Out of Order

Showtime (ended 2003)


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  • Surprised by the poor rating, too

    I found the show to be engaging and was drawn in from the first episode and by the time the last episode of season one aired, was anxiously awaiting season two. It was disappointing to discover that there never was a season two. And obviously all of the principals have moved on and so the series concludes at the crossroads. I'd be interested to know if an outline for season two ever existed just to find out what Mark decided to do. Oh well, at the very least one can be happy that sometimes programmes like these do get made, the writing was sharp (for the most part); it was character-driven without becoming soapy. I liked it.
  • I liked it

    Seems like this show got poor ratings at this website. Though I really liked it. The characters in this show are really odd, but they are faced with modern day problems like affairs, depression, and drugs. It's mostly serious stuff, but there's lots of funny comments and sarcasm along the way. I was looking forward to a second season. But I guess that won't be happening. I've been wondering what song that was that Felicity Huffman kept playing on the piano. If anyone knows, message me...