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  • Oh my god. What did I just watch as a child?

    This cheap, badly written piece of crap was one of the worst Cartoon Network shows I've ever seen. I really feel bad for the actors who worked on this show. Whoever came up with this garbage must've been on crack because I really couldn't believe I watched it as a kid. I rather watch Who Framed Roger Rabbit?, Osmosis Jones and Space Jam than watch one of Cartoon Network's biggest disasters. This show is terrible in every way. This was also the beginning of how and when the live-action shows came to Cartoon Network in the first place. Anyways, I'm really glad this waste dump was canceled after one season because it is hated by so many people (including myself) and I could see the reason why.
  • Really ruins Tux itself

    I love Tux computer games, but Tux is horrid here. When I look at the title, I know it is bad already
  • Better Than Kirby Buckets

    This reminds me of a time where jokes about Ebola and Cancer weren't comedy, and when Disney Channel wasn't a prejudiced network filled with stereotypes and hypocrisy.
  • Hate this

    I saw Reanimated and thought it was okay, but then This show came out. Why would I want to watch a show about a sick boy with a schizophrenic brain. so the Jimmy get's hit by the train ride at Disne-err-Gollyworld and has to get a brain transplant with the famous cartoonist Walt-err-Mitt apple-day (which is obviously impossible as Jimmy would die if his brain was the doctor said Jimmy kept his personality but did he keep his memories or conscious or does that belong to Mitt? How do Robin and Craig's race change from Japanese to African-american. The laugh track is awful and the show should end.

    Fixing the show-

    Change the brain transplant. Just have Jimmy get hit by the train and have the doctors say that the thing in his brain that activates imagination has gone wild .

    either remove the sister from the show or have her as one of the cartoons

    give sonny (the villain) a good reason to kill Jimmy

    Make his Dad smarter

    fix the jokes

  • Um... WTF?



    Okay,so this show is basically cartoon network trying make a live action sitcom. As crazy as that sounds,it's true. This is a LIVE ACTION show on a CARTOON network.

    This is just as stupid as those goddamn disney channel sitcoms!!!!

    Now cartoon network has made bad shows before this like atomic betty,baby looney tunes,whatever happened to robot jones,mike lu and og,pet alien,totally spies,ben 10,squireel boy etc. However, none of them is nearly as bad as this trainwreck!

    The characters are so one dimensional,obnoxious,flat and unfunny. Jimmy is so annoying,he makes the jimmy from ed edd n eddy look tolerable! His parents are the most cliched parents I've ever seen! And his sister is an alien. No,that's not a joke. HIS SISTER IS A MOTHER F**KING ALIEN!!!!!

    The rest of the characters are generic mickey mouse and looney tunes rip offs.

    You'd think that cartoon network would learn from their mistakes and stop making live action shows, right? NO!!!! For some strange reason, cartoon network has also made a lot of other live action shows after this one.

    And those are worse!!!!!

    It's all because of that sick bastard stuart synder! Someone needs to fire him and bring back the old CEO of cartoon network!

    Basically what the show is about is some pre-teenager that gets a brain transplant just to see cartoon characters that aren't visible to anyone except Jimmy himself. Wow he must've been on crack if he was the only one to see cartoon characters. Anyways, going on. Jimmy tries to be popular at school and get respect while treating his "friends" like total shit. He's like, a heartless jerk with no respect for anyone but himself. Filled with plotholes. For example, how can Jimmy's adopted sister be an alien? How can Jimmy have a roller coaster in his house? etc. I'm surprised it was defunct from the network quite quickly with a lack of reruns.
  • Way better than Squirrel Boy

    The title says it all
  • Rule # 1 To Making A show; Some Type of Logic is Mandatory

    This is one of those shows that tries way too hard to be wacky and funny, but comes off as annoying and idiotic nonsense.

    Characters: 0% (F-)

    the characters are generic and unoriginal, for example:

    Jimmy: Generic 10-13 year old boy that's abnormal and unpopular at school. (the gimmick this

    is Jimmy has the brain of "America's greatest cartoonist" and can see, hear and interact

    with cartoons)

    Yancy: Typical bitchy teenager who is Jimmy's adopted alien sister (WTF?)

    Sonny Appleday: The villain who is also abnormal. In the show, he's the son of "America's greatest

    cartoonist" who's ambition is to steal Jimmy's brain for some reason.

    Robin: typical love interest of the main character.

    The Parents: usually inattentive or just don't understand their children. Jimmy's mom is an

    astronaut, and Jimmy's dad is a mediocre guidance councilor at Jimmy's school.

    Golly and Dolly Gopher: generic secondary characters who are cartoons.

    Tux: the irritating character. Tux is a penguin who is is horrible at telling jokes and says ZING! after

    every sentence. Did I mention he's annoying as hell?

    Plot: 0% (F-)

    the plots are generic, and also lack logic. If you didn't feel like reading about all of the characters (I

    don't blame you The main character's sister is an adopted alien, and apparently only Jimmy

    and only Jimmy and his friends can see, hear and interact with the cartoons even though Jimmy is

    the only one with the cartoonist brain.

    Humor 0% (F-):

    the humor is bad jokes and watching a mentally ill boy live his life.

    Voice acting: 50% (F-)

    Dear Tom Kenny,

    you suck at doing voices you make characters annoying as hell and I wish you'd give it up.

    everyone else is OK

    Average: 12.5% (F-)
  • [Insert "Out Of Jimmy's Ass" joke that's been done 1000 times here]

    Yet another reason why this site needs a "0" option and possibly even a "-1" option.
  • Crap that thankfully was burned.

    I seen this show before gahhhh!!!! It was crap beyond repair. So bad at first I sorta liked it but then it was terrible as I aged. Thank goodness it was canceled.
  • Seriously Cartoon Network?

    Really Cartoon Network, you really had to make the movie that I hated into a TV Show, I HATE OUT OF JIMMY'S HEAD!!!! And there is a good reason to hate Cartoon Network right now. This show is even worse than Adventure Time. And god forbid I would rather torture myself by watching an episode of Dora than Out of Jimmy's Head. Because Out of Jimmy's Head's cartoons is a really lamentable copy of Mickey and The Gang. I give this show, a negative ten. This show is so bad. Whoever created this TV show, needs to be ashamed.
  • Horrible show.

    This was the most horrible and dreadful show, I have ever watched. I would have gave this a 0/10.
  • Bye bye weirdo!

    Cartoon Network's first live action show about a kid who can see cartoons because of a brain transplant. Characters like two gophers named Golly and Dolly and a couple of others I can't remember. I'll just go to what I think of "Out of Jimmy's Head".

    What I think.


    Easily found glitches and mistakes.
    Mediocre background music.
    Lamest show title and theme music.
    Really Disturbing humor.
    Very slow paced.
    Cheap character design.
    The whole idea.

    Well this was the most embarrassing thing on the network ever seen. I'm just speaking with everyone saying it's good that they completely erased this show from Cartoon Network surprisingly.

  • A disney rip off!

    Mickey Mouse owns that Golly little shit! I remember watching Mickey Mouse. He's more funnier than Golly. Jimmy is a dumbnut that talks to cartoon characters that people thinks he's crazy. The people can't see the cartoon characters, but only him! What the heck! No wonder they think he's crazy!
  • Cartoon Network's abortion!

    sorry, but I have never seen such a bad CN or live-action & cartoon blend show in my life! What the hell was CartoonNetwork thinking? Seriously, what was going through the minds of this once great network? The original movie this spinoff happened from in the first place was awful enough (don't even get me started), & then comes this, something so bad, that I almost got DIARRHEA watching it!

    This show is loaded with everything bad! From bad acting, to awful characters.

    To start off, the acting is atrocious! (and I use "acting" very loosely for this show) I seriously got a headache watching the shitty actors in this show trying to get an act out of themselves, & on that note, the actors clearly weren't taking their roles or even themselves seriously. I can compare the acting in this show to the acting in "The Adventures of Sharkboy & Lavagirl", & even the acting in a crap movie like the remake of "The Fog" was better than this trash!

    Then we get the characters, which are all just as atrocious! Jimmy is some kid who has the brain of some dead guy who is able to see living cartoons no one else can (id didn't even bother remembering how it all happened), & he suffers from having little to no personality, a very goofy & stupid attitude (trust me, I have no idea who that works), & is a complete moron! The animated characters, oh boy, let me point out that they are cheap, ugly designs with a very big rip-off to other characters (Mickey Mouse & the gang anyone?), who are annoying, uninteresting, & tend to give Jimmy bad advice that mostly gets him into trouble.

    As far as Jimmy's friends & family go, just as stupid. Jimmy's dad, I don't know what's wrong with him, I really don't. I can't even think straight attempting to think of a way to describe what is wrong with the dad. The sister, is a complete mess, stereotyped, & a complete joke. She is an adopted 'alien', that is a typical teenage older sister who couldn't act her way out of a paper bag, & looks like she wants to shoot herself at any point. Jimmy's friends are all morons, enough said.

    As far as the villain goes, a complete joke, & is as evil & menacing as a twig. Seriously, how can a villain be this moronic, stupid, useless, pointless, a joke, unscary, & so many other words that I can't even think of all in one? He makes Gargamel from the Smurfs, & that idiot villain from Meet the Robinsons look like Voldemort. Yeah, he's that bad. He attempts to do bad things to Jimmy to get his brain, & he somehow lives with the family. That makes no damn sense! This villain makes no sense! Anyone, even a 4-year-old can beat this guy to rid the world of him!

    As for the animation for the animated characters, horrible! Just more cheap flash animation! Flash animation now sucks, because companies nowadays only use it because it's cheaper, & they use it in the cheapest way possible. Flash is also the reason why we get little to pretty much no hand-drawn animation on TV anymore (just like the way that CGI animation is the reason we don't get hand-drawn movies anymore). Foster's home being the last & pretty much only good flash animated show I've seen (unless Chowder counts as flash animation).

    Everything else about this show , I can't even write it down, because it just induces a very bad headache in my brain just TRYING to think of more reasons as o why it sucks so much ass! And another weird thing, why would CN put this show, if they're called CARTOONNetwork for a reason? Seriously?
  • RIP Cartoon Network 1992-2007 ;(

    In my life I have seen many terrible shows, along with The Problem Solverz, Out of Jimmy's Head is the worst show I have ever seen throughout my whole life!

    There was a time when Cartoon Network was once my favorite channel on Television (Besides Nickelodeon) Now it was really Atomic Betty in 2004 that started the downfall, the plot was overused, but the show wasn't all that bad, moving on, the last 2 good shows were Camp Lazlo and Chowder (Which premired right when this crap came). However, when this crap came, Cartoon Network got a new person running the network, his name is Stuart Snyder, the murderer of Cartoon Network, starting with Fried Dynamite, the worst Friday night time slot (or whatever) on television and Cartoon Network died!! Starting off with the worst show ever made, Out of Jimmy's Head!

    Anyways onto the show, Out of Jimmy's Head is a spinoff to the movie "Reanimated" while the movie sucked, this show sucked even more! Its so bad I don't even know what this show is about!

    Not to mention it kinda rips off Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide, unlike Out of Jimmy's Head I loved Ned's Declassified, the humor was great, the music was charming, Out of Jimmy's Head is the opposite of that, And Jimmy is like Ned, except Ned was charming, nice, sweet, and cool Jimmy no way, he always treats his friends like sh!t!

    And the humor is really cheesy! The animated characters are Disney Ripoffs too. And why was this even put on Cartoon Network when its a CARTOON Network! Does Stuart Snyder even have a brain? Also, why did this even air?

    I feel like I've said enough though. Overall the worst show not only on Cartoon Network, but TV altogether! Nothing good about it! Way to go Stuart Snyder for ruining the Network *Sarcasm*. The only actual good thing about this show is that it only lasted like 20 episodes. By that time Cartoon Network actually knew it got negative ratings and reviews. Please do not look at, think about, peak at, talk about, glance at, or anything else! Let it be forgotten too! Overall Grade: (---infinety/10) Infinety F's and minuses
  • Out of Jimmy's Ass.

    this show has got to be the most ret@rded cn show ever made! there's a lot of things that makes me face palm so hard. 1st is the humuor. the humuor suck sooooo badly! i swear to god i've never laughed nor chuckeled at a single joke! there's also too much randomness in this show, the roller coaster scene would be an example, we see jimmy and his friends on a roller coaster and somehow, they're too ret@rded to just jump off the roller coaster, no surprise. then we that penguin telling a story to that Ret@rded gator thing, and your like wtf? this show also makes adults look ret@rded! a great example is the scene where jimmy's father thinks that robot is the real jimmy. i mean seriously how can anybody not notice he is a robot?

    overall rating: why?
  • This show was terrible

    What the fuck was this horrible piece of shit? the movie wasn't good, and the show was even worse. It was about some idiot who had a brain transplant and now he's seeing cartoon characters, and no one else can see them, probably because whoever had that brain last before they died was probably addicted to crack and thought he could see the cartoon characters he created, or they injected Jimmy with Heroin in the hospital. One other reason being was it was on the wrong network and I just couldn't sit through one episode due to how bad this show was. i'm glad they canceled this, it deserved it. I mean it was live action on a CARTOON Network, a CARTOON Network. the show had stale and overrated humor i'm surprised kids liked. thanks a lot for this show CN, it just exposed you guys are doing crack, just please cancel Level up and you'll be Cartoon Network again.
  • The Worst Show Cartoon Network EVER Created in their history.

    Out of Jimmy's Head? Probably one of the greatest shows ever! I love myself some live-action shows on a CARTOON Network. Oh wait, NO I DON'T! What the heck was CN thinking when they made this? How could you POSSIBLY even THINK about making a live-action series on a network made only for cartoons. This single show (Along with Re-animated) made Cartoon Network get the idea for making CN Real, this show right here single-handedly killed Cartoon Network and made it what it is today-trash. Clever? No. Humor? No. You mine as well watch a Presidential Debate rather than this.
  • Hah, they must have got the idea, and the type of the show from the gag from "Tropic Thunder", "Simple Jack".

    Yeah, this show acts like the gag, "Simple Jack".

    Plot: Garbage. It's one of those plots with lots of holes and got no care from the directors.

    Characters: "SIMPLE JACK" They're acting like "Simple Jack" for me. They're really stupid.

    Humor: Also bad, it's terrible that it's probably made by a rat, or some animal. Yeah it's terrible alright. Or....

    Monkey: WAH WAHHH WAHH! Producer: IT'S GREAT WE SHUD PUT THIS ON TV! *monkey scratches the producer's face*

    Overall: 0. Good thing it's cancelled.
  • Good Lord! What is CN thinking?

    Just when I thought Cartoon Network couldn't get any worse than it is right now, it turns around and puts this rubbish on the air. [sarcasm] Nicely done, Cartoon Network. You've really struck gold with this wonderful, hilarious show. Keep up the good work! [sarcasm] This show is just plain terrible; there's really no other way to explain it. Just like all the other new shows on Cartoon Network, it's unoriginal, boring, and not funny whatsoever. I couldn't even watch the whole episode. I just couldn't torture myself for that long.

    Although the show features some cartoon characters in it, it's still considered a live action show. Here's another thing. Why are they airing a live action show on CARTOON Network?

    Give the fame back to the Cartoon Cartoons. Give it back to the true television series', and give Cartoon Network back to the CARTOONS!
  • ...

    I was instantly disturbed by the screen when i first watched this. Out of Jimmy's Wiener was Cartoon Network's first ever live-action, and it will always will be the first and the worst. This piece of crap is mainly about a boy name Jimmy who has an accident in the carnival and gets his brain replaced by a new brain, one from a legendary cartoonist. And now when he wakes up, he sees these cartoon characters floating around in his head. This show was a spin-off to the movie ReAnimated. Ugh... This show is f*cking terrible. Who would watch this boring sh*t? And sorry for the bad language but seriously, this is sh*t. And now were getting these all new action packed live-action shows in Cartoon Network now. The show probably had a cheap budget, but the good thing it got cancelled. But theres still a chance it'll come back if they keep airing the new live-action poop in the NEW high cracked CN.
  • I'm a huge fan of Re Animated, But the TV series was a major disappointment.

    When I heard there was going to be a Re Animated TV series, I was excited. Re Animated was an awesome and hilarious movie. But this show turns out to be a big disappointment. They didn't stay true to the original movie at all. Jimmy is now a stereotypical mischievous teenager rather than a shy and innocent one. Sonny is no longer a major character, he's just used in sub plots like a lot of supporting characters in live action shows. The cartoon characters aren't used enough in the plots. They're just consciouses like The Great Gazoo. Paul Reubens has been replaced by Carlos Alazraqui, Who made Golly an annoying little pest. The animation is different. It looks weird and distorted. The theme song is just annoying and makes me wanna plug my ears. This is a terrible TV series that destroyed the movie in almost every way. Just like The Emperor's New School ruined The Emperor's New Groove.
  • Just...terrible.


    Okay, I've seen alot of bad shows, but this just stands out. No wonder it only lasted 20 episodes, it was terrible.

    I thought the movie was good, the humor was fair, it had a plot, it was a good movie.

    OKay, I have a bad habbit of overreacting to actor replacements/voice changes , but GOD, they couldn't have kept the couple of Japanese kids could they? So they got the next best thing ; Black kids. Because it's SO HARD to tell the difference between Japanese and African Americans. At LEAST get actors/actresses of the same race people! GOD!

    Nayways, 'Jimmy' has the IQ of a toilet seat, all of the 'cartoon characters' are out of character from the move, and drawn differently.

    Other than the bone-dry humor, ths show is just...bad. Bad, bad, abomination of a show. 'Nuff said.

  • reasons i can tell you how it (sucks/fails)

    one the writers from disney wrote the script second the laugh track you can tell icarly is better than this crap they change the cast the movie was a waste so why make a series of this as you notice the characters are fake disney wannabes then th show ugh god awful its like cartoon net work took a dump on there whole reputation like cartooncartoons and the biggest one of all network its not about live action its cartoon and the biggest one of all the budget it low even lizzy McGuire had a higher budget but the shows today make all us cry its ashame what they do to good channels
  • Danparkerstudios' first negative, negative review.

    Well, I have given my favorite shows positive reviews. Today, I am going to give a true negative review for this poor excuse for a cool program.

    I first seen this show starting with its TV movie, reanimated. It was worst than a bunch of things that year. I don't feel like naming them. It wasn't anything what I had in mind. There was nothing good about the movie. Nothing. And then, I saw it's TV series. It did not have any awesome episodes. It just had lousy, lame, disqusting, stupid, gross, and trackely lame episodes. Especially with the bully in it. I'm pretty sure that the actor in it was way more better in iCarly. Well, the good thing it dissapeared after 2008 and was never seen again. Well, I would like to say good riddance to it. Well, how did this program do? It was a failure. It could never be better than some other great programs.
  • BORING!!!!! I like the teenaged dude. BUT I HATE THE SHOW!!!!! Puffy AmiYumi is Better Renegade cartoon. Take it away!!!! BRING PUFFY BACK!!!!

    I hate that show. But I like that teenaged dude. Please puffy back.I like the real people who did funny stuff. But I hate that show. The actor of Jimmy is a cool dude. But Please take it away I hate those cartoon characters what Jimmy sees. i want that show 100% out of the question. Actor of Jimmy you look cool. I hate thhat show doen't mean I hate you. You look cool. But Cartoon Network please take it away take it away I Really hate that show. But cool actor. Please Cartoon Network please bring puffy amiyumi back. please?
  • Give this review a thumbs down if you want to...

    This show is (or was) a great show in my opinion. That is why my user name is oojhisgood. I think that the show should have been on the air longer. However, most people who reviewed this show did not like this show, it went off the air less than 1 year after the show premiered on Cartoon Network. However, this show wasn't better than Ed, Edd n' Eddy (I gave it a 9.5) or Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends (I gave it a 10). This is because some of the jokes were not the best. . . . .
  • Re-animated was a crappy movie with a crappy spin-off TV series Enter Out of Jimmy's Head


    Out of Jimmy's Head is in my opinion the show that signaled Cartoon Network's Decline. I admit I dislike a lot of the newer Cartoon Network cartoons with the exception of the Ben 10 Cartoon series and Redakai as well as Symbiotic Titan.

    However Out of Jimmy's Head has been dethroned as the worst show ever and that honor is now bestowed upon Problem Solverz!

    I'm very glad Out of Jimmy's Head is cancelled I'm just mad that CN has not learned from their mistakes!

  • Not as bad as people say.

    Out of Jimmy's Head is very unique and is one of my favorite shows of all time. Out of Jimmy's head combines live action comedy and cartoon antics to make a really good show that I just love to watch. More people should watch this because it's really funny and is a great show. Out of Jimmy's Head is about this guy named Jimmy Roberts who gets hit by a train and get's a cartoonist's brain. That rhymed! With this brain Jimmy can see cartoons like Golly, Dolly, Tux, Croco, Pickles, and Prickles. Jimmy's dad is his school's guidance counselor, his mom is a space woman, and his sister is actually an alien. This crazy dude named Sonny comes along and tries to steal Jimmy's brain with his pet bag of money named Mittens. Jimmy has got a best friend named Craig and has a crush on Craig's sister named Robin. They all have wacky adventures and do crazy stuff in every episode. More people should watch this. It is very good and very under appreciated.
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