Out of Jimmy's Head

Cartoon Network (ended 2008)





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  • This show was terrible

    What the fuck was this horrible piece of shit? the movie wasn't good, and the show was even worse. It was about some idiot who had a brain transplant and now he's seeing cartoon characters, and no one else can see them, probably because whoever had that brain last before they died was probably addicted to crack and thought he could see the cartoon characters he created, or they injected Jimmy with Heroin in the hospital. One other reason being was it was on the wrong network and I just couldn't sit through one episode due to how bad this show was. i'm glad they canceled this, it deserved it. I mean it was live action on a CARTOON Network, a CARTOON Network. the show had stale and overrated humor i'm surprised kids liked. thanks a lot for this show CN, it just exposed you guys are doing crack, just please cancel Level up and you'll be Cartoon Network again.