Out of Practice

Season 1 Episode 7

Key Ingredients

Aired Monday 9:30 PM Nov 07, 2005 on CBS

Episode Recap

Ben and Oliver: Ben wants to spend some quality time with Oliver and also met single women, so he signs them up for a cooking class with a well- renowned chef. After Oliver shows little interest in spending any time with Ben, he makes a guy's night out with his father instead. He intents to stand Oliver up for change, and sends Lydia to replace him in the class. Later in the evening Ben is shocked to find that Oliver is already at their father's apartment after he stood him up for the class first, and sends Regina to take his place. Regina and Lydia: The women are not happy that they are stuck together in the class, and what make it worse, neither one can cook. To torture Oliver for setting her up in this situation Regina sends him a picture through her camera phone of two gorgeous women who are in the cooking class, to show him what he is missing out on. In teasing Regina, about her attitude of being a tortured lesbian, Lydia happens to blurt out "I'm a lesbian" which instantly sparks Chef Vivian's interest, although, Lydia has no clue as to why. Regina senses that Chef Vivian is gay and she sits back and enjoys the show. She sends another picture to Oliver of Lydia and Chef Vivian hugging and he starts to consider the women hot until it is revealed to be his mom. Chef Vivian invites Lydia to her home for dinner which Lydia graciously accepts until two fellow classmates tell her that they thing lesbians are cool. Lydia is shocked that people thought she was gay, because she was gracious with Chef Vivian, much to Regina's chargin. The mother, daughter duo finally have a talk about Regina being gay, and Lydia basically says I love you know matter what, but find someone to settle down with. Stewart and Crystal: Stewart gave Crystal his key to let the plumber in one day when he was too busy too, and she never gave it back, because she thinks it's her personal key. He seeks advice from Oliver on how to calmly and rationally, tell Crystal that he did not give her the key and he wants it back. But, listening to Oliver's advice only gets him in deeper trouble with Crystal when he fumbles on his words and she gives him the key to her apartment to return the gesture. After getting in more trouble because of Oliver, Stewart, seeks Ben's advice on how to approach Crystal and because he fumbles with his words she believes he wants to get married. But, Stewart is relieved Crystal turns down his proposal after careful consideration. But she still kept the key. Ben and Oliver are eager to attend next week's cooking class, that turns out to be gay's night.