloodhound, and the two teens must take refuge in a house of two old ladies. Two old ladies who make decisions in a crazy fashion! To decide on dessert, they have Craig and Jimmy battle it out for tapioca and custard respectively! Fortunately, Jimmy realizes they don't need to fight, they could just leave! But Jimmy's dad ends up finding them anyways. But instead of punishing them, Mr. Roberts thinks he was too hard on them and gives them ice cream! But Jimmy gets a brain freeze! Ironically, it's Tux who ends up unfreezing Jimmy, helping Jimmy get back home in time to stop Yancy from having her petty revenge which has already backfired in her face and makes Robin foreswear to ever rule-break with her again, saving Jimmy from shame! Also, Sonny Appleday proves himself to be the Wily E. Coyote of the real world and his plans to steal Jimmy's brain continue to backfire in the most humorous of ways possible! I mean, how many other live action shows can prove that they have the same comedy content of a cartoon?! That's what I thought! Enough said, true believers! ;)