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Cartoon Network (ended 2008)





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  • RIP Cartoon Network 1992-2007 ;(

    In my life I have seen many terrible shows, along with The Problem Solverz, Out of Jimmy's Head is the worst show I have ever seen throughout my whole life!

    There was a time when Cartoon Network was once my favorite channel on Television (Besides Nickelodeon) Now it was really Atomic Betty in 2004 that started the downfall, the plot was overused, but the show wasn't all that bad, moving on, the last 2 good shows were Camp Lazlo and Chowder (Which premired right when this crap came). However, when this crap came, Cartoon Network got a new person running the network, his name is Stuart Snyder, the murderer of Cartoon Network, starting with Fried Dynamite, the worst Friday night time slot (or whatever) on television and Cartoon Network died!! Starting off with the worst show ever made, Out of Jimmy's Head!

    Anyways onto the show, Out of Jimmy's Head is a spinoff to the movie "Reanimated" while the movie sucked, this show sucked even more! Its so bad I don't even know what this show is about!

    Not to mention it kinda rips off Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide, unlike Out of Jimmy's Head I loved Ned's Declassified, the humor was great, the music was charming, Out of Jimmy's Head is the opposite of that, And Jimmy is like Ned, except Ned was charming, nice, sweet, and cool Jimmy no way, he always treats his friends like sh!t!

    And the humor is really cheesy! The animated characters are Disney Ripoffs too. And why was this even put on Cartoon Network when its a CARTOON Network! Does Stuart Snyder even have a brain? Also, why did this even air?

    I feel like I've said enough though. Overall the worst show not only on Cartoon Network, but TV altogether! Nothing good about it! Way to go Stuart Snyder for ruining the Network *Sarcasm*. The only actual good thing about this show is that it only lasted like 20 episodes. By that time Cartoon Network actually knew it got negative ratings and reviews. Please do not look at, think about, peak at, talk about, glance at, or anything else! Let it be forgotten too! Overall Grade: (---infinety/10) Infinety F's and minuses