Out of Jimmy's Head

Cartoon Network (ended 2008)





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  • Cartoon Network's abortion!

    sorry, but I have never seen such a bad CN or live-action & cartoon blend show in my life! What the hell was CartoonNetwork thinking? Seriously, what was going through the minds of this once great network? The original movie this spinoff happened from in the first place was awful enough (don't even get me started), & then comes this, something so bad, that I almost got DIARRHEA watching it!

    This show is loaded with everything bad! From bad acting, to awful characters.

    To start off, the acting is atrocious! (and I use "acting" very loosely for this show) I seriously got a headache watching the shitty actors in this show trying to get an act out of themselves, & on that note, the actors clearly weren't taking their roles or even themselves seriously. I can compare the acting in this show to the acting in "The Adventures of Sharkboy & Lavagirl", & even the acting in a crap movie like the remake of "The Fog" was better than this trash!

    Then we get the characters, which are all just as atrocious! Jimmy is some kid who has the brain of some dead guy who is able to see living cartoons no one else can (id didn't even bother remembering how it all happened), & he suffers from having little to no personality, a very goofy & stupid attitude (trust me, I have no idea who that works), & is a complete moron! The animated characters, oh boy, let me point out that they are cheap, ugly designs with a very big rip-off to other characters (Mickey Mouse & the gang anyone?), who are annoying, uninteresting, & tend to give Jimmy bad advice that mostly gets him into trouble.

    As far as Jimmy's friends & family go, just as stupid. Jimmy's dad, I don't know what's wrong with him, I really don't. I can't even think straight attempting to think of a way to describe what is wrong with the dad. The sister, is a complete mess, stereotyped, & a complete joke. She is an adopted 'alien', that is a typical teenage older sister who couldn't act her way out of a paper bag, & looks like she wants to shoot herself at any point. Jimmy's friends are all morons, enough said.

    As far as the villain goes, a complete joke, & is as evil & menacing as a twig. Seriously, how can a villain be this moronic, stupid, useless, pointless, a joke, unscary, & so many other words that I can't even think of all in one? He makes Gargamel from the Smurfs, & that idiot villain from Meet the Robinsons look like Voldemort. Yeah, he's that bad. He attempts to do bad things to Jimmy to get his brain, & he somehow lives with the family. That makes no damn sense! This villain makes no sense! Anyone, even a 4-year-old can beat this guy to rid the world of him!

    As for the animation for the animated characters, horrible! Just more cheap flash animation! Flash animation now sucks, because companies nowadays only use it because it's cheaper, & they use it in the cheapest way possible. Flash is also the reason why we get little to pretty much no hand-drawn animation on TV anymore (just like the way that CGI animation is the reason we don't get hand-drawn movies anymore). Foster's home being the last & pretty much only good flash animated show I've seen (unless Chowder counts as flash animation).

    Everything else about this show , I can't even write it down, because it just induces a very bad headache in my brain just TRYING to think of more reasons as o why it sucks so much ass! And another weird thing, why would CN put this show, if they're called CARTOONNetwork for a reason? Seriously?