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  • CBS Fail again

    The funniest TV show I've seen about divorce famlies. It full laughs that won't let you quit. Henry Winkler still got it. Right on Netflix
  • This was a great show!

    I just discovered this sitcom on Netflix and it is one of the best I have ever seen. I'm so sorry it failed. Bright, witty, intelligent. Guess that's why, huh? Stockard Channing is a terrific actress - the rest of the cast is terrific too. Would love to see how the mother daughter relationship developed.

    Too bad.
  • One of the best sitcoms ever! CBS was out of their mind to cancel this. Every single episode was sitcom brilliance and there wasn't a weak link in the cast.

    I'd love to see this released to DVD eventually. With eight unaired episodes, it would be almost like a new season of the show for most people.

    By the way, the episode guide doesn't list it, but there was a 22nd episode (which based on the storyline, was meant to air as episode 22). I don't know the title, but the story went like this: While in the hospital for a hernia operation, Stewart learns that his surgeon is also Lydia's boyfriend.

    I tried sending it in, but all the "add an episode" links keep directing me back to the main page.

    Hopefully, we'll all see the full episode someday soon on DVD. Or maybe CBS will get so desperate as the strike continues on that they'll bring the show back and air the remaining episodes (just wishful thinking on my part of course).
  • very well written great cast great writers and we need something on tv without a fat husband and skinny wife!!! please bring back the doctors in out of practice...i misss the whole family!!!!

    why can't we put together a doctor's family; equipped with a pair of michievous brothers (a cosmetic surgeon and a psychiatrist), a cynical saddistic surgeon mother, a lesbian doctor sister and a father whose dating his own assistant whom had a boob job from from his own son...and yes...we have it, that's out of practice!~ the jokes are funny and the dynamics amongst the characters are well developed that is enough to keep me watching for another nine seasons! please bring the show back...it's hard enough not having much quality sitcom programmings around and good programs being x-ed early by cbs is just silly!!!!
  • A show that got cancelled to early.

    I thought that Out of Practice was a really funny show and it deserved a second season. I tuned in every week that it was on because I knew that it was going to be funny. I still can not believe that CBS cancelled it to put on the New Aventures of Old Christine I do not evan think that show is half as funny as this but I can not be shocked that they cancelled it I've noticed that they tend to cancell shows I like. I thought that it had an amazing cast and they did a good job with their roles i wish that they could have done them for a little bit longer.
  • I thought this was a good show because it had good characters.

    The Show first the mother & father which are divorced and there children ben,oliver& Regina which the whole family are, doctors apart from ben which really his family doesnt think he is a real doctor because he does not have a MD after his name.Apart from that really funny situtions.
  • Please help bring this show back. They've taken away my Frasier. Please don't let them take away my Lydia Please!

    Every week the show improved. I don't understand why it isn't on the schedule. A few people from other boards are trying to get a petition going to save the show or have CBS show the final episodes. You can find out ground under the out of practice section at imdb.
  • It's not too late! If you've come to love this show, and this family, as much as I have you must must must write to CBS and tell them to give it another season. This show has gotten better every week.

    It's not too late! If you've come to love this show, and this family, as much as I have you must must must write to CBS and tell them to give it another season. This show has gotten better every week. And when it was on Mondays, it's audience got BIGGER every week. Yanking it off the air, with no explanation, absolutely killed Out of Practice. This show deserves better than and unadvertised two week stint on Wednesday, paired with the awful and unfunny Courting Alex. Out of Practice has all the makings of a classic, great writing and great cast. Write CBS and remind them what they're throwing away!

    "Out of Practice" has great potential! It already has a great cast and a solid versatile character base. Matched with the contemporary writing that has already been displayed, there is a winner. We all know that the world of “Situation Comedy” is dying a slow death as our staple shows fall to the DVD Season set in the sky. In the last 3 - 4 seasons we have lost several shows that have stood the test of time (meaning they got past their 100th episode) and will live in infamy on syndicated TV. “Seinfeld”, “Friends”, “Frasier”, Everybody Loves Raymond” now “Will & Grace”. Trouble is......who is there to pick up the slack! JAMES BORROWS, HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!.
    The point is, shows like "Out of Practice" need time to grow. Water them...please.
  • Definitely worth the 30 minutes.

    Sitcoms are a tricky business nowadays. Whereas sitcoms traditionally have a studio audience with an inclusion of a laugh track, there has been a branching away from that with shows like Arrested Development and The Office (both great shows). The problem is that a laugh track is commonly, and sometimes misappropriatly, branded as an insult to the viewers' intelligence, which is helped by the downfall in the condition of sitcoms.

    This show is not one of them. Out of Practice relies on its characters to push the comedy forward, which every actor does so brilliantly. There is no character there just to appease the audience, rather, each person has their own quirk that fits together with everyone else for good comedy. Although the laugh track has been used at times not needed, there is definitely a geniune sense of laughter when applied to this show.

    Watch it and you won't be disappointed.
  • This is the best new comedy of the season.

    This is a great show. It is intelligent and funny. These people are real and their problems are real.

    It is an all star cast with Henry Winkler from Happy Days, Stockard Channing from the West Wing, Grease, Paula Marshall, Cupid, Hidden Hills and newcomer Christopher Gorham, Medical Investigation.

    I wish CBS would give this show the credit it deserves. They yank it off the air for Courting Alex and then give it a new time slot, against the very hot Deal or No Deal. It is going to get lost in the shuffle and this is the best new comedy of the year.

    I just want to say that Out of Practice is one of the funniest shows on TV. The characters in the show work well together. My Husband and I were distraught(LOL),when we realized that the show was not going to be on anymore. We were hoping that this was just a temporary setback . Now I hear that the show is coming back on. My husband will be happy to hear this news. Thankyou very much for bringing back one of the greatest shows.
    Also my co-workers watch the show and are happy to see it coming back on.

  • Love the cast.

    I miss this show. I hope they bring it back. I think CBS is making a mistake by putting the show on hiatus. It is one of their best comedies this season. The characters are funny, and the comedy is perfectly delivered. I like seeing Henry Winkler again on TV. The actors make a great ensemble. Great writing!
  • Very Good!

    Out of Practice is a new show and is very very good. It is a guilty pleasure on CBS and I strongly recommend you and everyone to watch it. It's about a family whose all into medicine except for one of the children. The parents are divorced and the girl is a lesbian. The show is fantastic and you should watch it usually it is on CBS mondays at 9:30 but Courting Alex is in that slot so tune in for the new time slot and day.

    Good comedy! Stockard Channing and Henry Winkler are wonderful. Made for a good CBS Monday line-up from 7pm to 10pm. Everyone that I talk to enjoyed it too can't understand why it was cancelled. BRING IT BACK, the sooner the better. How can CBS cancel this show and leave on "How I Met Your Mother".
  • Love It

    The cast is Great! Stockard and Henry are what got me watching this Hilarious show. I cant get enough of this show I could watch it everyday thats how good it is. I love anything that Stockard and Henry are in. Loved both of them since I was little. I know it sounds corny but of well
  • Great! Differnet! Laugh out loud funny!

    I love this show and every character on it. My sister lives on the other side of the country and we email each other after we both have watched. It's a laugh out loud show and that is very rare these days. Please keep it on!!!!
    We were both freaking when it wasn't on this past Monday!
  • I LOVE this show!!!! Why would CBS even THINK of pulling it??? The cast is great, the writing is top notch and FUNNY! CBS is messing with a winner by pulling it for even a short time. Why is CBS putting this show on hiatus?

    This show is GREAT! Stockard Channing is hilarious! I love Henry Winkler and am so glad to see him with a great part! The acotrs that play the kids are great too! Why pull a winner?? Putting a great show like this on haitus is wrong. Bring it back CBS!!!!
  • I love this show!!!

    Stockard Channing and Henry Winkler in the same show.. who could ask for more? This show is the reason I watch CBS's monday night lineup. I am so sad that CBS has put the show in hiatus to try out Jenna Elfman's new show. I'm not watching "How I Met Your Mother" or "Two and a Half Men" until this show comes back on! I mean, I love Jenna Elfman, but I like Stockard more! PLease, CBS, keep this show around!
  • I love this show. It makes me laugh continuously. TV needs more of this, it would make people happier. Laughter is good for your health, that's a proven fact!!

    Henry Winkler and Stockard Channing are hilarious. The three kids work together fabulously. Truthfully, this is the most laughs I get all week. I stay home just to watch it.
    I noticed they're advertising another show for the same time slot this week and that's why I visited this website. I'm looking for it, which is something I've never done before. I've never spent time researching a show because there have been no other shows worthy of my time!! It's a must see!
  • Henry Winkler, Stockard Channing, Tilly and the rest of the cast do a great job with this new sitcom...

    A wonderful new sitcom, I highly recommend it, great writing thus far, and the actors work well together. I am definately a repeat watcher and have recommended it to others. It seems to be a very well produced current sitcom. I hope the networks pickup their contract next year. Some will see the reruns this summer and it may be too late for the show to get a good Nielsson rating...

    Stockard Channing although a great dramatic actress, brings back her great comedic skills and coupled with Henry Winkler and mix in Jennifer Tilly and the others in the cast, you've got a great show. Keep up the great work!!!
  • Stockard Channing and Henry Winkler are talented, funny people but this show is just pathetic.

    Stockard Channing and Henry Winkler are talented and potentially funny people but this show is not.

    The premise - an entire family of doctors -is just not quite credible.

    The adult children are more unlikeable than most and the whole thing just falls flat.

    The gay daughter is especially annoying.

    Just another dysfunctional Tv family.

  • Is "Out of practice" your typical family sitcom? Nah, not really! Well, so it's about doctors - is it the successor of "Scrubs", as a funny show about doctors, without too much medical mayhem? Nope. So, what is it really? We'll, I'll tell yo

    "Out of practice" is a very funny show, and it gets better and better as characters evolve and with them the comedy, too!
    I my (humble) opinion, this show isn't attracting enough interest, perhaps for the following reason:

    It's not "entirely" original - It's a family sitcom - not a traditional family, but rather a very disfunctional one; it's a show about doctors without the hospital scenes - - which sounds like a "Scrubs"-like idea - but it isn't really...

    In truth, the show's difficult "positioning" in a known spot is a weakness - and viewers may find it a flaw not to be forgiven. However, for my part - I think that because this show is a little bit of many things, it enables the writers and actors dare a little more, and really really make a good sitcom, about a family which , in it's imperfect little things and under-the-surface tensions, resembels each and every family we know...

    I hope this show grows a lot successful. It deserves it!
  • Getting better and better

    When the show first premiered, I didn't care for it much. It wasn\'t that funny. But, the last original episodes in 2005 are definitely improving. The New Year\'s Eve episode was well written and acted by the entire cast. This was a very funny episode. It had a \"Three\'s Company\"-typed storyline (positive point-of-view) where one thing leads to another.

    Although, at this point, \"Out of Practice\" is renewed for the entire season, the show is going on hiatus for \"Courting Alex\" in late January. Hopefully, CBS will stick with the show. It deserves a better fate. Everyone, give it another sampling in 2006.
  • Out of Practice is a show about a family fo doctors, except one. Ben's brother, sister, mother, and father are all doctors, but he is a marriage counciller and they don't consider him to be a real doctor.

    I think that this is one of most underappreciated shows of the season. The cast works well together and the story lines are wonderfully new and surprising. Although the show got off to a rough start, I think in the end it will be a monday night hit for CBS.
  • This show can go either way.

    This show can go either way. It's got potential but something needs to change if it's going to last more than one season. There's just something about it that's keeping it from becoming a show worthy enough for a second season. That's what I think. . . . . .
  • A family of doctors...throw in a little comedy and what do you have...a new show.

    I came into the show about mid season, and let me just say, I have not missed an episode yet.

    If a family like this exist in the medical profession, I would be willing to die diseased. A family that screwed up should not be operating on anyone, but they make me laugh, so what the hell.

    Fonzie from the hit the 70's show, Happy Days is the patriarch of the family and Stockard Channing places his ex wife. I expect them to reunite during the course of the show with a few 'rumble in the bedroom for old times sakes' before they finally realise that they should be together. They have three kids: one son whose a womanizer, the younger son recently divorced himself, and his ex wife was an ativist for various causes and their daughter is a lesbian who clashes with her mom.

    Oh, and Jennifer Tilly plays Fonzie's girlfriend.

    Great comdey or what?

    So far all the episodes I've seen from the first season have been great with one or two being average, but overall, it's a great show.

  • Bout a family who are all doctors. Ben the only pchyciatrist just got left by his wife and his insane mother and cool father just got divorced.

    It's great and hilarious. Though the concept isnt very origonal about the crazy mom and being left by the wife the idea of them all being rich doctors is great. Some of the ideas for episodes are great. More people should be tuning in at 9:30 mondays to check out this briliant comedy.
  • Give it up, Fonzie, you're not funny.

    Let me start with the positives -- as more shows like this get aired (a trend that seems assured) I will be watching less TV. So much for the positives.

    I couldn't watch the entire pilot episode; I found the commercial break a welcome relief rather than an interruption. All of the characters were unlikeable, which is not in itself necessarily a killer, but there has to be a redeeming factor to compensate for it, which I did not see. Being funny would've helped.

    To top it off, the producers decided to suck up to homosexuals by having Paula Marshall's character defined as a lesbian in the first five minutes of the show -- is it really necessary to shove this down our throats so soon in the show? Okay, so we're not going to get subtlety from this bunch.

    Henry Winkler hit his peak on Happy Days. He's Fonzie, and even as Fonzie he wasn't especially funny -- at this point I guess I should explain that I'm one of those old fashioned folks who expect comedies to be funny, not to be just trendy or "edgy" or "push the envelope" (typically euphemisms for lowering standards).

    Paula Marshall hit her peak on... well, whatever peak she did achieve was probably her guest shot on Seinfeld. She's a veteran of several short-lived shows, some of which I actually liked. I was hoping, however, that this one would die the quick and quiet death it deserves, and was surprised to hear that it is being picked up for another season. This is the kind of thing that makes me a bit suspicious or the ratings system.
  • Disappointing, should be titled , Out of the Past.

    Very sad, the talent on the screen deserved a better script and the audience deserved better performances. The exaggerated acting was an embarassment, and please allow the microphones to do what they were intended, stop speaking in a controlled shout at each other. Not funny, forced. And this review is the last time I shall give any thought to Out of Practice.
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