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  • Rule # 1 To Making A show; Some Type of Logic is Mandatory

    This is one of those shows that tries way too hard to be wacky and funny, but comes off as annoying and idiotic nonsense.

    Characters: 0% (F-)

    the characters are generic and unoriginal, for example:

    Jimmy: Generic 10-13 year old boy that's abnormal and unpopular at school. (the gimmick this

    is Jimmy has the brain of "America's greatest cartoonist" and can see, hear and interact

    with cartoons)

    Yancy: Typical bitchy teenager who is Jimmy's adopted alien sister (WTF?)

    Sonny Appleday: The villain who is also abnormal. In the show, he's the son of "America's greatest

    cartoonist" who's ambition is to steal Jimmy's brain for some reason.

    Robin: typical love interest of the main character.

    The Parents: usually inattentive or just don't understand their children. Jimmy's mom is an

    astronaut, and Jimmy's dad is a mediocre guidance councilor at Jimmy's school.

    Golly and Dolly Gopher: generic secondary characters who are cartoons.

    Tux: the irritating character. Tux is a penguin who is is horrible at telling jokes and says ZING! after

    every sentence. Did I mention he's annoying as hell?

    Plot: 0% (F-)

    the plots are generic, and also lack logic. If you didn't feel like reading about all of the characters (I

    don't blame you The main character's sister is an adopted alien, and apparently only Jimmy

    and only Jimmy and his friends can see, hear and interact with the cartoons even though Jimmy is

    the only one with the cartoonist brain.

    Humor 0% (F-):

    the humor is bad jokes and watching a mentally ill boy live his life.

    Voice acting: 50% (F-)

    Dear Tom Kenny,

    you suck at doing voices you make characters annoying as hell and I wish you'd give it up.

    everyone else is OK

    Average: 12.5% (F-)
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