Out of Jimmy's Head

Season 1 Episode 3


Aired Friday 7:00 PM Sep 28, 2007 on Cartoon Network
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Yancy holds a boy-bashing sleepover, which upsets Jimmy after Robin shows up. Elsewhere, Jimmy's dad takes a space joyride and Dolly loses touch with her feminine side.

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  • Good T.V. shows Never admit defeat! :idea:

    Why this show has such a bad rap I'll never know. At least it still has Animation in it, not like that Nickelodeon (&@&! Nickelodeon says their live stuff is entertainment and it's Cleary Not! That's false advertising! At least Cartoon Network is sticking to cartoons, even in this live program! Jimmy can't understand why Robin is so upset at him after a food fight that He started (even though it's painfully obvious to us she Wanted to participate in it) so following Craig's Good advice (when is He ever going to give good advice? :roll: ) Jimmy and Craig decide to eavesdrop at Yancy's girl's only sleep-over party to find out why they're jaded over boys. Meanwhile, Mr. Roberts is hurt and bothered his wife gave advice to Yancy when He's an Advice Counselor of all things, so to teach her a lesson, he steals a space shuttle and takes it out into outer space for a joyride! But he Might just regret it when he realizes he doesn't know the first thing about piloting a space shuttle and has to apologize like crazy to his wife in order to get guided back down to Earth. And it's only when Jimmy's about to get his head shaved that he realizes from Golly Gopher (disguised as Dolly Gopher) that Robin didn't Need to be protected in the food fight, she wanted to be a part of it! So Jimmy realizes his error and apologizes. The apology is so successful, Robin lets him go and admits that their may be hope for boys yet! This show is wonderful and I'm surprised more people don't think so! Enough said, true believers! ;)moreless
  • Not only is this show and its episodes mega crappy, but they also have a rather sexist episode, which is this one.

    Sleepover, how to describe this atrocious atrocity. Beats me on where to start, but this episode is slightly different on the level of crappiness than all the other episodes. What's wrong and even more nerve-wracking in this episode? Simple, it shows sexual discrimination. In here we got a girls only club who hate guys and literally harm them when both Jimmy and Sonny did not mean to step into their territory. Cartoon Network has done a terrible job for even having this show to begin with. But this episode adds on another reason of the horrible atrocious atrocities and the downright awful and poor decisions Cartoon Network has made in the past. This show is a tragedy. But when you have an episode to throw something extra in called sexism, you get even more fumed at the Cartoon Network executives. I mean really, this show shows everything that's wrong with the world today, this episode definitely proves it. Three horrors of today's new generation that are in this show: 1. Sexual Discrimination. 2. Drugged up themes and descriptions. 3. Low quality put into TV shows with poor and cheap entertainment. Viacom Networks and Cartoon Network has done a crappy job with this and people who thought of this and keep makign this crap need to be sacked out of office immediately. Now here's what it would be like if this episode was a baseball game. Teams: Boy characters of this show vs. female characters of this show. And the spectators are the CN porducers/writers. Jimmy is up to bat first, but gets three strikes, clearly since Yancy kept on distracting him and throwing cheap fast balls. The Umpire who is Craig also is deliverng cheap puns throughout the entire game which gets on everyone's nerves. The girls team use cheating methods that are clearly visible to the spectators and players, yet the players still play the game. No innings are scored for the Boys team and the Girls team keep using dirty tactics that amuse nobody or make anyone happy. The boys team have no chance of winning and the girls deliberately use harmful strategies that hurt the boys team both mentally and physically. Ouch, Jimmy is all bruised up because he kept on getting hit by balls. And the worst part is, the girls are scoring no innings either! They are just carelessly throwing the balls to hurt the players which result in fouls or throw them in the OB area, and if they are thrown there how can the men at bat hit them? Which is why the girls team are scoring no outs or innings either. This game started at 5 PM and the crew decide to end the game at 8 PM. The game is over and no team scored any points or innings. The spectators which include the show's regular audience are simply disgusted with the results of this game and realize they have wasted their time completely. Yet the producers are happy about this game! And think it qualifies to be passed as a proper game! Are they out of their minds?! Clearly. The regular audience boos and hisses at the players on both teams and pelt them with garbage and rotten food while they angrily exit the stadium.moreless
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